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“Trick or Treat?”

“Trick or Treat?”

I don’t know about you, but notwithstanding the sympathetic portrayals in Birth of a Nation and Gone With the Wind, I’ve always thought of the Ku Klux Klan as the organizational impersonation of hatred, anger and evil. Its members burned crosses, lynched and terrorized African Americans, and weren’t too crazy (well, yes, they were crazy, but you get the metaphor) about Jews or Catholics, either. It was reasonable to assume, prima facie, that anyone associated with the Klan was a morally defective human being.

But now, it seems, the Klan is trying to “sweeten up” its image, and expand beyond its traditional message of intolerance. Who would-a thought?

According to ABC News and the Associated Press, in northwestern South Carolina the Ku Klux Klan has been leaving bags of candy on doorsteps with a note attached, reading, “Save Our Land, Join the Klan.” It contains a phone number to an automated recording detailing the Klan’s efforts to halt illegal immigration. Come to think of it, it was the “legal” (not to mention, forced) immigration of all those Africans that led to the Klan’s raison d’être in the first place.

If you go to the KKK website, as I just did, you will find that the organization is basically about family and “America’s White Future.” Their stated Number One goal is to “stop White Genocide,” which we all see going on every day around us. They even have a European American Heritage Festival in October. I guess that means they want to help me celebrate my mix of Lithuanian, Polish and Ukrainian ancestry.

In the Frequently Asked Questions section, they clear up common misconceptions about why they feel superior to everyone else, that they neither hate nor kill black people, and no longer hate Catholics, why they wear robes and hoods, burn crosses, and why their Nazi-like salute is actually called the Bellamy Salute. They don’t believe in slavery. Oh, and did you know this – Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by an agent of the Rothschild Banking family? All very informative. You should look them up yourself; you’ll learn a lot more about their dedication and good works than I can relate in this brief column.

But ya know, you just have to wonder if it might be remotely possible that the candy gambit is an attempt to attract younger members. I mean, really younger members. On the other hand, now that we know the truth about them, who wouldn’t want to belong to a swell organization like that?

4 Responses to A Kinder, Gentler Klan?

  1. Mindhunter777 says:

    What is so scary about what you stated Mark, is that I have read your books and you have such keen discernment, and that you are correct about the “attracting the young”. I am thankful for your keen discernment, spiritual discernment from the Lord. As if this is the klans attempt to “start them when they are formidable and young” to execute heinous crimes against people, and become master minds to do so. I fear for the children that may start young and walk into their public schools and kill all minority children or mimic massacres like Belsan ( a school massacre in Russia). Perhaps even personalized crimes against a minority individual. This is crazy. Thank you for posting about this. Sickening.

  2. snowdenlit says:

    Every so often the Klan makes these attempts to mainstream its image, presenting itself as an All-American civic organization. They were much better at it 100 years ago, when the Klan could connect itself to mainstream churches, politicians, and causes in both the North and South. (Fun fact, one of the leading organizations in favor of prohibition was the KKK. They didn’t practice it, naturally, but it did help their image among middle class white protestants of the time.)

    David Duke was really the Klan’s last halfway believable throw at mainstreaming itself, and Duke had to lie and spin like hell to make it work (to the extent that it did). Today, this stuff from the Klan just reads as desperate and pathetic. Their name and their costumes mean bigotry in the public mind, for good reason.

    The Klan still needs monitoring, but the more successful white supremecist groups since the 1980s have ditched the sheets and hoods. As Jack Levin put it:

    “Many white supremacist groups are going more mainstream,” said Jack Levin, a Northeastern University criminologist who studies hate crime. “They are eliminating the sheets and armbands. … The groups realize if they want to be attractive to middle-class types, they need to look middle-class.” Levin estimated fewer than 50,000 people are members of white supremacist groups, but he says their influence is growing with a more sophisticated approach.

  3. watson says:

    In the NE Midwest we have a dandelion problem each spring. Not every year, but 1 of 2. You cut out the noxious weed but it grows back, and you got to do it again over and over. I think the Klan is like that. You have to cut them out over and over. Such racism/ intolerance/ hate will always exist, so all the rest of us must be vigilant.

  4. seesthru says:

    in my hometown they used to hand out business cards at the TG &Y shopping center. Back in the early 80’s. They’d see a blond young man, and hand him a card. Evil then, evil now. Putting candy on doorsteps to me, seems very menacing and dangerous. I guess there’s all kinds of poison involved in candy from strangers….

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