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Joseph Paul Franklin & Frazier Glenn Miller, Jr.

Joseph Paul Franklin & Frazier Glenn Miller, Jr.

Michelle Easterly Moore is the wife of our good friend Steve Moore, the former FBI special agent who was among the first to take up the cause of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito after examining the evidence in the Meredith Kercher murder case in Italy and realizing that they were innocent. In fact, it was Michelle who challenged Steve to examine the case and has, herself, become a formidable analyst and advocate.

Thinking about all of the people on the Internet who have vilified Amanda and Raffaele and those of us who have come to their defense, Michelle recently posted on Facebook: “John Douglas and Mark Olshaker said they’re a bunch of nutters. Would love to get a more detailed analysis of ‘nutters’ people filled with SO much hate, who constantly try simply to shoot the messenger.”

We don’t recall if we actually used that term, but we certainly don’t object to it. But in attempting to provide “a more detailed analysis,” we’re going to up the ante and suggest that all of these fringe behaviors come from a similar source to that of someone who has recently shot more than the messenger: Frazier Glenn Miller, Jr., a.k.a. Frazier Glenn Cross.

Herewith, some ramblings on the fringe:

On April 13, shortly before Passover, the 73-year-old Miller, an avowed racist and anti-Semite, allegedly killed three people outside a Jewish community center and retirement community in Overland Park, Kansas. He shouted “Heil Hitler!” from the back of a police car after his swift arrest. Ironically but no less horribly, none of his victims was Jewish. So what does this walking hymn of hate have in common with those Internet “guilters” who insist – despite all evidence – that Amanda and Raffaele, and John and Patsy Ramsey, and the West Memphis Three and so many others, are killers, and that those of us who have come out publicly to deny it are immoral tools and stooges who’ve been duped? One main thing:

They’re all losers.

And by that we mean that in the great majority of cases, these are people with deep-seated feelings of personal inadequacy that they try to suppress by lashing out at others whom they perceive to be inferior to themselves or “bad.” They also seek strength in the group, or group cause, that gives them the illusion of a higher purpose and excuses their own lack of accomplishment.

It is interesting how many of the guilters just seem to want to punish someone and make him or her suffer. In the Knox case, while they claim they want to punish Amanda for murdering Meredith Kercher – which evidence proves she did not do – what they really want to punish her for is being pretty, being smart, being adventuresome, being famous, and living the life they wish they had.

Likewise, if you hear scum like Miller speak, they talk in the deep tones of conspiracy, about how Jews are running everything, blacks are taking jobs away from whites and that white men have no power and must take it back, by force if necessary. It is similar to the rantings of the nutter fringe, whose members passionately and self-righteously proclaim nonsense and claim it as fact. They live in a world of their own reality, and genuine evidence is their enemy.

Other than scale – and we certainly don’t minimize that – what is the difference between the guilters and the Holocaust deniers?

Norman Mailer made the point that while there had been genocides before the Holocaust against the Jews, they had always been carried out for tactical or strategic reasons; i.e., fights over land or property or to fight against invasion. Hitler, on the other hand, was motivated by a metaphor: that the Jews represented something evil and harmful to the German people, and that is why they had to be destroyed.

To men like Miller, Jews and blacks are still a metaphor, and that is what they are lashing out against. It is something on which to blame their own inadequacy and loser status. And in the same way, nice, smart, attractive young people like Amanda and Raffaele are metaphors that also have to be destroyed. They are symbols that can easily be exchanged. Had Amanda been home alone the night of the murder and been the one killed, she would have been the victim-martyr and Meredith the pretty, smart and accomplished young woman who had to be punished for her perceived advantages.

Simply stated, what none of these people can deal with is the truth.

Now, here is where the Millers and the Internet nutter fringe part company, and it is the juncture where the merely pathetic become seriously dangerous.

We see Miller as being similar in many respects to Joseph Paul Franklin, the racist sniper who wounded attorney and civil rights advocate Vernon Jordan, crippled Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt, and murdered several interracial couples. He was executed last November in Missouri. Miller is older than Franklin was when he committed his murders, but the hatred and paranoia against minorities began at an early age for both. Franklin was in the Ku Klux Klan (as is Miller) and the American Nazi party. But he found the members of their particular fringe did a lot of talking without actually acting out their hatred. This frustrated Franklin and most likely Miller as well. So this type becomes a “lone wolf” offender and now he can act out what the others only talk about doing. They become mission-oriented, which gives their empty lives meaning.

In the specifics, Franklin was younger and much more organized, which is why it took longer to identify him and finally apprehend him. We suspect that Miller probably became more paranoid and disorganized as he got older, with a correlated decline of inhibitory restraints. This is also why he was so quickly apprehended.

One of the things that Franklin, Miller and their fellow losers cannot seem to process is that by all objective standards, they are “bad” people, while the ones they try to destroy are not. That is part of their inadequacy and part of their paranoia. They convince themselves they are doing good for themselves, people like them, and society in general, and generally couching their views in patriotism and religious fervor.

And this, in itself, is dangerous. As novelist and Nobel laureate Sinclair Lewis was reputed to have warned us, “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”

And its greatest enemy, of course, will be truth.

23 Responses to Some Ramblings on the Fringe

  1. corpus_vile says:

    Mr Olshaker,
    Just to get clarification, you find attacks on Meredith’s family “reprehensible”, yet seem to think that those who support her family & agree with the Italian courts’ verdicts are akin to actual holocaust deniers? And claim satisfaction of ruffling feathers? I must say, that sounds like textbook troll behaviour to me, at best and also intimates a decidedly weak argument, if you have to lable those of a differing opinion than yours with offensive and completely baseless slurs.
    You are entitled to your opinion. But to say there is overwhelming evidence of Ms Knox & Mr Sollecito’s innocence is not only patently false, but intellectually dishonest.
    It also belies your claim that you always side with the victim as you’re clearly siding with a twice convicted murderer and thrice convicted slanderer.

    I read some of you and Mr Douglas’s books as a kid. It disappoints me that for someone with such insights into psychopathy and narcissistic personality disorders, that both you and Mr Douglas have been bamboozled by one.

    Thought you guys were better than that.

    That having said, if you’re so sure of the “overwhelming evidence of their innocence” then neither you or Mr Douglas or Mr & Mrs Moore have anything to worry about, have you? As they’ll be exonerated and your further baseless and pretty offensive slurs against those who are pro justice for Meredith and her dignified stoic family- who are certainly not obliged to speak to you or Ms Knox and for which it is rather arrogant of you to suggest otherwise, with all due respect- will be unnecessary.

    Also, considering you’ve done numerous books on disturbed personalities, may I ask what your thoughts on cults are and by that I mean, would you consider made up lexicons and fictitious words such as “guilter” and emotive terms like “hater” and comparing those who disagree with the preached gospel as being akin to holocaust deniers reflective of a cult like mentality? Which despite 10,000 pages of evidence still insists there’s none, kinda like certain cults or fringe religious groups claim the earth is 6,0000 years old, again despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary?

    I’d be interested in your thoughts on this, should you ever get the time.

    Anyway I’m sure Ms Knox & Mr Sollecito are much more heartened at overwhelming evidence of their innocence and I’m sure said evidence is sure to work wonders at their final appeal, so best of luck.
    Oh and regarding your latest book, nobody has forgotten Rudy Guede. Unlike Ms Knox & Mr Sollecito, he chose not to become a media celebrity, hence his somewhat lower profile.

  2. SheenaGallagher says:

    Interesting and fair comparison. This article has ruffled their feathers. I love to see them appalled while misquoting rubbish gloriously. Keep up the good work everyone 😉

    • SarahP says:

      I was never aware this was all about ruffling feathers, or appalling people.

      It seems Meredith has been lost somewhere in the middle of 2 sides quibbling over who can be the most hateful to each other.

      I held & still hold a strong belief in a search for justice & truth, for Meredith. Why the need to appall people?

      • Hi Sarah,
        It is not our intention to ruffle feathers or appall people, but if that is the effect, I’m comfortable with it. John Douglas has often said that no matter who brings him into a case, he is always working for the victim, and this case is no exception. We have tried never to let Meredith be lost, but by obscuring who her real and known killer is, we believe the prosecution, much of the media and the guilters have done just that.
        This is not about two sides quibbling, and I submit that all of the hatefulness has been on one side. I think there is little that is more hateful than accusing an innocent person of murder.
        In the search for justice and truth you mention, all of the evidence leads in one direction, and that direction is that Rudy Guede is guilty and Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito are innocent.
        We have said this over and over: If anyone has any evidence that actually points to the complicity of anyone other than Rudy Guede, bring it forth. So far, in our more than two years of investigating this case, we have seen none, and we have read – in translation – every word the prosecution and the courts have issued.
        There is only one way to honor Meredith’s life, and that is by telling the truth about her death.
        Thanks for writing.

      • SarahP says:


        Hello Mark,

        Thank you for replying. Unfortunately there isn’t an option to reply to you directly, so excuse me for replying to myself.

        I (embarrassingly maybe?), became interested in Johns work, through ‘The Silence of the Lambs’. Im a big fan nonetheless.

        Can I start by revealing my position as being one of a conscientious observer, thats about the best way to describe it, if not perfect. Im not a scientist, a DNA expert, nor an investigator & I hold no qualifications whatsoever in any area of law enforcement. I don’t have an account on twitter, preferring instead to use my husbands account.

        My knowledge of Meredith, Amanda, Raffaelle & Rudy, is limited to what I’ve read in various books & on various websites, plus limited court documents.

        My previous post was in reply to Sheena (above my post). I absolutely and unequivocally believe Rudy Guede brutally murdered Meredith. As for the Amanda & Raffaele being involved, I simply & honestly don’t know. I can’t apologise for simply not knowing. I do not however hold any malice towards Amanda, nor Raffaele. They have been accused of a brutal crime & they are entitled to defend themselves vigorously.

        My post referred to quibbling, which I’m afraid wasn’t strong enough a word. I have, again in my limited capacity, observed absolute vitriol & hatred directed toward Meredith’s poor family. To Amanda and her family & again to Rafaele & his family. In turn this has seen people on both sides turning on each other. I simply have never seen anything like it.

        I am sorry Mark, I cannot agree the hatefulness has come from 1 side only. I have read comments suggesting Meredith’s family are like the Nazis. I have read comments suggesting her family are only in this for the money. I recently came across one, whereby a woman had addressed numerous comments to Lyle & John Kercher. Equally, on a daily basis I come across hate directed towards Amanda. This simply isn’t acceptable in our day & age, from either side.

        What will our future generations think of us Mark, when we allow a murdered girls mom to be called a monkey or a Nazi. What will they think of us when we allow ‘suspects’ only, to be called murderers & rapists?

        Im thankful to many posters on twitter & other websites who put links to informative websites, 1 such link led me here, along with my following of John Douglas. Im not thankful of anyone who disrespects Merediths family in any capacity, nor the families of Amanda & Rafaelle.

        Lastly, please accept my apologies. This little white box I’m typing into, didn’t give any clues as to how long my post was.

        Thank you.

      • I agree about the constraints of the little white boxes, Sarah, so this reply may end up ahead of your last comment. I very much appreciate what you are saying, and can only state one thing and reiterate another in response.
        First, the evidence of Amanda and Raffaele’s innocence is overwhelming. Many scientists and experienced investigators have come out and said so. I don’t know of any who have come out on the other side.
        Second, if anyone has vilified or insulted the Kercher family in any way, we consider that reprehensible. All we have said is that we wish we could have the opportunity to talk to them directly and convince them, as John was able to do with two of the parents in the West Memphis Three Case. We believe they might rest easier. But no one of my association, including my co-authors on THE FORGOTTEN KILLER: RUDY GUEDE AND THE MURDER OF MEREDITH KERCHER, have ever disrespected the Kercher family. We have nothing but sympathy and compassion for them.
        I just wanted to clarify that and again, we thank you very much for caring enough to write.

      • SarahP says:


        Thank you for your reply. I really do appreciate you taking the time. Please don’t think I was in anyway suggesting users of this website hold any malice towards Meredith family.

        I wont allow myself to type endlessly, as in my last post, into this box. I will finish by saying, thank you for your comments supporting Merediths family, & thank you for your continued work in support of justice & truth.


      • SheenaGallagher says:

        Hi Sarah, I do not believe this was written to ruffle or appall.

        I read this article after a very angry guilter tweeted me it several times asking me if I agree with Nazi and Hitler comparisons. This person was disgusted by whatever was written here, so I came to see for myself.

        After reading it, I can only say that this is a beyond fair article and I agree with every word. If that ruffles the feathers of those who continue to deny the innocence of Raffaele and Amanda while pushing ridiculous lies after all these years, then that is probably because it hits a little close to home. And I do not mind that at all.

        As for Meredith being lost or forgotten, not by me, or anybody I know or see speaking the truth.

    • Thank you for your comments and support, Sheena.

    • corpus_vile says:

      You consider Mr Olshaker’s trolling- in which he makes baseless and inflammatory comments as good work? Are the multiple judges & two sets of lay juries either akin to holocaust deniers or else jealous of Ms Knox and Mr Sollecito for living a life they’re apparently unable to live as they apparently can’t afford a reasonably priced plane ticket to go traveling also?
      Are professionals such as Dr Lilian Glass jealous that she hasn’t achieved as much as Ms Knox in her life, or financially successful people such as Anne Coulter or Wendy Murphy jealous that they haven’t achieved as much as Ms Knox or Mr Sollecito?
      Are the Italian judicial system railroading two innocent people due to being jealous of Ms Knox’s looks? ( as apparently Mr Olshaker seems to think she’s “attractive”)

      Do you realise how utterly illogical, irrational, fantastical and downright paranoid this sounds?

      Mr Olshaker has engaged in what can only be described as a baseless and very low brow yellow journalism article that looks like it would be right at home in any sleazy tabloid, and again unfortunately intimates a cult like mentality in regards to Ms Knox’s supporters.

      Now, if this is your argument- that anyone who agrees with the Italian courts’ verdicts are either “guilters”, “haters” and akin to deeply disturbed people who deny genocide against a people due to bigotry and who go out and commit multiple murder also due to bigotry, and that there’s an apparent conspiracy afoot to railroad the defendants, with zero evidence to back this up, rather than try and rationally disprove the 10,000 pages of hard and circumstantial evidence against the defendants (and at this point after their conviction being upheld the onus is upon her supporters to prove the courts wrong), then sorry but you people have no credible argument.

      Mr Olshaker appears to be engaging in projection- anyone who disagrees with him or has a differing opinion is a hater/guilter/akin to a holocaust denier, yet he espouses grandiose claims and apparently has unique insight as to why people agree with the courts’ verdicts- they’re losers, plain and simple.

      Yet again an indication of a cult like mentality who will attack “outsiders” or “non believers” or in this case “guilters”.
      The lexicons speak for themselves. The fact that in seven years since Meredith’s murder, her supporters have not been able to trump the evidence against Ms Knox & Mr Sollecito and need to use suspect terminology and engage in quite frankly irrational and low brow articles, rather than produce that smoking gun, says it all about Ms Knox & Mr Sollecito’s innocence and says it all about the strength of her supporters’ case.

  3. Lyn Duncan says:

    These losers are set to ‘honor’ Meredith, again, in the only way they know how. Egged on by Harry Rag/The Machine and Peggy Ganong, PMF members who tweet will be able to alert their followers or anyone who stumbles across their tweets, to the newly formed photo galleries at .org. One of these new galleries will show the photoshopped ‘artwork’ from Piktor, who specialises in taking photos off the web of AK/RS supporters/friends and defacing them. The other gallery will feature gross cartoons from Mimi.
    Personally….the term loser is not quite strong enough somehow! But I will refrain from giving my opinion on just what they should be called.

    • Tom Mininger says:

      I remember when Peggy Ganong ran a contest to see who could come up with the most insulting captions for pictures of Amanda and her family members during their moments of anguish, including her 2 youngest sisters, who were very young at the time.

      Ganong’s buddy is Andrea Vogt who is on the BBC payroll and pretends to be an objective reporter on the case. She did a deceptive documentary with atrocious forensics. The line between tabloid and mainstream journalism is a big blur. is run by the self-proclaimed God/con artist Ergon/Man from Atlan. BTW he accepts donations for his “healing”. Ergon is also an astrologer although I don’t know why a God needs to also be an astrologer.

      This case is Amanda and Raffaele Through the Looking Glass.

  4. Nigel Scott says:

    A perceptive post, Mark. It is instructive to observe that most pro-innocence campaigners unashamedly use their real names, while most pro-guilt haters hide behind pseudonyms. Many professionals who work in forensic science, police investigation and the law, support the innocence campaign while the pro-guilt haters refer to anonymous astrologists and ‘statement analysis’ ‘experts’. The lawyers they claim support their case never appear and are never named.

    • Tom Mininger says:

      I invite people to read Mr. Scott’s excellent article on the case:

      One of its many strengths is clarifying differences between the British and Italian legal systems, which the British tabloids can’t be bothered with.

    • SarahP says:

      Hello Nigel,

      I think it a little unfair to use the terms campaigners and haters to describe respective supporters.

      I am a ‘I simply don’t know’ person. However, I certainly do not hate anyone. I recently posted a lengthy reply to Mark, this is the type of thing I was describing. If we are to set out in life with the opinion that anyone who disagrees with us is a hater, where does that leave us as a society.

      I agree Nigel, certainly there exists some very hateful people, on both sides, who say some truly hurtful things, however, the title of hater to everyone who disagrees with you?

      Thank you.

    • corpus_vile says:

      I find your comment re inte3rnet pseudonyms rather bemusing, considering this site has links to online bullying/stalking/harassment sites. Bloggers who support the defendant’s claims of innocence & who refer to themselves as “journalists”, such as a certain Mr Bruce Fischer fo0r example, seem rather obsessed with “outing” those who agree with two separate courts’ verdicts and finding their real identities. Considering that a segment of Ms Knox & Mr Sollecito’s supporters seem rather highly strung (see Mr Olshaker’s article above & attacks on Meredith Kercher & her family on Ms Knox’s rather disturbing blog by her supporters for details), it woujld be probably prudent not to reveal one’s identity.
      Besides, people’s identities are not important during an online discussion and any online discussion regarding Ms Knox & Mr Sollecito is ultimately irrelevant as neither are being tried in the court of public opinion, but have been tried and convicted where it matters- in a court of law.
      Perhaps Mr Olshaker should take this into account and travel to Italy with his “overwhelming evidence of their innocence” to try and quash what he feels is a miscarriage of justice, rather than writing inflammatory and confrontational pieces on his website, as if the evidence is so clear and palpable, then actually providing it would be much more helpful to both defendants.

  5. lbsaltzman says:

    It is tragic that the effort to save the two young lives of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Solecito from being ruined by a prosecutor who has run amok, is complicated by all these hate-filled unstable people who also run amok on the Internet.

    • corpus_vile says:

      Which prosecutor are you referring to? There were several. Also, how has whatever prosecutor you’re referring to “run amok”? Did he/she go on a rampage in the courtroom or something?

  6. noel dalberth says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how disturbed these people are. They have made this a personal vendetta against 2 people they don’t know. Their entire operation is phony and a slap in the face to Meredith. Their vile commentary and attacks on us as supporters is so sickening that it’s difficult to believe anyone could have that much hate. Regardless of their rantings, those of us who have seen this time and again know what we do for Amanda & Raffaele is worth it.

    • I agree completely, Noel, and John and I greatly respect your advocacy and passion.

      • noel dalberth says:

        Mark, I have great respect for you & John. I’m honored to share your outstanding work. Your contribution to Amanda & Raffaele’s case is invaluable. Your outstanding careers speakfor themselves.
        Thank You both!

    • Tom Mininger says:

      I could not agree with you more.

    • corpus_vile says:

      Have you read Ms Knox’s b log, in which she approves comments from her supporters that refer to her “dear friend” Meredith’s father as a “Dirty old man”? Or the other empathic soul who claims that Meredith brought her murder upon herself due to her poor choice in men?-
      These and more comments can be found on Ms Knox’s blog under the entry “With respect to the Kercher family”.

      To me attacking a murder victim’s family is beyond repugnant, but that’s just me.

      Also, there seems to be a misconception on your part on what constitutes vile as I’ve yet to hear anyone who is pro justice for the murder victim & her family, accuse those who disagree with them as being akin to actual holocaust deniers. Again, doesn’t say much for the strength of Mr Olshaker’s argument or case.

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