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San Bernardino Shooting

San Bernardino Shooting

I don’t have an answer. It seems pretty clear at this point that no one else does, either. I just know this: In no other civilized, First World, sophisticated – use any adjective you want – nation on earth do citizens routinely slaughter each other with firearms, and do so for the most personal, selfish and irrational of reasons.

We proclaim “American exceptionalism.” Is this what we’re talking about.

Why are we like this?

13 Responses to This Time in San Bernadino

  1. JusticeThruChemistry says:

    “On July 23, 2011, the crimes of a 32 year old Norwegian, Anders Behring Breivik, confessed to killing 77 people. He portrayed his act as “atrocious” yet “necessary” (Douglas, Burgess, Burgess, Ressler). In this instance an assault rifle or some semi automatic weapon and a police uniform were used and allowed him to shoot at innocent citizens unchallenged for a while as they scurryed to safety. They found none.

    I guess my point is that mass murders are not just a national problem in our country, they are a world problem. More specifically, a people problem. I suppose it depends on how you are defining civilized, sophisticated, and above all routine Mr. Olshaker. I hold you in the highest regard Sir, I’m merely playing devils advocate here. I’m also suggesting that the weapon used to employ mass murder is not of little consequence. When we take that aspect out of the equation we see we are right up to level of malice and hatred for our fellow man as the rest of civilization and prosperous countries. Therefore, do not sound so disheartened Mr. Olshaker, we are quite normal in America! If our Constitution were lacking the second amendment, we would simply be ruthless butchers like other modern nations who still use swords and clubs.

  2. seesthru says:

    1.15 million gun deaths since John Lennon Died. 1.15 million people shot to death in 35 years. It’s not Muslims. It’s not blacks. It’s not whites. It’s not Latinos or Asians. It’s not Jews, or Christians, or Buddhists. it’s people killing people for stupid reasons. That’s what it is. People shooting other people to death. If we don’t change the mindset of people who think shooting other people to death is acceptable, then we won’t change anything, except the body count. Breathe.. bang. Breathe Bang, Breathe bang. Every breath, someone gets shot. Every third or fourth breath, someone dies. Soon, every breath will be a bang and a death.

  3. ramessesII says:

    Or in my eyes …if it were 2 basic revolvers used and people died is equal to the amount of dead if 2 semi automatic weapons were used. Someone should have reported it, the minute they saw him get angry and leave…even if just call police

  4. ramessesII says:

    I guess people out of the South, think every police call on them is some sort of the world is against me – some sort of chip on their shoulder – but I live in a place that whether you are white, Hispanic, black, Arabian – if you are parked in a public property parking lot for over 20 mins – nice car or not, people call the police to find out why you are there if it’s not the right time cars should be there. At a BBQ, if anyone got upset and left suddenly, everyone would be on alert looking for you already – bigger cities, different outlooks …but they say if you have fear then you haven’t understood Jesus’ message – so, that’s why my paradigm is different I suppose

  5. ramessesII says:

    What I mean by repetitive processes expectations and insanity is all throughout history, weapons have been easy or hard to get and there is always a takeover or general rebellion. To continue that u already know does nothing. Wisdom is what the world doesn’t want you to have, because it overrides jealous power

  6. ramessesII says:

    Then the media pigeonholes everybody to not report anything bc people will see it as racial if you are wrong. That’s why nobody does anything. Because media preach

  7. ramessesII says:

    So this is my beef – if the co-workers can tell police this persons demeanor has changed, this person got angry at workplace gathering, the neighbors can say strange things are happening (although holiday increased mail packages, I wouldn’t find alarming) – that’s just a lot of telltale signs bc – these remote control devices as technology grows may be even better than semi automatic weapons – much like robots on Mars

  8. ramessesII says:

    What about the remote control devices, what if they ever begin to work? Start sending in children with them..? Then what? So to me…about the gun thing …I had rather be a free smart, brave country than a country full of rule bending cowards

  9. ramessesII says:

    If there was no security someone could have suggested locking doors or whatever – the fact u have anger in workplace and nobody does anything – should be in any workplace video to report things – and that training should be done more than once a year or not just to get hired so that the people won’t get complacent about it

  10. ramessesII says:

    Or we could reduce the gun to a basic revolver or we could have had the person who knew someone got angry, left suddenly had been acting weird, someone could have alerted security right after that. Then not even a revolver can get in – par for course by now

  11. ramessesII says:

    It is very true no employer may know an employees background, so in all workplace – social counseling should be par for the course by now. They can weed out some folk.

  12. ramessesII says:

    Repetitive processes with expectations of different results seems a bit insane, person. Wasn’t one of the people born in this country? We are a country of freedom, something you don’t understand. Probably, with better teaching, preaching, workplace ‘how to get along with others, anger management and the right tools in all workplaces – education is simply the word. If we stop confusing the idea of power being cowardice and subscribe to a life like sports – where things are earned …as a civilization we may do better. I, for one, am tired of the needy, cowardly, no real guts in any way people whom lead the world.

  13. Cornerstone says:

    I view San Bernadino as the true face of ISIL: Delusionary cowards choosing the place they feel the most comfortable with that has the least threat and the wholesale killing of decent innocent people and people in wheelchairs with no other reward in mind than self-agrandizement. ISIL doesn’t want to claim this one because it’s not good for their image, but this is their face.

    As for the ongoing shootings in America, you know as well as I do, it’s entitlement, greed and power grabbing, and it’s getting worse not better. We need immigration control and weapon restrictions (one is useless without the other) and we need to stop being impractical and letting anyone and everyone in. There’s no way to vet everyone, so instead of saying “Yeah, go ahead and enter,” we need to say no at least to those who traditionally hate us and were raised with little empathy because we know where that can lead with time.

    People need to clean up their own backyards instead of blaming the police or looking for justification for their own problems, and media needs to stop blowing things up by putting their spin on whatever makes the best story. Just my two cents.

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