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Stephen Hunter

Stephen Hunter

I, Ripper

I, Ripper

My friend Stephen Hunter is the Pulitzer Prize-winning former film critic for The Washington Post and bestselling author of the Bob Lee Swagger action thriller novels. Several months ago, he sent me a copy of his latest novel, a stand-alone entitled, I Ripper. He knew that John Douglas and I had written extensively about the Jack the Ripper Whitechapel murders of 1888 and were convinced we knew who the real killer was, and wanted to know what I thought.

Well, what makes Steve such a formidable novelist is that every time I said to myself, Wait a minute, that doesn’t make any sense! or, The real killer wouldn’t have been able to do anything like that! he outfoxed me, and I would end up thinking, Okay, I see where he’s going with this.

So I can highly and heartily recommend I, Ripper, published by my old friends at Simon & Schuster for anyone interested in a grippingly exciting, meticulously researched tale told by a pair of unusual narrators whose identities and raisons d’etre make for a walloping surprise of an ending.

But wait! There’s more!

I, Ripper was the product of Steve’s longtime interest in the Whitechapel murders and at dinner a few weeks ago with our mutual friend, novelist James Six Days of the Condor Grady, we discussed our theories on Jack’s actual identity. Steve, Jim and I exchanged many salient details, such as my explanation of why I was certain that after the savage fifth murder, Scotland Yard knew who the killer was and that he was no longer a threat. Steve had done an extensive analysis of the physical attributes Jack would have needed and we all agreed that the famous “Dear Boss” letter to the Central News Agency that gave the killer his memorable name was a fake. What we do not agree on is Jack’s identity, though as I’ve suggested, we’re both pretty sure we’re right.

And here’s the exciting part. Steve has created a website,, which he is billing as “A Casual Inquiry Into the Theory, Practice – and Identity – of the Ripper. His opening article, “Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be Quick,” is a fascinating dissertation on the subject which will serve as background for veteran Ripperologists as well as novices in the field. In the coming months, I expect to be contributing to the site, attempting to bring Steve and his readers around to my theory of the case. And I wouldn’t be surprised to see the cunning and diabolical Mr. Grady’s byline there, either.

In The Cases That Haunt Us, John and I stated that the Jack the Ripper murders were ground zero for the study and understanding of serial killers. For those who want to continue that study, promises to be a high-level and evidence-based forum, from a truly talented writer who really knows his stuff.

681 Responses to Who, Ripper?

  1. ramessesII says:

    Or Crowley talks about aeon of Horus but we are on Amun ra in my book, not ra horakty

    Or Amun ra – Ramesses as Ramesses or the image of a man amongst beasts in Abu Simbel

  2. ramessesII says:

    If we believe the gospel and money (spiritual significance as in to do with a church) is the root of ALL evil…then it should not be hard to figure out the good from the bad here.

  3. ramessesII says:

    Why would a son do that?

    I’ve just explained it all.

  4. ramessesII says:

    Or like Jesus on the cross, telling his disciples this is your mother bc Jesus would become the spirit that would set things in motion –

    We get back to the wisdom and what it all meant

  5. ramessesII says:

    Or God the father, the son (father and son are one) immaculate conception by word or being sent by word – planned since beginning etc
    Is over the mother of us all
    There is an opposing force who is the mother of all sinners

  6. ramessesII says:

    I’m trying to show I understand the foretelling and I do know the answers and I’m convinced the person I’m looking for or who came to see me the enemy of God or original killer of Christ. That’s what I have to do and say even if ALL find me delusional.

  7. ramessesII says:


  8. ramessesII says:

    Surely then you have people who argue race …they say you can’t be pharoah but yet, we have to say all races came from Africa as a knowledge truth and we have to believe Ramesses II was red headed and 5′ 7” much like me. I won’t explain Osiris just yet. Why is there a search one might ask? into Greek of a part of Ramesses’ throne name, Usermaatre Setepenre, “The justice of Rê is powerful – chosen of Rê”.

    My problem is the wrong side is saying justice is coming. Or the pictures, you are in sync of Satan – image of man – all this is the not me

  9. ramessesII says:

    Ptah, Amun, Amun ra, Horus

  10. ramessesII says:

    in a previous time

    The Amun comes twice
    Or Amun then Amun ra – so 2 times
    I don’t think it was accounted.

  11. ramessesII says:

    Merneptah is lion of Judah, amenmesse Moses etc fire
    So you see we are obtaining the keys bc so far in what I’ve read from Crowley – nobody knows what I’m talking about or they don’t know who they are. So I expect someone out there to be ‘like’ Horus just not it

    Israel Steele, merneptah – ptahs proverbs even

  12. ramessesII says:

    Or if Jesus descends into hell to get the keys, the prophets, lion of Judah, the devil the accuser, is sending them there. The whole fear him after he kills he who has power to cast into hell. I’m like one caught between God and the devil or in the fire. All of my religion talk was revealed by scroll …my enemy is who I’ve said and he does know.

    Its like I know everyone in this story. All the way back from Egypt. Everything I read seems like a letter to me.

  13. ramessesII says:

    Since this has all happened to me, there is good news, I expect God will get rid of the enemy and all his children/kenites and all he is gaining now. People must repent before the final judgment which is ra horakty or Horus. Golden much like 7th church buy the gold. To become holy or out of Egypt it was free will to failure to NT gods will for success. It’s much like homosexuality, liars thieves, greed – that’s all mankind instead of saying we like that lets aspire to be greater than basic.

  14. ramessesII says:

    Woman clothed with sun would be like the child providing the clothing or the white, gold etc. the child itself would be blind in the womb or like God is born or had been sent from the outset planned etc

  15. ramessesII says:

    It’s almost as if i am AmunRa (amenmesse Moses joined with Ra sun) in the fire leading into a transformation to this crown wearing woman calling on God to get rid of the enemy. I was measured with some sort of pole, my ribs were counted by hand as if it was not known whether I was male or female…

    We carry our seed (children).
    I tell the truth. I may not have everything right but it is the truth of what I’m supposed to say or of my experience. Life not book reading

  16. ramessesII says:

    Then they say I have no proof but I got a head full of proof about things.

    So I have all these ‘stars’ telling me how to live and what to think and all of them …are symbolizing snakes in affiliation with this mess. Yes, I may be a sinner, as only God Jesus is perfect, but these people sin levels I am nowhere near. How do you know the real God, by his law or by his grace. Forgiveness is easy, perfection is hard.

  17. ramessesII says:

    What truly angers me is that I look at these computer hacker terrorist groups saying the same things said from the root of this zodiac/Scientology equation and I wonder how can all these names be associated with child murder, rapes, sin all around? And how come nobody has said anything? So that I a light shiner myself gets targeted. Like its planned.

  18. ramessesII says:

    Or without understanding or knowing of Crowley, I couldn’t understand the K. I thought he was just referring to kenites bc that was specifically said – typed online as a those are the kenites. During that time I never had an interest to look up or understand what he meant about that. These were not people in email or talk on phone with it was just a chat room which could get empty …I can’t explain it all but I believe what I say.

  19. ramessesII says:

    Or it’s as if someone had a break up or something like that and they relive that through their mind for months – the same feelings occur as if your stuck, That’s what has happened to me but I was just online with no real trauma occuring to me yet my mind and sense tell me trauma was occuring. So in my own mind all these false things have been stored in my head as feelings that repeat. I can’t get over it because there is no answer just my suspicion of what has occurred. I’ve become like almost a false me. I’m not evil or violent or anything like that. All I can say is even God had to help me.

  20. ramessesII says:

    People may think I conspire with them because I say I’m Ramesses II …I have to deliver the words from origin to prove eternal life or God keeps track. A living word or manifestation.

    My life is open though. I used to work 2 jobs no trouble. I got around these people not by choice who have done something to me to where I repeat things are just seem stuck …giving me trouble living a regular life. It is my belief they tried to mentally coerce me to kill myself …or they gave me problems lets just say.

  21. ramessesII says:

    Or I know the Kendra person had k’s all over him for a reason and that would be how I would figure it out. He came before I got images (visions) that he was in my nightmare dreams. This person had to be the one online. However by the Bible I understand this as well or the Bible went off in my head. Crowley, Lavey I have never heard of until the last year or so, I had heard of Hubbard. Where I live these people are not important. So I could have never figured it out before he came.

  22. ramessesII says:

    Or to satanists God Is a coward
    To the public Jesus is the war God so many have died bc of religion
    But to the Law God is perfect.

    Who is wrong? The public, the satanists

    God tells Moses or I am that I am
    Or I am the Law
    Easy to understand. Jesus doesn’t come to change the law. Do understand that

  23. ramessesII says:

    What I mean I was given this by someone, it wasn’t my intention to look for any of this…
    I’ve explained as much as I can understand of the entire process of how this all happened to me. Most (all) think I’m delusional but I know these things happened to me that were at the control of someone else who played many mind games online…half of why I was confused is because I never knew what they were speaking about.

    They post fear he who after he kills has ability to cast into hell…but I’m not going to because that won’t get me anywhere.

  24. ramessesII says:

    Or name now.

  25. ramessesII says:

    Or 13 equal death/rebirth (death saves us type bible analogy or wrong Shepard)

    Which goes with Xenu or the Khenu …all traumas and victims are within one body or cleansed …hubbards whole wash

    Soul possession or the slaves in afterlife
    It all aligns and Jesus already provided the answer as to who it was…I just don’t know his real name

  26. ramessesII says:

    I guess Zodiac equal 58 and 5+8 = 13
    Which is death in the occult mess. Referring to the master essence or this kundalini, Kali Yuga stuff so it’s Crowley Hubbard and the rest. I don’t study this, they purposefully went after me online, this I know. Knowing I knew nothing about it they put me in this I guess or However it was. The Kendra person I saw looks exactly like the amended drawing and others to the point it’s him or he’s related anyhow. My description is truthful and everyone wears wigs apparently.

  27. ramessesII says:

    The Kendra person reminds me of like how tom cruise is featured as the boy man. That whole youthfulness or enough to where you seem strange more than young. So I believe these sci or anon people know who it is. No accent and struck me clear as this Kendra person has spent a lot of time in that state. I can tell he’s old but could look younger. Chicken pox scars around chin or cheek area not extremely apparent but are there. Some sort of monotonous yet ring type draw voice but can speak like a girl, seems friendly and talkative, attentive. Then at what I think are times he tried to seem weird which was when he was weird…he was only there for no other reason but to be there. Head neck shoulders taller than me I’m 5’7 he was in heels tho. Big straight up forehead, multi lined many, thick bone or leathery type skin which is narrow and the bone structure thins. He has a long wide chin rather than just a slight rounded one. loose lips like Hubbard or a Jim Morrison type. Asked me several questions but I don’t remember one of them. Volunteered information about himself, like I’ve said he had no reason and he was not from my area.

  28. ramessesII says:

    So I had to decipher what was true and what wasn’t and the only counterpart I know of, otherwise it’s just a computer screen as I didn’t know who it was – the only person that showed along with some others but the only one made the most contact that I just knew something wasn’t right.

  29. ramessesII says:

    Most don’t understand there are set dates and times for anything to be revealed. You are delivered words. I can’t be on my time schedule since this began or the whole life sacrifice.

  30. ramessesII says:

    The one I’m looking for will come out of a church, who will teach lawlessness, or the whole do what you want bc Jesus saves us all or love is the end etc…when in actuality this person is sin (in every way)

    Which I think this whole ‘we are many’ or as in one like Christ
    Or the whole they are everybody, Xenu type story a multitude which they are just of the or they admit to who they follow.

  31. ramessesII says:

    or nobody believes me because it’s all in my head, based on an online conversation/experience up to a visit from the only person I could think it being ..this Kendra person. Nobody else can see the visions or pictures. This is convo from Egypt times Babylonia etc. in the bible it says, notice where you are or the image of man …or like I said early, I know it’s Akhenaten or Khenu line …who isn’t Obama bc it’s this person and he came practically wanting me to know but did it in a way until I wouldn’t figure it out until later. I figure this out right now or my story is true, I knew who I was looking for but didn’t have the answers yet. I’m the Virgo of the story.

  32. ramessesII says:

    Is the green intending to be alien, old or jealous – all of that? These people bark on about how it isn’t that this ‘perfect’ ideal is fair, they should be allowed to be what they want. Yet they intentionally try to ruin my life, not allowing me – that’s how they tried to mess up my head by telling me they are always telling me, yet if they were our ideals would be identical. So that’s odd. Or wrong. Then they call me brave bc I have dared them 85 times to fight if they want to do that but they just rather talk about how powerful they are. I’ve said all I know unless I remember more things.

  33. ramessesII says:

    It’s a magnetic quality of this fake draw in or gathering, Satan also comes to gather his. What I’ve experienced and then semi freed from was magnetic, whether it be a hypnotism some sort of draw. So the antichrist could be Crowley, Hubbard false prophet and this Kendra or homosexual male as Satan. Or Roman Catholic is in this story whether it’s mimickers pretenders or not bc Jesus says they are mimickers pretenders role players actors

  34. ramessesII says:

    That they tell Hubbard followers to wait for unusual things …
    And the puzzler writer person writes letter where the writer implies things are found out later…

    2000’s is where I begin and it’s literally as if someone drops it all in my lap, for no reason but much like this whole story, they had to know.

    I’ve had to catch up. What I mean about looking in a mirror, seeing a reflection (say twin) and what if that side was the opposite you – internally it can mess you up…that’s what I mean when I say I don’t know if I was dreaming, bc things happened all of a sudden as if I lost my mind all in one day and spent the rest just trying to figure it all out. Or all I have is pictures and dreams in my head, and someone who came to where I worked 3 times, we spoke just regular conversation at where I worked. After awhile I realized he did or it was designed to be something I would think later bc it was subtle yet not as in (following to the bathroom) the voice thing and what was offered up as casual conversation …and the online stuff is like a blur of statements and weirdness visions to false tongues or but it has to be trauma that causes it yet I was not having any but yet had some, somehow. I still can’t explain it well. By visions alone I know it’s something to do with the Kendra person tho

  35. ramessesII says:

    If the antichrist comes to try to change the laws, and the set dates, so someone knows the dates foretold in the bible so he comes to try to change things causing a delay.

    So someone way before now told people …something about what to do which could be the talk about how or why they wait. Hubbard followers were told to wait …it’s something like that which is why all this is going like it is.

  36. ramessesII says:

    Much like Hollywood is your friend, but what has it done for you?

    Besides fight you about church. Or which shootings are legit or not. Or not is all they say

  37. ramessesII says:

    The anonymous group says they are against such and such, yet the we are legion and everything in their build says they support this such and such…or recruits people selling it as good, yet if anything like I experienced, someone can cloud your mind …it’s just seems like friend but really enemy

  38. ramessesII says:

    I don’t mean agreeing like in crime, be assured they are all criminals, but I mean religious concept of they are all Jesus and reliving crucifixtion or you can see – I mean Paul is also the chief of all sinners I think, who talks about taking on the suffering so …from Hubbards (maybe Crowley originally) it’s a Catholic to a Muslim thing it seems. Then the whole anonymous, write anonymously, we are legion …I mean it’s all the same story and if these people are famous, the military and the computer developers and overseers of information’s evil in the high places.

  39. ramessesII says:

    so they delay Christ.
    We are stuck when they do that bc Christ is Life …whereas the other embodies mimickry (twin double) and personality or will appear as different personalities embodied into 1 person, hard to understand but conjuring or manifest explain that.

    Now whatever it is will have many many followers or will grow more even but most are tricked into it thinking they are doing good.

  40. ramessesII says:

    Or really the jinn or Devils over Mohammad

    I had to learn this because of an actual experience but you can tell there is learning going on by the amount of material out. Crowley, masonry, Scientology etc against or hate Christians and if the Bible is right the puzzler is in the world bc it’s easy to see that’s what’s goin on. That’s the choice here Death/Sin or Life. That’s why they hate Jesus because they want to remain imperfect.

  41. ramessesII says:

    By my own life, I feel like I’m set up in some game where if I didn’t have or receive the opposite words, I would have stayed lost and been agreeing with the other sides concepts. Or imagine if you were looking in a mirror and the side in reflection (twin) could mess you up totally.

    Kaaba stone outer space alien black

    Ka the double
    Ba the souls ‘personality’ not heart
    We are in age of Mohammad in repetition or its in the words or stories

  42. ramessesII says:

    The elite call themselves gentlemen in the occult world.. The predictive types anonymous Scientology occult types (evil in high places) are either setting up by pre planning things made or or in the high places making the dates etc align to events – garnishing more power, say a person was in a church predicting certain dates, then something happens, u get more followers. Or that whole essence of a seer and such. The Kendra person I saw seemed like a talker or communicator – turns toward people …I just have a strong suspicion

  43. ramessesII says:

    It’s always gonna look like something else to an onlooker and if it’s personal it will seem like you. Or like Jonathan can novel this person just showed up everywhere he went. This prophet. Someone did the same type thing to me online

  44. ramessesII says:

    A godhead supposedly has no personal attributes and is plurality because it is many things. A mimicker would seem the same and the church mess is what it is ..from my experience this is occuring by someone out there.

  45. ramessesII says:

    This Kendra person showed up with a wig (long jet black) yet the front was pushed up where his forehead was easily seen. He had several deep horizontal, thick skin, thick headed bone yet narrow ) if that was covered he has high cheekbones so he could appear as younger probably. I can tell he was old by his forehead and hands though. One thing he said was nobody ever believes how old he was

  46. ramessesII says:

    When I say agreement, the visions of a scroll said love one another, but I cannot love whomever was on the other side of the computer – not referring to being involved with whomever, I have told the truth as I know it

  47. ramessesII says:

    I have a hard time telling people this or these people are out there…they literally tried to kill me, by doing this mimicker brain game so I don’t know if this happens to other people or whatever …this experience was a Major thing in my life. I say I escaped just to have it all fall in my lap. Escaped as in no longer searching what was going on because now I know I think

  48. ramessesII says:

    Or the great seal behind the great seals like in Daniel – south son of man supposedly in the south at this point

    It’s like this, if there is a killer speaking mysteries and puzzles, talking about Chiefs or feathers, using symbols, starting religions, who runs short on time, who even when I find myself boastful, I annoy me then someone shows up pretending to know or be all this but before that even, the bible opens in my head. I know what’s up. Of course the ISIS army who is prevalent in this story Egyptian or otherwise, where even I wonder who is in control, and is Russia concerned…so I’ve said what I was given to say but nobody listens which they say,, when a Virgo speaks, listen

  49. ramessesII says:

    Or in cases of anonymous or Hubbard whomever saying knowledge is free, and living this scroll I got, how everything is just dumped in my lap for no reason, more than power play, I wonder what they mean by – free (for a short while)

  50. ramessesII says:

    Then the scroll and the lion ox or ones in the fire …

    It explained to me the first white horse Ptah confusion is the one who tries to sit on the throne so it isn’t the lion, me as one who can see the lion ox image etc …when I rotate into the fake one or first one, I understand him or find him. Online always (I don’t know these people) so I can’t get out of the story or I don’t have the real horse or white yet.

  51. ramessesII says:

    Or I haven’t been like the original me since early 2000’s I’ve become like multiple personalities was completely blind to it until the bible or intervention has kept me able to stand opposite. And I know there was a controller who was/is not good but all this fell on me at once. I couldn’t tell it was the other person until later on. Then I had no one to point fingers at just – I truly wasn’t aware of any of these topics, occult, Scientology, masonry, the movies they said but this story goes in 1 direction always

  52. ramessesII says:

    I can tell you exactly what this person does …he tries to get you to believe you are other people, become aware of that, then anything you know about them that’s like drug addicts, somehow he’s able to fragment your mind into staying stuck and repetitive, or like Hubbard where he says you can recall this or see this etc

    Then he wants you to worship him and if you refuse you end up stuck ….or that’s what they did to me and all I did was get online, or group chat …I’m just telling you what is going on

  53. ramessesII says:

    And all this was given to me by a scroll as if I was the scroll but also in the sky.
    I think the bible represents life and I’m not scared of life. And I will do what is to be done.

  54. ramessesII says:

    Or this throne I speak of lion ox image etc
    Camps in OT must become white or clean and the only way that gets done is with the removal of this mimicker person who confused the tongue …because of all this I have stated a lot who I think it is

  55. ramessesII says:

    Better said as we will follow the traditions of man until then or ancient things manifest or repeat, like the seasons, the more wisdom you have the more you see that.

  56. ramessesII says:

    Or I’ve got 4 movements, heads, the lion, ox, the image (Ramesses as Ramesses) and the eagle

    Conceptually Ramesses, as the or against the ‘we are the gods’ (black horse) here to speak the words and I’m looking for a homosexual male psychic who I dislike as much as anyone can dislike someone

  57. ramessesII says:

    I believe anonymous is the friend/enemy type organization, all everybody worships Mohammed, they want to establish lawlessness like early times, and soul possession and control. They believe that if all believe Islam we have world peace but as you know they got to kill to get that so the equation is zero.

  58. ramessesII says:

    Or I am not greedy and drinking blood – that would be the side I point toward.

  59. ramessesII says:

    Or mystery Babylon – all these plagues will fall on her in one day, same as Ramesses II, and they have all because of other people and some mimicker. I’m not the troublemaker, the ones online are. Or the ones in the world are.

  60. ramessesII says:

    Or water to wine
    Wine being like Jesus blood special

    Of course God does it Jesus
    Or the head of the church all 3 are 1
    Father, spirit, son

    All I want is whomever away from me. I have to explain it though

  61. ramessesII says:

    It is my mission this life to put the world on notice for all they’ve done (to me) and truly God can take care of the rest. And I will not shy away from this.

  62. ramessesII says:

    Or deliver us from evil

    The mother of US all but yet nobody teaches that in religion. Odd

    Probably so I can be trapped

  63. ramessesII says:

    Or certainly it would be said by Jesus we will be delivered from the evil one …delivered how is disputed but I think I get it

  64. ramessesII says:

    As to why i post this here, so far it has been that whomever is always around me or

  65. ramessesII says:

    Hidden things in the Vatican, hidden things in Christianity, hidden occult, hidden things in synagogues, hidden things in the mosque

    That’s odd but would it make Jesus’ words true if there was, most certainly

  66. ramessesII says:

    Every church, every lodge world over, every religion, hides everything to exclusion to teach control manipulate – all the main ones …now others who preach just faith are more pure obviously – but isn’t that odd. I am apart of the one where the least are the greatest, the faith. The mustard seed. You can see the example here even.

  67. ramessesII says:

    So because nobody will spread the gospel or the knowledge of God is why we struggle …so ones hide it. For power. Whereas we become faith based because God knows, and I know people hide it

  68. ramessesII says:

    To release the prophets as if death had denied their cross or reward, left them in darkness while he illuminates the evil.

  69. ramessesII says:

    Better said with the analogy of being upside down with Peter. Or Jesus descends into hell to get rid of this mess.

    Much like the other side is word for word so must I be

  70. ramessesII says:

    The bible says the ‘real’ one will know the answers

  71. ramessesII says:

    And so far the mimicker person does not know the answers, in my head, he’s a coward, a hider, a ‘she’s gonna find out’ word person

  72. ramessesII says:

    Or what I think is unknown is that everyone I come across in this Egypt story is alive right now. The fire, the 4, the wheels of movement, Ptah, Amun, ra, and Horus with me being in control yet fighting this opposite entity which I believe to be evil and controlling which I am not.

  73. ramessesII says:

    Because of reap what you so…they tried to backtrack and send me this love one another message but no, I’m going to love God and like is said that takes care of everything else. No more fake peace trials.

  74. ramessesII says:

    It’s kind of like the I am that I am

    Or I reap what I sew(my initials, karma, mustard seed)

    But the other look at you or you are – but yet it’s the opposite of me in everyway

    Or my life is this story and a mirror image or upper world, lower world is being sewn but I’m over it all not the highest like God or Jesus but this governmental stuff or keeper of the word…book of remembrance, I will remember everyone I’m finding who is/was against me as well.

  75. ramessesII says:

    easier said by history is repetitive and if you see the signs you know the mindset

  76. ramessesII says:

    Considering I’ve received images and all of this, I would believe that a lot of these violence organizations are banding together with goal of getting rid of Christians.

  77. ramessesII says:

    Which I think it’s so many name, as they do an all the names thing like Nero, to kenites, to Cain, to Khenu to Akhenaten or the opposite show of past lives

  78. ramessesII says:

    I have suspicions on who they are at least any in public because the pictures show people. Some may be people you expect, some who may not be people you would expect and the only place they could come together would probably be the fake church.

  79. ramessesII says:

    He used or somehow in the blur of it all..,in the dreams you can hear voices and get pictures, it’s abnormal what happened to me, he used to say line in his mind but I could hear it almost as a dream (if that makes sense) or type out – don’t say my name, repeatedly and part of the confusion for me was wondering why he is typing or saying that because I don’t know it or the whole thing became a confusion, control, to even getting weirder than that or he acted like he knew me yet I don’t know any of these people. I don’t know if it was to confuse me or to keep me reaching mentally for whatever information …it was always like that by the time I realized it, I was stuck. Or it all worked like that but it was cleverly done as I’m not the sort of person that would get into this sort of thing.

  80. ramessesII says:

    Or I haven’t seen any since then if that says anything

    alot of it I cannot remember too well bc again it’s like my own mind was away from my body so things would be typed or some sense of a story but then gone …so as I read more about it, I remember more because for years I had nothing but religion, no fingers or story to point to

  81. ramessesII says:

    or the kenites, so I kind of figure it’s being passed down or still exist just by ones who have shown. The only one I ever spoke to in person was the Kendra …the younger ones were just at places I went but I didn’t speak to them. Again, those things are still abnormal to see where I live, especially during the day at random stores or family restaurants

  82. ramessesII says:

    Not only did this Kendra person show, younger, maybe 30’s red head possibly New Jersey someone said they were from New Jersey or the kinds of people that wouldn’t normally be around, started showing up all crossdressers. Old to young

  83. ramessesII says:

    Or whenever they write the lords most high or koko type stuff …or knife

    Which all this is Scientology magic stuff bc it’s based on my experience a reality whereas they may say it’s lies

    Or be good deceivers, I post openly bc I got nothing to hide and well I have no other choice. Nobody believes me though.

  84. ramessesII says:

    Butcher being the one who cut up the woman sent out all Israel …that’s why I’m pretty sure that’s what they are saying

    The bible opened up in my head after their mind assault started and I saw pictures …of someone who was male, and crime or crime scenarios – who I’m looking at wasn’t me

  85. ramessesII says:

    Whatever this all is, they didn’t mean to do it because they tried to backtrack or I think it’s like the – well one is evil (of the 12) but because he has knowledge is powerful

  86. ramessesII says:

    Which could be why bob durst says he killed them all …like Xenu or Khenu

    Because I rotate with these topics but the K would probably be the one I saw.

  87. ramessesII says:

    Khnemu fashioning man on a potters wheel, image of man, Khenu master butcher, mans image etc etc – that’s what this all is about

    He will fashion man in his image as man so all those people in that church …obviously they aren’t saying it but maybe they are because people already know, I feel like I’m the last to know

  88. ramessesII says:

    The Ka is the spiritual double or twin

    In Egypt, after second death of Egyptians etc

    I’m fairly sure the Kendra person believes it’s that. Because I believe Jesus, I believe this sort of thing may do signs and wonders and seem very good…or after second death is still the evil one…the Ka could make people like ghosts which is like the pale horse

  89. ramessesII says:

    In Egyptian kheper can be xeper
    So I think Xenu Xemu is Khenu or Khemu

    I had figured out the Egyptian but the Scientology magic Crowley stuff led me to Khenu but I didn’t know about all of that even when I began to write here

  90. ramessesII says:

    But it’s layered in subtle seemingly friendly, yet not personal or it’s all nonthreatening until you almost believe you are controlled. Or it’s much like the Kendra person, very soft mannered, energetic, open, friendly but you know something is off …very attentive interested –

  91. ramessesII says:

    From my experience, and only by hindsight because you can’t understand it while it’s happening,..they try to make you believe you are other people, causing confusion, then it’s almost like they try to get you to recognize them within yourself (other people), then they start saying you are him and then it’s like this psychic captive battle. While it’s going on though, you just think you are going nuts like a mind stalk, coincidence, blur of the mind …and then you get category stuck or your brain fluctuates continually. I don’t do drugs but most think I do because my mind doesn’t stop and my style changes.

  92. ramessesII says:

    Or the speaker’s tongue would be the one I have to exert control over. Sword vs sword type imagery. Some may think I’m crazy but to me this is real. I’m not a criminal or anything either. DUI is my worst thing but some sort of evil weird thing is online and in the world. All this is to be proven by words themselves.

  93. ramessesII says:

    Or I’m part of the fake church but I’m the truer side. Part of it just by word as what I say has happened is how it was. Or those who stand to fight Satan. Which mentally is like being a water acidity test that just gets dipped in different bodies of water …or fire. Tongues of fire sort of and the whole control your tongue- hard to do.

  94. ramessesII says:

    Biblically, the words are look at you, you’re in the house of Satan etc, there is a mimicker who deceives even God for a bit, or if not God the world, my part is to look at whomever this is in the church of Satan but certainly it isn’t me

  95. ramessesII says:

    Blends into why the executioner story

    I mean I can only say what’s true by words, or faith in words alone

    Words and some weird sensory type things. I’m not a wannabe detective, I’m in this because I’m in this type thing so I couldn’t figure it out in time.

  96. ramessesII says:

    Ok, as far as Xenu or Xemu is Khenu or Khemu who is the master butcher of the great house etc, dreams and psychic ability also in this story – magic or Wicca – so it has to be these people…and why the Kendra person wears K’s and so on – that’s what I think it all is and this is still going on – and I wouldn’t trust any of these people. Even I have no real proof besides experience and dreams myself – I don’t know if it’s all true, the words and experience all match though.

  97. ramessesII says:

    Black doesn’t refer to race. Black is like dark magic or worship- cloudy water, smoke so it isn’t racial –

  98. ramessesII says:

    Repetition or the design is like how all the lands became divided within themselves. Nobody had a guide more than it just happened. North or south, east or west
    Because of design any black stones, obelisk or we denote black as being Cain.
    I believe obelisks are just they learned how to column, I don’t believe it’s phallic symbology. They didn’t pyramid anymore and began to column so the column effect. Who writes this garbage? I think even the Bible asks what is the deal with all the sexual references in the world…Paul, I think, says something like ‘sinners’

  99. ramessesII says:

    This is to show God will come to you …even if now it’s struggle ..that’s obvious

  100. ramessesII says:

    So the last supper where Jesus bread and wine 1 with the 12…what happens next…the question is, can we go home? Just like in judges. Blood and water pours out. Jesus dies on the cross 1 of the 12 sells him out for money/ to a church of all things and if you’re me this begins to make sense not by book reading but by experience

  101. ramessesII says:

    Now do I believe God is male yes because I’ve heard, but if he reveals the husband is the head of the church, or he calls Israel female, we should say the same is all I’m saying. They try to hide their crime.

  102. ramessesII says:

    Or like me right now, why am I in an Egypt, Dan, Nero story …I’m not Jesus but we will say by power of God now.

  103. ramessesII says:

    In judges 19 maybe we read about a woman who is returned dead who is the cut up into 12 pieces, put on a donkey and sent into all Israel

    In the NT Jesus who explains, revisits, old topics, this what we call a savior. That’s why Jesus is who he is. Do these stories sound familiar. Why is Israel referred to as a she by God?

    Why would Jesus revisit all these topics because the must still exist or manifest.

  104. ramessesII says:

    And you read these words thinking none would believe that until you wake up one day and realize it’s you.

    I tell this based off real experience, now I didn’t follow these people ideas, I never knew what they were talking about so they entered by violence and not agreement or we share the same beliefs. Violence was also all I saw, felt, dreamed around them. All this wouldn’t have happened to me if it wasn’t that this Kendra person wasn’t somehow involved.

  105. ramessesII says:

    Or it should be no surprise that they go after Jesus as a child or infant which is why Satanists believe how they do about sacrifices. The cross, water, womb, a river of life, rebirth

  106. ramessesII says:

    I was told to resist the devil by some male voice stored within me, I think I’m a keeper of the word while fighting this person online. It was in the form of dreams or sensory, almost like illusions until someone showed up that I think it was.

  107. ramessesII says:

    Some may think in area or land terms…countries…

    But surely by now we can see that through people vibes and cultures, momentums, histories shifts affecting those lands. People shape the lands much like the 12 sons of Israel. I was stretched out as if I were the sky.

  108. ramessesII says:

    It isn’t book reading – I’ve lived these words.

  109. ramessesII says:

    Or how would this bride make herself ready to receive his word and who was Mary? Who is the father by word alone and the son?

    So I need a preacher and a detective bc my story is 100% true bible.

  110. ramessesII says:

    Or the chosen seed and what is cains side worried about? That the seed couldn’t come from his line or something like that – generations get mixed or almost copied Seth and such

  111. ramessesII says:

    Or blood and water pours out his side hmmm

    Jesus who is the head of the female church hmmm

    Husband of the wife or father and son

    Satan chases a woman
    Blood and water – Jesus hides in the church (female). True

    The story is simply man against woman. Mother Earth like the womb or mother of us all Jesus the crown

    Assuredly I can say to you, I’ve been tested as far as it can be done.

  112. ramessesII says:

    Jesus creates his own kingdom bc the builders (robbers, just bad folk) we’re not up to par even.

  113. ramessesII says:

    Or I’m not making threats, I’m past making threats. I’m explaining the story which is what I’m supposed to do. Isis, Osiris, Ptah, the folks, the camps – the robbery all at Abu Simbel. I don’t say Jesus and Mohammad are brother. Jesus is father, son (I’ve explained Joseph and Mary where they are in revelations) and spirit that hovers I guess you could say. Isaac/Ishmael brothers.

  114. ramessesII says:

    Like freemasonry or this mess I dealt and still deal with its focus is on the builders- at every turn God says, nothing man made is holy so the builders are worthless. Same with your symbols. Or I can appreciate math evolves out of constellation watching but constellations are not holy. Because wars can provide stability or be a pretend peace, the slaughter is preached or bc God gave his own. The law was probably fairly easy at the beginning though and the fall observed in the present would probably drown the eyes of any beholder

  115. ramessesII says:

    Why would the world need a savior? Probably because they followed the wrong God (pretend God). Possibly one that was a false tongue, that may have even spoke in a few religious documents that we know have the most power of any words or books. How else could the world be deceived in all the forms of nature and not much holy around. True wisdom is from God. Nature study talk, mimickers, man. They call it traditions of them even. God says nothing man made is holy yet that’s all they offer nowadays, listen to the writers, but bc there is a distinct difference between man and God is probably what it means. Man can’t make God. They try – idolatry says they try

  116. ramessesII says:

    Better summed up as anyone who loves a lie(Cain) or the father of them (Satan)

  117. ramessesII says:

    Islam (Mohammad) is like every writer in the Old Testament, one getting tested between a dark spirit or good spirit or (man) and Holy Spirit or spirit of God. If the false is out the prophet is probably lies because they say Mohammed said kill this, then they argue Judaism God says this killing will happen to Jesus explaining when asked, how can Satan cast out Satan? A divided kingdom cannot stand- so when we point fingers saying God ever says kill at all – the law he wrote

    I don’t know why there is confusion. How can Jesus be unblemished? The point is everyone with an opinion has no idea.

    Brother against brother

  118. ramessesII says:

    Black horse

  119. ramessesII says:

    Or Hindu Kali destroyer black one, is like Cain black skin and in NT murderer from beginning (destroyer) of original plan. To space alien, the invisible or hidden why it would be a mimicker a no soul a changer/chameleon like is what I think

  120. ramessesII says:

    Or he’s kind of like Jesus just the opposite way

  121. ramessesII says:

    Because the gospel is preached to all nations or it’s a living word, in this equation, Satan or one of these is from the north, his son would be Cain, who would be a (dark) spiritual or the grave. God still heard Abel or the whole kind of like a savior or messiah ..or an eternal hell, son of perdition

  122. ramessesII says:

    The fake peace is the alliance that’s trying to be done or like Nero cross, it’s all designed to be told or seen to know a creator.

  123. ramessesII says:

    Which written Satan comes from the north, the son of man as he was called, really son of God is south at this juncture …during the camps to move or establish gods word

  124. ramessesII says:

    Or it’s the queen of the south, then daughter of the King of the south

    The whole Lois Eunice thing remembrance of things sealed way back when or a key in showing eternal life

    Like I said early part of my job is to explain or the knowledge given to me to say…

    Such a truth being that all people find some who they think is crazy but end up being true and written about

  125. ramessesII says:

    Or he is abbadon or Apollyon – locust King …but he knows, so it’s been before so it should be darkness plague. Or is my experience.

  126. ramessesII says:

    This person Kendra, wanted me to remember him so I know he’s someone involved in this…and just has to be. Perhaps goes by Kali or Time, destroyer or black versus black or all of cains go down with him. I believe from California it is.

  127. ramessesII says:

    Or this is a true experience and biblically Jesus says it will happen will fall under to free, as Jesus comes and says you will not possess the wife (church) of the lord. So we know evil will try.

    Truly everyone else has to decide to believe or not but I’ve given my best of thoughts …which my experience is what you would think of temptation, the worst of evil on one side, the best of good on the other and me deciding which way I’m gonna go. Internally

  128. ramessesII says:

    Or in essence I’m under the person or linked in some psychic way I try to explain or really it is like watching Harry Potter. Or the north and south story but I am not believed and truly this what I expect it is as my story is true. It seemed like while online, they would keep chat room where only one person was in it but in that time you focus or engage in a simple conversation about anything – it’s like a maze, confusion gets you searching with anything for an answer – til you hold onto whatever the other person is saying but unsuspecting as anything do you know that’s the reason. So the image is made in mans image or the inner tempter, manipulative psychic type thing.

  129. ramessesII says:

    Or my mothers name is Lois, Eunice is the victory good or true church as in church of Philadelphia or 6th church – the time before the trial

    So see, The reader or warning

  130. ramessesII says:

    I’ve never read anything about any occult stuff, these people had mentioned the toth thing which again was a term never heard. So I know the type of people but again for all these concepts was unaware and could not put it together

  131. ramessesII says:

    What I say is true, it all being online until the person I think it is, showed up, it was alluded to but I have to put it all together and most the way through it I didn’t wonder or went through my own breaking I guess. Receiving images that would help me now in making sense of it all. The only thing I know or guess at, I’ve said here. Typed

  132. ramessesII says:

    Which if true or right, gold itself had to be broken

    Which all this eventually leads to David biblical

  133. ramessesII says:

    Which because at the sound of harps lyres etc you have to worship the idol…that’s why no more music heard, no more idol or something to do with – the words of all this mess what they do or worship …it’s highly corrupt and immoral from my observations …like iron and clay a prison in image or molded clay – this whatever they do

  134. ramessesII says:

    Or the ones in the fire don’t worship the gold image being set up or gold base Scientology stuff …where all these silver and such are broken or the idol should be the Romanian person or whatever he is

  135. ramessesII says:

    Aside from the Kendra person, was in images somewhere dark yet with a light of some sort

    Seems like there is a table of some sort under this light and maybe against a wall, he comes from not quite center but from my right or off center right kind of …out of darkness …that dream or visions which are like colored pictures was the last thing I envisioned really – that was after he came tho ..and the stuff before that was just as bad up until the point I almost lost and still struggle with my mind

  136. ramessesII says:

    Or he calls himself me, mimicks me, or is a mirror image sea of glass type thing…

    I at that time, it wasn’t any bad thought about it bc nothing bad was say or no warning …it turned bad dreams, nightmares, just flood of all negative type emotions, so I go check myself in, again thinking it has nothing to do with the computer, or at first it’s just random so I think it’s merely coincidence. So I feel better after hospital stay and I don’t think it stems from being online, things get worse bc now its coincidence all the time and seems like a person in control or he knows, so how does he know I’m having trouble and then I think, something is wrong, then I get offline, he shows up and in looking back these are the opinions I formed of what I can remember, most I can’t remember even …but I got nightmare type images, then bible ones at the end the roll up ….I can’t explain it to people who haven’t been through it

  137. ramessesII says:

    I can only tell the spiritual part of this and my guesses as to what it is but something is going on …

    Or this online person, people are the embodiment of these ideals or that church, which I didn’t know about Scientology until after I even started writing here, but I understand the bible and it all fits without knowing about Scientology …they probably refer to it as a school

  138. ramessesII says:

    The north and south is marriage, or spiritual unity, becoming one, intertwined spirits. It isn’t about relationship…it’s not like that. The whole Jesus sends 2 they have to agree …but I cannot to this church idol whatever it is, so fight continues

  139. ramessesII says:

    Or the Hubbard Crowley scarlet woman thing, Kali hermaphrodite male female characteristics would be the idol or who I’m set against. Or what I’m explaining has to be one of the puzzle writers

  140. ramessesII says:

    I think this whole thing they want it to be Kali or have or that’s what they were on about possibly some Catholic Romanian etc

    Or praise to destruction bc it was savior …that spin but not true really..or it says its energy but one must be impressed with the world to value it (to say Kali or Cain were at all worthwhile) and obviously nothing has been truly right yet.

  141. ramessesII says:

    I don’t fear God because I believe God is good anything not that, isn’t that. I’ve not been perfect or always good, but I want to be, and that is my hope, promise even.

  142. ramessesII says:

    Defeat angel of death, this whole image talk or or seeing back or …all those words because Gentiles and Jews will be saved. God lives or dwells amongst us, no more wood or cut down trees

  143. ramessesII says:

    what I explain is paranormal things that I have encountered and it seems to me that I have online attackers, that have come around, play games with me etc

    All of its in my head tho. Just like a continual run in. Or it’s my opinion they won’t leave me alone. Not vice versa

  144. ramessesII says:

    Or baptism by spirit …it’s about making it over from mans children or gods children

    Preachers today to nobody says the truth ..perry stone is good. Others too but they should have preached no one but God was perfect then they wouldn’t have disgraced hos name if they fell. Because nobody but God/Jesus is perfect unless made so.

  145. ramessesII says:

    Or the inner workings and the giving life abundantly or the perfection is what most people don’t get about God but religion or Jesus is life and it works toward a purpose…it’s all the overcoming …it’s not easy …it’s not understood ..but you gotta appreciate the intervention …it’s just like mankind does, they only think short term which is the main problem with them

  146. ramessesII says:

    Faith alone or I’m like a mustard seed

    Not an implanted death machine

  147. ramessesII says:

    Or why can’t the evil one harm me…

    I’ve been here or how should I say …four times already …you’ll say I’ve been brainwashed but I received false ones then real ones or the head of the church is Christ

  148. ramessesII says:

    So I have stood up to fight the devil and I will fight it until my death and in the not too long future I must be reborn, or I’m the Virgo in this story. Understand it perfectly. Zero fear about it or who isn’t afraid….

    So read this message bc as of now I have no resources like the others to get mine out. I get banned everywhere I go even.

  149. ramessesII says:

    I chose to be made perfect instead of ever going to wrong way.

  150. ramessesII says:

    If you read the bible, if ever prophecy or truth is coming out, then the devil is around. That’s just common knowledge. Because it’s a choice of who to believe. Always has been

  151. ramessesII says:

    Or Egypt is like the Gentiles, obviously the ending will be in Israel but Israel too is long suffering …bc they won’t call on him

    But because it’s eternal life, because the end is the beginning, or repititious or living words, when he came first time, he set in motion the end time events …so it’s already done that’s how the answers are known

  152. ramessesII says:

    i cant explain it all but much like those movies he asked me about, that I didn’t watch until later, I get pictures in my mind as clear as day….and I don’t know why or how but whomever the online harasser is, I have my guess, knew I would or did and as far …all I can say is it had to be the clairvoyance thing nothing besides that bc I never understood a word when I needed to.

  153. ramessesII says:

    Back in Ramesses II time …means death angel has to get out …blood on the door

    Part of this is I have to explain religion to no one who listens and have a nightmare life as is told in the book

  154. ramessesII says:

    Or what it is, is who is delaying his coming, so the bad attached to the woman must go, in order for woman in white or with the sun, the immaculate conception,

    Joseph has the robe or nations and God born into the kingdom ..

    Which is now in modern times ..they try to prevent the ending

  155. ramessesII says:

    The fact being I know there was someone and others being apart of whatever was going on with me. I don’t know them more than what was said but what I’ve put together so far (as I was lost) is what I’ve said. I’m having to figure it out with no exposure to basically anything besides my experience which is the truth.

  156. ramessesII says:

    Or clairvoyance is like easy to absorb people, could be what acientology calls clear, so I felt like or sensed like online somehow some way, (I’ve never been out of my state much) so it was online..(which I know would be hard to believe) that somehow I was sensing something going on on the other side. Now I could be wrong but he (at the end) or by then I knew something was wrong, he would say, type out really things like Cain isn’t that bad of a guy or your tough and son at odd intervals or they were against me …I know the person could mimick me or type out exactly what went through my head so it’s possible …I’m not crazy or delusional about that

  157. ramessesII says:

    Some may say what kind of God puts you through this but I was being attacked in some weird way before all the Bible opened

  158. ramessesII says:

    or it’s a living word that repeats

    The whole you live because I live but is turned truly holy at the end when the inner temptation pull is removed. I’m a perfect example something unholy ruins lives without even being tried for sin. Or just for I reason

  159. ramessesII says:

    Meaning I rely on the Bible for answers. To prove the word just like God says, crimes in his name or bad people in gods name, in spirit that’s the story I tell unproven, but what I suspect. Or my walk is total Bible and not or I’m like a mustard seed really.

  160. ramessesII says:

    Or I don’t trust anyone in this story but me, because I’ve gone through it and by the look of things it seems to be spread out. Or blot out, erase, spit out tongues …done by God obviously through Jesus words but like I say it’s my experience

  161. ramessesII says:

    Or I understand people may think I’m playing a game or being delusional…but this all happens to me like I say it does. Prepared but yet not.

    And just as it was revealed to me about ABu Simbel or amun which is amenmesse in the line (Moses) it’s Ramesses as Ramesses or image of a man. My enemy has been set, and it will be and already is, this person and his followers.

  162. ramessesII says:

    The Kendra person comes then later by months or more I receive my second set of picture, visions, images and the same vision I saw was the tranny person in some sort of place or just it isn’t good.

  163. ramessesII says:

    During these clairvoyant stages began the dissembling of my mind to where I almost develop multiple personalities, I myself even notice. I lose time, I feel like I’m out of my mind somewhat. Lose time/memory

    Started having nightmares all were disturbing. That’s the truth the best way I can explain, I’ve become like the babbler. It can’t all be coincidence.

  164. ramessesII says:

    Clairvoyance over the computer and it’s like they would isolate the room, then disturbing things emotions, I think I begin to go crazy or I didn’t know what was going on. I was never told either. I became to suspect there was a link but it wasn’t until I just dwelt on the ‘why would he say he was me’ …and I think it’s a he before he came around just by the way sentences were formed

  165. ramessesII says:

    When I say we don’t operate well together, I mean biblically not any other way or north v south in Daniel….back to all I’ve explained about camps, image south, man north

    It’s like in the Bible, God knows what you will do, he is speaking to Satan as – or why he sends Jesus to begin with. (Who was already here)

  166. ramessesII says:

    Or like the movies etc, I never watched them to know or understand what anyone was talking about until way after the fact when it became apparent something was going on. Kenites never heard the word before, didn’t look it up although I had some basic bible knowledge. Kendra wouldn’t occur to me to check and see what that means unless I suspected that person was something wrong. It was led that way. Win in the end, no idea I’m in a contest or fight. The reader, that’s all that was said…don’t know why he calls me that. Don’t ask bc I figure it’s because I’m reading the words

  167. ramessesII says:

    Part of it is because I was trying to figure out what was happening to me, was why I kept going to the chat room, bc I went from fine to all kinds of mental struggles… But just like the you win at the end, he (they) would say things like that, always leaving me with a chase for an answer. Never making sense directly …

  168. ramessesII says:

    Which without the person showing up, I would still be in doubt do I know something or do I not, just online bullies, you are one of the bad experience online stories, but bc the person showed up wanting me to remember, and that was subtle even bc although odd, he appeared nice and chatty more than most or social …but it’s just too many things

  169. ramessesII says:

    Early on in 2000’s the people mentioned the word hackers a lot or I know it was an obsession because it was the first place I ever heard about it. I’m not computer inclined nor did they ask me or they set out to be my enemy. This I know.

  170. ramessesII says:

    Or it was subtle, if I knew it was this mess, I would’ve gotten offline before this process occurred …only in reflection does it make sense. Reflection and trying to make sense of it all …I don’t think it was meant to be understood but just became that way

  171. ramessesII says:

    Then the bible opens up in my head, they, he must know that because one of the last things typed, which even then I had no full idea what was going on, he said you win in the end. Or this is a work in progress still.

  172. ramessesII says:

    Only when I figured out what was going on could I look back and put it altogether. It wasn’t just obviously bad. It was in public chat room, no emails, no closeness and it wasn’t where i would know it was bad. They could control the chat room tho i think

  173. ramessesII says:

    I would go from normal to petrified in 5 seconds time, I figured it was just me bc whomever online was smart enough to just type back normal things which is why I check myself into mental ward. I’m crazy. But later is the I am you or anything you can do, I can do, then I figure it out what I think one (Kendra person) shows up …but it’s been sort of c’mon then type attitude I have now bc what can I do really

  174. ramessesII says:

    My online experience to me, now seems like, they sought out to confuse me where I would try to figure out what they meant, to somehow reading my mind, some type of mental link, to possibly them doing some type of violence to where it sort of washes over me mentally to becoming dreams. That’s why I said about mimicking other crimes or like a medium…it’s experience. It’s all (I don’t know for sure) but strongly suspect because I have …it’s truly how I come up with the ideas that I have because I think that’s what they did. Which has taken me off my life or stuck. Bigger than bullying

  175. ramessesII says:

    But….that I received 2 sets of images. I figure this person been around or following me longer than when he come to see me or interact.

    What I do is the ones in my face are shown to me …or like see who is stealing the food by footprints

    My gift I guess. Like seed stealing

  176. ramessesII says:

    Or someone has made an image of scissors defeating paper 2012 666 etc you can see online it online

    Or a lot are against me

  177. ramessesII says:

    Or they enter by violence, mess with your mind, somehow read it or mimic you like psychic…I haven’t been my real self since 2000, I live in this battle of tongues or disrupted thought, I repeat losing time or forgetting but I also am aware to know it happens or like watching a messed up me. That ability is from the later visions I think bc at times I was completely lost no ability to even know I was.

  178. ramessesII says:

    So the process of what happened to me is found online by a game player, which was why it was interesting, never knew what he meant, who then become like a mirror image of me (things that couldn’t be stalked, mental) then I receive like fixed pictures of crimes in dreams clear as day, life becomes a nightmare to then the bible and more visions but we’re not like fixed pictures ….so on and so on

  179. ramessesII says:

    Or the seventh church, buy the gold, coming off a period where no one could buy or sell, the gold tried, refined by fire or great snake, pharoah

    Just like Jesus talks to the throne or judgment

  180. ramessesII says:

    After I received the visions the roll up occurred one within sometime later in the sky – visions as real as anything.

    So I know that – the mess is what it is or I’m only saying this to find whomever

  181. ramessesII says:

    I learned all the Ramesses things through visions and I know the people, the online people did not tell me that…they called me the reader early, didn’t know what to make of it, they talked about kenites, samael or stuff like that – so I know it’s the devil bc the devil knows the book better than anybody on the earth.

  182. ramessesII says:

    So in revelations, Jesus speaks to this throne and writes letter you can sit on his throne. Throne is just judgment seat where God intervenes or like in the Old Testament. Just times that are set. Judgment basically – intervention

  183. ramessesII says:

    Or it may be well said, that my own priests are bad. As I’m not evil, a pervert, or anything like that but I’m not perfect as I have had one more drink than I should have at times

    Like any other lodge or church, the innermost

  184. ramessesII says:

    Don’t operate well together

  185. ramessesII says:

    Biblical proof I’m not on their side but I do think one may think so bc it’s all same story …2 sides in the bible that don’t operate together but yet have to

  186. ramessesII says:

    The book of remembrance is very familiar as well …if anyone understands the bible they know what I’ve said so far.

    The kings and the King of them and how they leave the least with nothing will be our world concept to understand in a bigger way than we do now.

  187. ramessesII says:

    Or Moses the law was usurped that’s why Jesus refers back …it wasn’t the law, was it

  188. ramessesII says:

    The preachers will say that because I’m female that isn’t true but I know I’m the Virgo of this story. The judgments and words are to become true/creation. This is the contract for what God will do or the judgment period anyway.

  189. ramessesII says:

    So I am the great snake who will eat up all the little snakes or Ramesses as Ramesses Amun ra in Abu Simbel to restore usurped one amenmesse (Moses)

    Or I’m on a chair

  190. ramessesII says:

    I know nobody understands this …but these people talk about Horus, set, Isis, Osiris and that’s Abu Simbel and that is ME. I can tell you who they are. The Amun, amenmesse usurped, anyone know the story? They talk about me but look at me? Or the left me with nothing… What have they done to my house? Because they are my people that’s how I know them.

  191. ramessesII says:

    It’s kind of like Job, Job’s words end and Elihu’s begin I think, then there is a judgment from the lord in the whirlwind. That’s how I feel these rolled up books are …like a contract. The earth to the sky. Same thing as other tongues or just a different way of speaking that just comes over you. My contract is to get rid of this mess.

  192. ramessesII says:

    So I was on lookout for anyone coming around maybe being the online harasser but I never expected it to be a crossdresser. So while around him, I just thought the crossdressing made him odd, he was more energetic, talkative, attentive type or didn’t sound any alarms – just odd, bc it doesn’t happen here. Kendra and the other guy both had wine which is not southern really but by accents, one bring clear English, one more maybe east …it wasn’t until after that it lingered in my mind. He didn’t look like a mean person just jet black wig …just off a bit but more like wildly crazy. Very social, more soft mannered…it’s got to be something, the only other guy I didn’t know the bigger guy was a rude type …that sort

  193. ramessesII says:

    Or the whole do what you want, sin if you will bc love is the end anyway. A deception to begin with or leads to rebellion.

  194. ramessesII says:

    Or this person, said he (I feel pretty sure it’s a he) said he was me which means if the bible did open up in me I’m 2006 would mean he’s future or maybe now even, pretending to be God and the church, to peace sign Nero the number Catholic uprising anonymous ….and I say repeatedly I’m not on their side but I do have the tongues or speakers. To the point this Kendra person I explain also does things to make me remember him or …so I know it’s him. These people in this group believe they have never killed anyone bc death is their savior (Cain) so it’s a game or man is a prized possession – to control or the Xenu/zodiac stuff.

  195. ramessesII says:

    I don’t trust whatever is online

  196. ramessesII says:

    The Book itself says no one will believe me, as well as proven by any I’ve told. They think I’ve gone crazy. A scroll rolled up like it were in myself, then one rolled up in the sky. Their visions. I have the tongues now which is like mimicking itself. These people call me the reader. Or they know me and this is the truth of the best I know them, obviously they keep distance or its all games. I know it’s real because i exactly live the experience as if I were a story. This figuring out this much wasn’t easy bc I had no exposure to or only had basic knowledge of God and zero of devil worship. Or they called me the reader for years before I even knew what they meant. It was done over time. So I never knew who was who, what was bad, are they bad, am I just dreaming or maybe this is happening to them until he said anything you can do, I can do because I am you …and again he wanted me to know. But I knew it was bad all along or something was wrong – this was all online. I can’t prove it because most is in my head or recalled statements. I forget half of it – to this day I lose memory

  197. ramessesII says:

    So what I’m going to do when things are left desolate, much like Ramesses II, I’m gonna fight them to a standstill …lines are defined, things are set ..and the next is what I’ve said all along. By myself, I fight them, anyone saying different is a lie. Because false words, tongues are plentiful now. I don’t need a mystery, I just say what I think.

  198. ramessesII says: goes back to reading footprints or who is stealing the food (liar and a thief) this illuminati mess…which as if at my cue, but you’ve left my house, my dwelling as it is, in ruins. One wonders how one would feel looking up at the fake stars and all their edited talent. How many takes even?

    The book of remembrance probably …remember your grandmother Lois etc etc

    What they have done to me is …ruin me, just repetitions cannot work etc, my life was perfect before these. Truly wished for nothing…because I’m a stupid book no one reads and if they do, they just rather sin and whine anyway. This is a true story and these people famous, seemingly good whatever, are not good people. I also grew up in a house of cedar weird.

  199. ramessesII says:

    Or the we are legion, where have I heard that before …just from a geek unknown
    Not even good looking

  200. ramessesII says:

    Then expect us becomes right behind you, which is the likely place for inevitable cowards.

    And that is the many against me…

    Oddly enough

    The same ones who get in the media and whine about their problems are the same ones against the solve.

  201. ramessesII says:

    Or I’m pretty sure I’m getting close to the truth of this mess bc these stories and the dreams, pictures, and my own eyes, my online experience all match everything I read about all this. The conversations, the alluding to things, the backtracking constantly or I understood it without knowing about Scientology or Lavey because it was my experience. My experience itself matched religion without even knowing about Hubbard…

    The Kendra person profile is close to young Hubbard military, the mouth is identical, wider chin, straight up forehead, deep set eyes, thick boned defined brow, high cheekbones, thinner bone structure through face slender. Lots of horizontal lines on the larger straight up forehead, looks younger in face due to high cheekbones, older on hands and forehead, real old by hands. Acts like its 18

  202. ramessesII says:

    i think Cain to the immortal Kane is biblically what’s being alluded to. He has a K on his left hand, left handed path probably and he wore K on a necklace and …I’m just fairly sure that’s it.

    He would be a fairly decent hypnotist, although I have no experience with any, as my attention went straight to his talk and all he did was order wine in that voice..was deeper and slower yet had some type of ring or churn…the rest of the time he spoke like a woman, not a prim and proper but a heavier vocal ranges girl. Seemed like California English or delivery although looks foreign, Reddish or tanned skin could be Native American or Romania or something more a reddish brown tan. Maybe about 160 to 180, for a man he’s thin or girlish looking yet toned …or the style of body to crossdress Barbie. He had no real reason to come there and be so out of nowhere or not from around my area bc all he did was have 1 glass of wine each time. Sometimes he talked to people, likes attention. He made attempts to talk to me, too many times, which I thought was odd but knew he was not from the area. I didn’t really talk to him much but I’ve since become convinced that he’s the person online who bothers me.

  203. ramessesII says:

    Not saying this group didn’t have a connection with the real John Kerry but the mimicking where Aquino copies Eddie Munster by style I guess, I can see Herman as being structurally – straight up forehead or the one I’ve seen. And being mimickers is this groups forte or style all around.

  204. ramessesII says:

    Coincidence is like this or ..maybe it isn’t

    Online you have a picture of Michael Aquino as Eddie Munster and Herman was like Kerry (John)

    Herman is like the K or Kendra person I saw…thick straight up forehead, defined brow line, then it’s a narrow type face with a wide bone type chin

    Those are the right years, people born close to ’47. Mimicker film types but I can see it in the Munster association ..Eddie Herman or I know why someone made that image…it makes sense to me based on what I’ve seen

  205. ramessesII says:

    What has to be understood is that by chatting online with this person, I believe to be Kendra and others, I started seeing pictures or visions in if I were there…so this becomes working through all of that plus the coded things he said online that seem to fit just one story…it’s all crime …and everyone is aware but I call this a complete awareness bc he could mimick me fully once I guess he got in my mind …but this was a process, it was done over time so by the time I knew it was bad and not me, I was stuck like a fractured mind almost.

    The Kendra person can be like a woman, I will go with false wife myself religiously, confusion (is the method they use for mind control as well) but this Kendra person would be old yet look younger bc it has a European type slender narrow face with a wide chin tho, high cheek bones, but thick straight up forehead multi lined. Personality wise, carefree seeming, more social, soft demeanor, immature, and if this is a plan definitely be more of a he who delights in evil or it’s fun to them..humor type. Not so much dark appearing as more like – just childish.

    I questioned myself those 3 days as I something is wrong, at that time I wasn’t expecting a cross dresser to possibly being anyone who could pin as my online assailants, but Kendra was able to act friendly or be very attentive, the type that would turn toward someone when speaking …but I just had a bad feeling throughout.

  206. ramessesII says:

    Which I know this all sounds crazy, but I have been under this stress for quite some time …this situation can alter moods or repetition or compartmentalize – your thoughts – I mean …and I thought I was going crazy but like that picture of Hubbard it must be them. All I can say this was experience by unknown others who I think some have shown.

  207. ramessesII says:

    Or that image of Hubbard auditing a tomato and then there is one that he is the tomato as well. Psychic connotation – that’s what this is like but they can do it online and your mind gets ‘lost’ so fast you can’t get away bc you are broken somewhat. Then the bible opened up in my head and at times I go into preaching spontaneously …but I had to have that or I’d still be lost.

  208. ramessesII says:

    And I can honestly tell you without doubt, they use this mind war type stuff to break you and somehow you get pictures or images …so I know it’s who I say and all are no good

  209. ramessesII says:

    Or to be blunt, the ones who coincidence me seem and show up to see me, seem to be the ones in all these suspect pictures. Like I said, I don’t figure it out until way past the time or I’m always behind in understanding. Only recently, did I find out about Scientology and that’s what happened to me – this experience works like a mystery.

    I am the Christian side of this though in the fight although I’m imperfect but also my mind goes through repetitions or that whole mind war mess ever since this started. I just tell what I know or think strongly.

  210. ramessesII says:

    I go by this…like any lodge or church, they give the appearance of normal but typically the innermost is corrupt, so I doubt what happened to me is happening everywhere but I can’t say it isn’t … I just know whomever is writing the stories is what happened to me.

  211. ramessesII says:

    or the whole they entered with violence type of thing biblically

  212. ramessesII says:

    It’s all sensory or you gotta figure it out but these people tried to kill me and I know they did. But I was then much more unstable or the bible would open in my head shortly after some of these things.

  213. ramessesII says:

    The tried to create multiple personalities, that’s what they tried to do with me, yet this person could mimick me, not simply just be an outside stalk. Next I thought they were doing crimes online while linked to me during the years 2000-2012 any computer puzzles could be. Then now they all coincidence me publicly and – stopped by waiting for me to figure it out. Normal cowards really. He tries to be God or convince you anyway

  214. ramessesII says:

    How does anyone believe in Satan yet not God or like we need to spread this out before the millennium year. I don’t understand that. I’ve had to figure this out blind with zero exposure to all this asid from 3 visits from some weirdo. Just to find out the world is against me more or less.

  215. ramessesII says:

    I understand this is complex, but just like terror accidents, if everybody sees the signs why doesn’t anyone say it – so by 2000 the millennium, these people don’t attack me? By 2006 I was in mental ward and it was steady until 2012. Then instead of trying to figure out how my life broke, I could have just left bc now it’s officially biblical or word made flesh

  216. ramessesII says:

    You end up staying online too long because you get interested in how they do it, so you can justify it, and your mind is unstable in the process so it gets worse and you just have idea about what was going on

  217. ramessesII says:

    Even while just being typed words on a screen

  218. ramessesII says:

    My experience is whomever starts chatting basic things, nothing personal, before you know it you somehow are being mimicked or mind stalked, then you get paranoid, then you get moody, then you start sensing other things, then it’s all mean and you know you’re being controlled somewhat bc this mimicker person..or you just know…half is suggestion like you get sick if you are suggested these things or it manifests …or the spiritual fight

  219. ramessesII says:

    Or I believe the bible the love of money is the root …which I believe is Hubbard although it seems to be a group endeavor to accumulate funds, people etc

    Also my experience online tells me something is unordinary …or I’m a seer too just not as well or I didn’t know that…which is understood if anytime reads all I’ve said.

  220. ramessesII says:

    My guess is the named ones were getting on the news during this time but I believe this is all about the one that came to see me bc it seems organized and fake fronts or…organized to appear certain ways

  221. ramessesII says:

    And if no one gets Cain and Abel, God basically tells Cain if you are happy with what you offered, what’s the problem? The problem was Cain had no self-esteem but he wasn’t smart enough in the times of created wisdom amongst people. This person same way…

  222. ramessesII says:

    And if I use my experience as a guide as to what they are doing, using mind control, hypnosis, to make killers, God help the children is all I know, making money and basically being anti-God – anything that goes against – so all of it or the not everyone can be predators so they just pay the church and sin in other ways by people of power

  223. ramessesII says:

    My story is true but everyone thinks I’m crazy.

    Pass around the message that Satan cannot be God if the only thing uncommon is the LAW God wrote himself. Which only Jesus can attain to.

  224. ramessesII says:

    Crowley Hubbard Lavey and some Romanian twist bc whomever came to see me could be that ethnicity …something like that …and I won’t ask why these people are not gone yet

    Michael Aquino may be the round face zodiac suspect person.

  225. ramessesII says:

    Or I had figured out religion, some crime aspects or what I thought was going on, I had known or (I started becoming or understanding the psychic thing) so I knew first names, I knew this person I saw was too odd but I just found out about Scientology and that is what happened to me or that crowd. I survived all that emotionally and psychologically and it was an ordeal. I am truly being truthful about it all as best I can.

  226. ramessesII says:

    I mean the people writing these stories about this stuff, is what happened to me as so close, I don’t trust the other people writing the stories. So I thought I was becoming a manic depressive just all of a sudden and did not figure out it was somehow the other side until I noticed when away, it was away. So for awhile I was lost in it all.

  227. ramessesII says:

    It was all sensory and the only 1 I can put it too is the crossdresser person

  228. ramessesII says:

    I mean these people were not nice and all of them seem to use this word ‘unsuspecting’ and that’s true bc for no reason nor do I know how aside from it had to be the other side and not me – if that makes any sense

  229. ramessesII says:

    My online experience or attack (which was truly done online) seemed as though people undertook a method of trying to retrain me or something or mind stalk etc. they tried to throw every illness on me, psychosomatic type stuff or whatever, also it seemed liked the did very bad things and then tried to reshape a thought as happy – it wasn’t good, I thought I was going crazy for most of it. Believe me when I say I am against all of these people and it was many.

  230. ramessesII says:

    The more I discover the more I find you always need help..interesting.

    I’m pretty sure the one who came to see me IS the one I’m looking for. Out of all of them.

  231. ramessesII says:

    Which is why I think it’s all stemming from same source. It would not be any great truth teller who would assemble hypocrisy or accusing w/o being …seers psychics apart of all history so even at’s only common as none of them can do what can be done anyway
    Never trust assemblers of hypocrisy

  232. ramessesII says:

    Or I’m not an accuser more than explainer, my adversary though is that

  233. ramessesII says:

    This anonymous group is truly boring me….because what I know, is this person accusing everybody else is just as much as a piece of imperfection. I think remarkable, simply is different than that.

    And all their followers, they think they have a right to be common I guess

  234. ramessesII says:

    Which of course becomes God will remove me because I’m the true church. All do to the mimicker

  235. ramessesII says:

    Or truly I tell you, this other side, that I point out tries to be the judge, what we should or shouldn’t allow, what’s correct, what is not

    But it’s an agenda against God period

  236. ramessesII says:

    So basically God will give me what I ask for, and I’ve already said, I want to be perfect and have the others removed so a line is drawn. Eternal hell can only be those who are never perfected in eternal life. They never know the fullness or the story of God

  237. ramessesII says:

    Or truly the same media and idolatry corporation attack the good people or Christians, bc they are imperfect sometimes, Duggars an example off of 1 son, yet homosexuality is about rights …

    Same logic you could argue josh Duggars has a right to cheat on his wife.
    Who are the judges? Of the world…

    Them or Me, the bible says I am right now and over it all, over solomon and the media

  238. ramessesII says:

    There is no point in an eternal hell or heaven if by be fruitful and multiply means 1 life. That would be irrational.

  239. ramessesII says:

    This is what we will do …

    We will say lying is a sin if god says it is
    We will say homosexuality is a sin if God says it is
    We will say adultery is a sin if God says it is

    That covers everybody add stealing, and the others – one accord
    There is no point is a journey if you don’t know where you’ve come from
    So I need to define things

    If we don’t want to say those things, you are open to temptation or Satan and whomever falls falls and then like me, affects everybody’s life

  240. ramessesII says:

    Which I’m not making threats I’m only telling what is to come, I’m not Jesus, but I have to show, explain what this process is about

  241. ramessesII says:

    Since everyone else here is wise, you tell me how God or life can continue being scattered? Everybody doing their own thing, marrying who they want, making their own laws.

  242. ramessesII says:

    It’s also odd to note that it was known the heavens were stretched out or what would come to be a defined area solar system with a set of laws

  243. ramessesII says:

    And I as the keeper of the word – notice how my life parallels the word and false words or just like the book, or the book is life and it’s concepts *creation

  244. ramessesII says:

    Why is everyone lost in this easy story? Simple even

  245. ramessesII says:

    Sometimes the truth hurts, even as I am imperfect I have to hear it, just the same. Jesus is the life, because he did it first, we do it, so if he is with his family from the beginning to the end ….how important are descendants

  246. ramessesII says:

    And you can tell me that everyone does not believe in Christianity or Judaism or Islam etc …but I say the concept is the same – so it’s no excuse

  247. ramessesII says:

    Or you can have a normal married people who steal, lie, murder whatever
    You also have sexual sinners
    Nobody but God is good and his perfect son who does his will – the right choices
    So we can’t judge the sinners one against each other – but we don’t have to bring down or slander God in the process

  248. ramessesII says:

    And this all comes out of what agenda I’m pointing out – although hidden at first

    God hates no one, God is love and goal is a perfect people that he can lift up in his image, to obey 10 commandments with first two being important. You can be gay and want to be normal and if you believe in eternal life you can even attain that without losing you or becoming someone else. Generations important, children are the reason, you carry your seed, that’s the only way God can even find people by descendants

  249. ramessesII says:

    When you make images of people as worship – you do not worship God, so only 1 other choice

  250. ramessesII says:

    So, when idolatry gets in the news and says, we want to gays to be married in church, you are telling me you prefer the killer, when u lie to market yourselves, you are telling me you want the killer, when you promote Islam because Christianity sux, you tell me you want the killer – clear as day in the bible written

    God does not hate gay people tho – the goat – the she male, baphomet – sexual sin – the reason for homosexuality, it is not by design, neither is other mental things that repeat through society and people all being negative …or like criminals

  251. ramessesII says:

    So there is this white pearl with each of these 12 multicolored stones or mother of us all – woman in white, who was there when God stretched out the heavens, greater and lesser light, separated water etc etc .. And the son Jesus is 1 with the 12 much like the last supper – my body, my blood with each

  252. ramessesII says:

    Or it is not me, as I’m just queen of the south but it is a message that comes through me while in this fight. God works through his son yes, who also has a mother and also the son works with people. We will spread this to the nations. Or what the talk has been the last few years, everyone starting to wake up

  253. ramessesII says:

    I get banned, deleted, ignored every time I try to say the message …and I am my words or they are as transparent as my judgment …and it’s an important message I’m trying to tell as it affects all of them, whether they accept it or not

  254. ramessesII says:

    I’m gonna prove who I am …and everyone else will pick one side or another because much like Mary tells Jesus to do his first miracle …I want you to understand my story

  255. ramessesII says:

    So much like any religious story you’ve heard …God works through people and those peoples fights, overcomings, control the entire world even to Asia bc I can explain all that too.

  256. ramessesII says:

    The queen of the South will rise up at the judgment with this generation and condemn it (or in Luke: with the men of this generation and condemn them), for she came from the ends of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon, and behold, something greater than Solomon is here.

    Certainly something greater than Solomon will come.
    And she was from – probably buried in

  257. ramessesII says:

    Or God is God
    God speaks to Moses who speaks to Ramesses

    In the end God re-favors Egypt or like I said, I’m like one who comes out of a flood, who hears a lion (Ptah) or lion of Judah

    And I know who all these people are all the way back from then

  258. ramessesII says:

    You can sit with me on my throne

    Abu Simbel

    Ptah, Amun, Amun Ra or Ramesses and horakty

    Odd one is perceived to be Moses or gods judgment place – the world – the story

  259. ramessesII says:

    And anyone who has read the bible should understand me by now

    And I need someone to locate the person I’ve described

  260. ramessesII says:

    And do understand I’m to draw a line …one side or the other

  261. ramessesII says:

    And who was with him when he created the greater light and the smaller light, the waters separate from the ….

    Educated guess would be the one with the sun at head, moon at feet

  262. ramessesII says:

    And you can say, how can it affect me if it just affects you or Jesus…and I will tell you, you’ve been watching how it can affect you for years now.

    Truthfully if I am what I say on this throne called the earth – what’s my story?

  263. ramessesII says:

    100% prophecy on experience not book reading, it’s how I know the book, bc I’ve had the experience, the tongues etc –

  264. ramessesII says:

    So because this online person mimicks me, tries to be me or mirror image, I have to condemn myself which is why Jesus must come bc I’m the sapphire or Virgo of the story – a foundational stone which gets shaken

  265. ramessesII says:

    And guess whose life it affects, all these people’s choices????? Mine, exactly on the day I get to be in on judgment or have opinions on the worlds people which is why the throne is green and blue – the earth

    The woman in white sun at her head moon at her feet – what’s in the middle – the earth?

  266. ramessesII says:

    The bible simply and clearly states that anything against God or good is Satan whom is a killer. They choose the killer every time. The bible says that. So the people do not care or it’s too hard for them to read 1 book.

  267. ramessesII says:

    Or they will not believe that God is the sole creator

  268. ramessesII says:

    Part of this process is that I have to explain religion. People look at me as a nobody what could you know as if I’m to be perfect already or before Jesus. In the gospel we keep the word eternally, we fight Satan, we then are His perfected. Those are the steps. Preachers don’t even believe that. People won’t believe to sin repetively keeps Satan,the murderer, in repetively or the whole you must change your ways. So bc the power of the word, they get on an agenda so that the people overall will not call on God. So then it’s by faith alone in the sheparding system.

  269. ramessesII says:

    Or the mirror image type fight was the onset of religion

    There are only a few possibilities about this

    Either I’m crazy yet seem like a Hubbard and co being fulfillers of bible stories

    I’m telling the truth

    Or I’m in cahoots with them and just go along with their plan

    The third option is not correct

  270. ramessesII says:

    And this online person, is obsessed with me. I didn’t go looking for this. All this religion talk came at the onset of this person starting mimicry fights with me or like mind stalk.

  271. ramessesII says:

    Or those who hold my word, save etc store it eternally will never perish …

    The opposite side is not the holder of the word or it wouldn’t be from the perspective it is and that side is not eternal

  272. ramessesII says:

    Jesus says or maybe Paul, those who fight Satan are Gods people, imperfect but their reward is …better than anything worldly anyway

    People do not believe any religion and this is the true story of how I come to everything I’ve said. No exaggeration needed bc I haven’t told half of it yet even.

  273. ramessesII says:

    And you can say I haven’t proven anything but I can tell you I become more like whomever everyday BUT I’m not evil bc the next essence is twins

  274. ramessesII says:

    Or as much and you or they can believe Ron Hubbard knew something – some psychic film reel picture hypnotism mess, you should believe I know something.

  275. ramessesII says:

    For truly as much as I know who I am, the next one will be Jesus and that’s the day. And in eternal life an important one

  276. ramessesII says:

    The truth is simple …

    You don’t follow gods word, Satan is what you get, whether in Islam or any other religion, Satan is s murderer so you are only killing yourself

    Or you do gods word and try bc if it’s about being perfected you are holding yourself back

    Pick a side – no time left to be on the fence

  277. ramessesII says:

    Like the lodge and the church

    It has an appearance of good, freedom, normal while the innermost is corrupt and for those means do they appear good – for money power whichever

  278. ramessesII says:

    Which you should know that this idolatry, Satan thought, media has the power to change govts policing etc all everything – which is what techie bible says – and it’s now proven

  279. ramessesII says:

    Or I believe he/they were setting people up from the getgo anyone you could find or mimicker

  280. ramessesII says:

    Or the bible is told as in not the story of the other side, its not theirs, the perspective biblically is that is who we ‘dislike’ the most

  281. ramessesII says:

    Or you could say Hubbard and co tried to mimick or pretend all this but the indication is he knew…and taught that
    The whole you will have me at the end

    Bc odd it is for this to be my story and everyone knows before me – like I came to reveal so it had to be set up

    And I’m thinking not only victims but people innocent being set up as well in this mess. Obvious wrenches not so obvious wrenches

  282. ramessesII says:

    And satans son is Cain

  283. ramessesII says:

    Or you must repent or Hubbard, man should not have to

  284. ramessesII says:

    Or there is a note somewhere I’ve read real or fake that talks about scotch tape and lids etc or film reels, pieces of film like Hubbard images, which under that is a name or mt Diablo …so it’s evil in the high places for sure or God only knows whom all it has is all I can say, which sooner than later, will be taken away and all that it has. Or the whole 1 concept and how easy would it be to get rid of 1 …and any who like that 1 or serve that 1 bc you are only for it or against it

  285. ramessesII says:

    My mother who was Lois was born in 47 which I can’t explain it now should help.

  286. ramessesII says:

    The Kendra person, who had the ‘alluring’ voic, as all attention goes to it ….I’m 5’7′ it’s head and shoulders taller than me. Was wearing heels not terribly high but regular high heels. Dressed like Barbie, sleeveless shirt, Barbie type pants etc. he was tanned, clear, no accent English, could be feminine more than male. Could talk like a woman once it got away from the voice thing …could be attentive or social, willing to talk more than being a loner. Seemed happier while talking/ attention type person, follows me to the bathroom (women’s) and too attentive to me. Has a black ink K between thumb and first finger wore a K chain. 63 – multiple horizontal lines on straight up type thick forehead like a Native American or someone like that would have, and narrow type face which seems like a thinner structure, would be dark headed probably bald as he wore wigs. Chicken pox scars I believe, I have one from my youth and I remember seeing his thinking it must be from that. Old phone carrier or I think he just wanted me to know it was him – too many things to keep my attention. Loose lips look like Hubbard and Hubbard you facially wise aside from wide longer chin big knuckles arthritis maybe

  287. ramessesII says:

    Or images (pictures implanted in brain that keeps you stuck) murder, Cain talk – only goes to one direction, add male crossdressing psychic, the whole slow talk, ring …I’m not lying and he could do it over a computer, just changed me or I’m slot more moody. Like I said, I’m southern, I have no exposure to this stuff to figure it out any sooner really.

  288. ramessesII says:

    I know I sound crazy but I have been given this to tell and it’s unexplainable or unbelievable. The point is this, I have to say all the words of it, my online attacker (probably this Kendra person and others) is the one who, when I got horror images, typed ‘Cain isn’t that bad of a guy’ and so forth or mentioned kenites. Basically what Hubbard zodiac all talk about. I had to obtain the info I speak to have not been driven just nuts …so they have to be out there still whether it be generations that follow. Air psychic etc is what I go through

  289. ramessesII says:

    Hollywood is idolatry sin – idols according to Gods word will put down God and intermingle with satanist thought.

    They work on code names math etc and watch movies finding themselves superior at the bottom of the barrel – tried and true half of my realization through all this

  290. ramessesII says:

    The satanists believe if you choose evil you can live eternal vampirism etc, they wouldn’t call themselves satanists unless they taught this. So this accepting mark thing mind control, hypnotist and electricity and people teaming up is unwise to say the least. And where was I when the world was created …well right here in every book bound

  291. ramessesII says:

    Or…free will is where you have a choice, gods will is where you don’t, those who blame God for wars and killing, who kill in Gods name if you have read the Bible are the enemy. False tongues. The law is the law easily put. So satanists call God cowardly, the people call God one who would kill. Free will is apart of mind development, choice making bc without it nobody could learn or have any relationship with their spirit.

  292. ramessesII says:

    It’s real to the point that a scroll rolled up behind my eyes and in the sky. The great white (woman in white) gods throne the lion the ox the image and the eagle

    I have been measured even. So the enemy must be these people most specifically the one who came to see me bc why else would he

  293. ramessesII says:

    Or the churches was like the one who still had their light lit or oil

  294. ramessesII says:

    I’m not wrong from not agreeing bc it is the fake one

  295. ramessesII says:

    As above, so below
    As it is in heaven, it is, heaven and earth agree holy city comes down

    The churches are female …I can’t agree with that church which is why I do what I do as queen of the south
    Or my life is learning about what I did previously and I’ve tried to show the repetitions or stuck in disagreement or basic rejection – rejection (by the people) = no as above so below in judgment …that’s what Paul is saying

  296. ramessesII says:

    Cain gets by bc of Abel which Jesus explains in NT Abel was righteous or the top

  297. ramessesII says:

    I’m not anti Islam – Ishmael could live blessed made great

  298. ramessesII says:

    Which this is anti-Islam, I’m anti-cain

  299. ramessesII says:

    If we believe these words, then this baphomet, goat, goats separated from sheep etc etc – may well be true saying or it could make sense is what I mean…and I can’t control all factors lining up – it would truly be strong delusional if something else bc it’s too logical

  300. ramessesII says:

    Or, it is fair to say that so far I can only control what I say, the other side says what they say, any countries moving are doing their own accord as well. The only point I’m trying to make is listen to my story. This isn’t crazy talk or fanatic speech. I can’t say it’s all right bc I don’t know but I have a strong urge to continue to speak it or I can’t get rid of it. Not just here I have I spoke about worldly things. Nobody believes me.

  301. ramessesII says:

    Or he left a trail online wise in topics I was unfamiliar with so I couldn’t figure it out as I was going through it and somehow ahead of me before I do or can figure it out …like I’ve got to catch up

    Lavey Hubbard etc – these people are nobody in the south, don’t exist, not apart of talk

  302. ramessesII says:

    Or the other side started saying their talk and ways, before I was even born. I’m south we don’t do satanism here. I don’t know those people. The only 1 I can say is some online person who tried to steal my mind or possess me somehow. Actual visions and things took place, unnatural things, to this person showing up where I worked. Or this isn’t a rehearsed thing or cahoots type thing. As real as it gets. Exactly how said.

  303. ramessesII says:

    Or what I’ve said is the truth of what all has happened and how, I know it can’t be believed fully and if it wasn’t me I’d be skeptical…but eventually it could make sense even out of religious talk.

  304. ramessesII says:

    Or the foss lake thing makes me flash back toward a particular drownd-ing letter and like I’ve said this whole thing has been or my mind has been this way since person online talking about kenites pretty sure it’s Barbie crossdresser group

  305. ramessesII says:

    Foss lake thing, if those cars were reverse each other same thing. I can just see it could be true not that it is bc I don’t have any info but what they put out.

  306. ramessesII says:

    So all these people illuminati, etc want to be like Egypt, think like Egypt, pretend they know things likeEgypt, then they meet Egypt and don’t like it a bit. Third eye and so on. Or Moses, Ramesses, God
    Kadesh, Aaron rod, judgment. Ramesses starts building or putting his face on all the other gods, and they fight God who has his servant Moses. That simple or 1 against the masses …and like I say what I’m against is the other side of this story – like I was destined to come across these people in some unusual ways. I would think they reverse the N because of reverse pentagram …

  307. ramessesII says:

    People could say I dislike people but I dislike ignorance really, I have no hatred to anyone other than a few I can even name. I don’t like people who speak on topics w/o being familiar with topics.

  308. ramessesII says:

    And truly, the people who say ‘what are we gonna do just pray God will end violence’ (bc they won’t gun control) bc inquire sure any who say that have never prayed in their lives. Reasoning skills rudimentary even. I’m quite sure God answers prayers.

  309. ramessesII says:

    So we know the Christians couldn’t have added to the book bc Jesus fulfills the OT in the NT so no new words. That excuse, well the Christians did it, won’t work anymore.

  310. ramessesII says:

    Or Ezekiel’s wheel where all 4 look alike but are ..what

  311. ramessesII says:

    Or Isaac was brought to a rock maybe, Jesus talks father Abraham in NT, the foundation stone, green and blue like a son of man type – to stones in revelations

    It all makes sense – so a puzzler being opposite or not good yet twin like would be a puzzler like God or coincidence kind of – like I’m in the same story – generations repeating or manifesting itself

  312. ramessesII says:

    Then you can say everyone can’t be tied into 1 evil (one) and I will say, why do they all have the same answer that accounts just for 1, have you seen Abel, no, I haven’t seen Abel. Or the generations is not a hard concept.

  313. ramessesII says:

    Because I believe all this or I can’t explain what happened to me because it was abnormal …but because I believe this, I can clearly see this mimicker person using people or imitation setting up puzzles by psychic (Scientology jargon) powers. Much like Jesus and his life is in all the books, these people will throw movies as illustrations.

  314. ramessesII says:

    Amun Ra – amenmesse as in God with Moses, puts him in a rock – foundation basically, like when the law was written – so the New Testament is the same just under gods will not man …image of man would be Cain really

  315. ramessesII says:

    Or the image is Ramesses as Ramesses, 3rd seat in Abu Simbel, yet they don’t agree, (me as in this acientology mess) golden Horus, would be the eagle etc. or just like Jesus and the female bride (church) they had to agree. So it was identical or as above, so below

  316. ramessesII says:

    That’s why I abhor political talk about banning guns, that’s the answer, let’s just limit the dead but before I would say 3 is better than 10, I guess I would do whatever it took to just keep guns out – so we look to remove sin, because there is only 1 it comes from, fairly easy, simple even, and any who take his mark as well or the kenites.

  317. ramessesII says:

    Because I have proven my side and there are hints plus experience the other wants to prove his side, I’m quite sure my enemy is a world enemy, which is a crossdressing make hypnotist kenite talking evil strand sort.

  318. ramessesII says:

    Or what is the ark of the covenant? The gold box is how big? The 7th church is buy the gold – you see

    A foretelling

    The alpha omega beginning and the end …so to read the Bible you are reading life.

  319. ramessesII says:

    Not many or any understand the lion, ox, image, eagle or Ramessesii or sprinkling of the blood or Passover…but Jesus says the kingdom of God is always at hand, and it’s not hidden, as if it’s created even. Understanding that you can see the Scientology mess being a truth under the nose.

  320. ramessesII says:

    These online people unknowns then claim to me ‘this is personal’ and I’m like…to who? All I know is whomever just wants to be important. I would not trust any ex-people of this movement bc it appears they are still up to creating movements. In truth…trust no one…not even me entirely bc this is like an air fight …mind battle

  321. ramessesII says:

    Or rainbows and multicolored things, crowns, foundations

    Part of this though is the other side must be uprooted or cut off …u cut plants so it won’t grow farther from any tree of life …and that’s just the way it is

  322. ramessesII says:

    Which why it’s Joseph or the last white horse bc the ark of the covenant and to fulfill the ‘word of God’ to bring the nations under him …the feathers bow but we know by first white horse …well the cleaning must be done and Jesus is over this on behalf of God crowning or Jesus is the word that will be done or gods will.

    So by God, himself, we have the answers to all of this.

  323. ramessesII says:

    Or God and Jesus lead their own …as in the 12 (nations) 12 (disciples, teachers preachers)

    A spirit overtakes me and I have to preach, I know it isn’t on my own, my ordeal because I have no real skill but I’ve been led just as any other to proclaim this stuff.

  324. ramessesII says:

    Or Jesus is the son of God who can give crowns or reward. Which is what he does and prove gods people have never died is the story – the only way eternal life could be shown, the beginning to the end, alpha omega

  325. ramessesII says:

    The goats obviously being the Baphometh type folk and cults. Those who oppose Jesus. Lodge lore, Scientology mess

    The first white horse is this mess.

    The lion angle …the real white horse robe dipped in blood ..Joseph …not a goat …which is how the lion of the tribe of Judah gets one to realize it’s a fake

  326. ramessesII says:

    The goats will be separated from the sheep so you can’t do what you will because love is the final answer…it is indeed a love for one who removes goats or takes away sin

  327. ramessesII says:

    In a nutshell, this is all against Jesus, not against God completely, as with most lodge type philosophy bc they want to be special. The only ones who were big against Jesus was the acientology, c.o.s messianic stuff …you put it all together it’s prophecy if there is a mimicker, puzzle writer, pretender, psychic with some kind of unnatural power whether it just be really good at mind reading and I’m saying this IS my experience, not book reading, but actual events.

  328. ramessesII says:

    You can say I sound like him, but I don’t want buttons and truly I will do it for free even.

  329. ramessesII says:

    So he claims to be Nero forward to anonymous group….

    You do know anyone who sides with this thought …this anti-Jesus …who is one with the father not the everybody or just read my verses – warn the people

  330. ramessesII says:

    Also the peace sign is the cross of Nero, and zodiac refers to buttons – his button etc …is why I believe he writes that – Nero peace sign, he wants a button

    Coded religion

  331. ramessesII says:

    Which people may think I’m crazy but look at this other side I point toward….what do they say (what they would) if we believed the bible

  332. ramessesII says:

    Just chases

  333. ramessesII says:

    Revelation 11:18 &19 , 12:1

    I’m the winner, all I’ve said should make sense and although I don’t have the name of my adversary (is a good word), like I’ve said, the evil one cannot harm me.

  334. ramessesII says:

    Or leviathan dragon crocodile Babylon

    NT and whatever is within me points to the tranny …who also must be a homosexual male, psychic hypnotist, Californian

    The difference between me and the rest is I will prove what I say.

  335. ramessesII says:

    And of course Hubbard sea mess

  336. ramessesII says:

    Or leviathan – monster of sea revisited in NT …something to do with the sea …my dreams/visions say Kendra is that ..which that would be in knots if I have learned anything.

  337. ramessesII says:

    Which gets you back to judas money – Thomas- put your finger where pierced

    You see …didymus Thomas the twin

  338. ramessesII says:

    Or biblically …the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. Jesus is the 12

    What is meant by the word root, tree even, life spring …the root I’ve heard this before

    “Root” means descendant, branch of the family or stock. The Messianic king was to be of the family of Jesse the father of David. In Romans 15:12 Paul quotes the Septuagint of Isaiah 11:10. Jesus is a branch or descendant of the family of Jesse, as well as of David.

    So….the desires of your father who was a liar murderer thief or the kenite clan

    First liar – Cain – Adam and Eve confessed
    First murderer – Cain – Abel
    Thief – stole Abels blessing by being his keeper or harvester

    So the bible is how I know this all as Kendra has to be the kenite online talker …faith alone I work …although this person will volunteer conversation

  339. ramessesII says:

    Cut them off a good phrase

  340. ramessesII says:

    Well I fight…obliterate …not deal with the devil ..I tell God to remove them or take them all away

  341. ramessesII says:

    Kings and queens

    Queen of the South – Virgo/sapphire so I know my story is true bc I deal with the devil.

  342. ramessesII says:

    Or you have a rider on the real white horse, Joshua, a woman in white – all receiving crowns or kings multicolored jewels or life I guess – which is how they describe God and Jesus or Jesus is 1 with the 12 individual or the head

  343. ramessesII says:

    The wisdom of the pretenders, mimickers scenario written long ago is that IS the story I’m in. Regardless if you believe or not bc Hubbard basically admits it himself – the word is just the word, any sent is sent by the word – in all the books, in all the stories wherever it is …we call it the living word preached in every nation – the NT- gods will

  344. ramessesII says:

    I’m against these people is all need be known – all of them

  345. ramessesII says:

    Was Joseph in Egypt …perhaps he had a robe dipped in blood, sold by his brothers, like for a price …multicolored like jewels even

    Some may try to say it’s many feathers or Xenu or rich man in the fire

  346. ramessesII says:

    Nor do we revere a cult, those whom need help. It’s like those who surround me just want to be important because it’s a ‘those’ who surround me and that’s a cowardly figure.

  347. ramessesII says:

    And truly that man used to hide and fear every beast there ever was…we don’t revere man.

  348. ramessesII says:

    To believe me, you will have to believe that people can come out their graves, that Jesus can call anyone up at anytime, that Jesus well God, can bring you to life at anytime not to re-enter but go forward.

    Which is the point…

  349. ramessesII says:

    Just like anonymous group that while setting up Catholic – mask etc, Scientology mess, biblically it’s an old Roman emp. Punisher of gods people, spreads hate, homosexual, psychic, who is sent to kill, delights (has fun in) evil etc

    Will punish any good soul

  350. ramessesII says:

    Or as I said I’m imperfect but I have to tell this story or warn the people and establish truth or proof …wisdom in Solomon is a girl or lady wisdom, add it up who is the future pretender etc ….in my mind I’ve proven this ..

  351. ramessesII says:

    It would be a heck of a coincidence to have all this church story, cross dressing mimickers or followers, bible awakening knowledge, me being a Virgo, possibly winding up face to face with someone that also is like this story. Too much I’d say.

  352. ramessesII says:

    Jesus will even point this out in NT

  353. ramessesII says:

    Sapphira Hebrew name called beautiful for it will deliver or will lead to the destruction of Satan. Queen of the South.

  354. ramessesII says:

    Key word sapphire

  355. ramessesII says:

    Or I’m the Virgo of the story. Not many will ever understand.

  356. ramessesII says:

    Or he left Egypt and all its riches to suffer along with his people. Moses, the law, Amun, sent to the rock, Daniel the statue

    I’m not a cult person actually because it is very much a truth I’d rather do it on my own – with God only. Whereas I’m not perfect just a messenger really with a promise.

  357. ramessesII says:

    Or in the bible it says you will repeat words back as in mimicker
    Which revelations explain Daniel

    False word
    False priest etc
    False morning

  358. ramessesII says:

    Some may say it can’t be true, but I will say it can’t be a lie. However hidden

  359. ramessesII says:

    So I Know, because I believe Jesus, that I’m looking for the son of one of the founders of all of this mess.

  360. ramessesII says:

    So if I put this hypnotist, TV movie talker, psychic from a church – which one would it be? Furthermore, is there a puzzle writer? Speaking

    Double edged sword, control the tongue type all makes perfect sense religiously

  361. ramessesII says:

    Or if I have dreams where I see that it’s me in my consciousness committing murders or I’m a murderer in my dreams, watching it plus all the other stuff that went on. I would go to work and this person could type out the names of people I met, customers, yet also thoughts just in my mind as if it’s an aware presence. Mind stalk. My ordeal has been complex – so I thought I was being stalked yet the bible has meaning and I realize it’s a psychic and there is some mental link with psychics. But I pretty much know my opponent(s) and what kind they are.

  362. ramessesII says:

    When I say ask I mean as an online question or typed. In person, Kendra ..we didn’t speak like that and again I wasn’t looking for a crossdresser.

  363. ramessesII says:

    I know it’s hard to understand, but Jesus talks to churches in the New Testament, societies are judged on the basis of the churches Jesus speaks to as in the 7 churches.

    The person who spoke to me online, straight out asking me if I wanted to talk about the bible while I’m having nightmares basically about things I don’t ever even dream about and who I KNOW is a mimicker of people is how I got into this understanding. Everything said was alluded to and I had to put it all together. Which is why I say all this, I have no doubt to my story I tell but again – it’s a battle of the air or mind without facts – visions, words etc but nothing I can prove.

  364. ramessesII says:

    Working backwards.

    The other guy with Kendra person that I saw once who was coarse, bigger guy, he had an accent which would be in line with New York type people. Whereas Kendra was clear English or California type no accent.

  365. ramessesII says:

    Or by seeing the jinx, seeing coincidence, remembering the oddness of Kendra (the tranny) seems like he was just there to be noticed by me, putting it together with the unknown online – it made the story I tell

    Hearing perry stone flat out say the enemy is a homosexual male psychic, I don’t watch perry stone but just happen to hear him say that – the bible, the mimicker, the fake church

    This is all true or strong delusion but I have to tell it regardless

  366. ramessesII says:

    The eye color of the Kendra person i think is blue but my attention was drawn to his voice.
    My family is from New Orleans and I was there having drum fish which years back told online, then I have this Kendra visitor and this Robert durst mess which is why I think it’s California and New York …bc it all coincidences me. A plan, of some sort.

  367. ramessesII says:

    Or it’s like, if I would have watched those things or known what he was referring to which ends up the same story wherever I look …I could have figured it out then but I had to put it together – these things stuck in my mind and he had to know it would have.

  368. ramessesII says:

    When he came in person, he tried to be noticed bc he wanted me to know is what I figure or he said something about cat and mouse during the online part.

  369. ramessesII says:

    To explain it would be like Harry Potter without all the wizardry …just that two people (maybe more than just those 2) see visions one being evil, one not being evil. That’s kind of this situation – the dreams and just knowing it had to be this person that showed up but much like he told me he was voldemorte (movies I hadn’t seen at the time) or he told me this whole process or didn’t hide it whether he knew I saw visions then explained or not. It’s hard to explain unexplainable things.

  370. ramessesII says:

    So if you can follow me through this Cain/Abel, lords most high executioner outfit, condemned, money church, puzzle speaker (interesting word speaker) like dictation almost, antichrist, mimicker story – you might understand there is a strong chance the person I saw named Kendra is indeed the enemy of the bible or a homosexual male psychic. What I’m trying to say …computer to in person – dreams, images of not good things …pretty much all bad or I’ve seen more things than I even know what they are …it’s like a puzzle

  371. ramessesII says:

    And by being in that state CA, around those people, actors, to wear masks or dress up to any age as in could make yourself look like whatever, age wise, mask, wigs, make up, clothes, role play

    So I would not be surprised if that was true especially since he admitted he did that sort of thing. Also if he did place fake evidence, he (they) probably still do

    Im not a wannabe detective jet trying to get involved’s based off an experience or understanding I came to have or think I understand after an online type experience.

  372. ramessesII says:

    Or the phrasing of this is only just the beginning to me says young yet it’s about older things as well…that’s why I think the foss lake thing could be not accidental …and all of it goes back to this certain type of talk …tv movies, actors, eternal life, slaves etc …then u see the works around it Hubbard Lavey etc everyone a scientologist, a money church and the bible predicts or says this will happen who is known as the pretender or mimicker

  373. ramessesII says:

    Or not being the clay as it were

  374. ramessesII says:

    The imagery in the bible is that man is sinking below its original form, tunneling downward into iron or lake of fire, volcano not the dust anymore – going the wrong way essentially

  375. ramessesII says:

    Or in the beginning there was God, on these certain things no cipher X may be Xenu story – Apollo etc

    Dog homosexual male according to Jewish translation or the reverse psychic the enemy or I would think its who I’m fighting because I’ve seen one and the bible opened up to me

  376. ramessesII says:

    These Scientology people seem to say or know they are the antichrist or either ignorant of Christ so do not understand what they say – but they have to keep lrh’s image going for eternity – weird words combined with everything lrh said. – which equals into protecting murderers, liars and thieves really…Masonic type ideology that flowed through this area heavily..the hypocrisy of the bible is the work of the devil as Jesus called it hypocritical …the false tongue or the punisher, destroyer type mentality everything against the law…they support

  377. ramessesII says:

    Or I would think it would reference Brian or buyin knife …depending upon the goings on but that card is about names

  378. ramessesII says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if fake names were used but I do t like that Scientology uses the word ‘tech’ and ‘image’ a lot.

    On that secret pal card possibly B-y-n by the knife portion or the letters that look different may be Brian

  379. ramessesII says:

    Or – how can Satan cast out Satan? A kingdom divided or the evil one cannot harm you …which is my situation

    But I’ve tried to be as thorough as I can to what I think is going here. I can’t say I’m fully right about it all but this is my situation regardless.

  380. ramessesII says:

    And the visions and dream pictures I saw were like murder dreams, (I know I will sound crazy) but like Harry Potter in some sense of its information you have to figure out …first I thought that I was just having bad dreams or couldn’t understand mind stalk or psychic type connections so I never thought it was someone else …until I got offline and it all went away.

    Not all of it but the dreams at least …and every movie he mentioned had these flashback dream image type things and in my mind I thought it may be related to crimes somehow …just from the dreams

  381. ramessesII says:

    So then I find a note about a commissary list involving stamps and tuna that was similar to zodiac but 30 years later as in 2001 …and Robert durst may have been in prison and who is writing the thank you type note

    And why is he sending misspelled letters and notes about crimes or what’s going on here really

  382. ramessesII says:

    Then the jinx airs which I never heard of him before until then….another crossdresser, smart enough to hide some parts, yet the other parts of the victim were almost too easily found …the weapon conviemtly in his car, he steals a sandwich to get caught, his best friend is this black person or is it Susan and this story is beyond odd and he even gets himself caught on the jinx, he’s in amovue theater etc has ties to California etc …turns on his phone to be caught in New Orleans I guess …and it’s like …just too weird

  383. ramessesII says:

    Then I start to realize after the fact John mark karr is crossdressing or it just comes up in the news or I see it – I’m not looking for him …then I start thinking ..,jmk is out of the country when arrested or foreign and it seems like everything I see is being set up in some way or too much coincidence ..

    I do not think this Kendra person ever works alone

    The biblical meaning for the name Kendra means prophetess …like I’ve said the unknown computer person talks about kenites …

  384. ramessesII says:

    About movies online, now in person I did not communicate a lot with the tranny but it was all weird…and I do believe he knew I would figure it out bc when I first saw him, I was the bartender, he sat in a chair, and on my greeting him ..he took like (what seemed like long seconds) to search for my eyes or to almost force eye contact, and then did what I think now to be some hypnotic phrasing …

    I would have never known to be on lookout for this sort though …at that time …now it all makes sense

  385. ramessesII says:

    Or what I mean by hates Hollywood, would kill some and probably has yet loves the movies but only because he feels important – like he talk to me about movies

  386. ramessesII says:

    A better way to explain is Gods Law 10 commandments is Gods law – all others are the work of the devil or the ones that say ‘hate’ hate this, hate that …..hate is not of God and should be common sense by now – but to be Hollywood and say Hate God because God hates you is not a truth or prayer would never be a concept even ….but Hollywood turns to the devil bc God hates them and I have a devil who hates Hollywood, children, babies, random folk, anyone really …be careful how you turn the world

  387. ramessesII says:

    People should have common sense ….as we fall away from God, we must realize to not accept God means we accept Satan, the devil or do his work – and he is a murderer, liar and a thief and the father of those. The source of them. That is what God opposes if you read any religion. Murder, lies and thieves – so why dislike God, you wouldn’t unless you were self hating bc you were one of those 3 things as in ‘rebellion’

  388. ramessesII says:

    They ask Jesus, how can Satan cast out Satan? A kingdom divided cannot stand. So Jesus (God) is over this Satan vs Satan thing …may even make it a mirror image like the great snake casting out small snakes perhaps – so …here is wisdom

  389. ramessesII says:

    The adverse …north and south

  390. ramessesII says:

    Most will call me crazy but I really have an extremely logical brain, so much so, that the devil, himself, is my adversary. Which really isn’t worth much …though bc I find him only to be a nuisance …but I don’t want to be labeled crazy either.

  391. ramessesII says:

    Or to me, de la plaza is the point of a slow death as in the puzzle, whether it be Japanese honor code of stomach stab or whatever …time is slow bc if the front door pictures I’ve seen are real…someone would have had to stand there for some long, long seconds

  392. ramessesII says:

    Or de la plaza, fell on his own watch during a suicide supposedly …I would check that too …I have a list really of ones …it’s the set up or set the bomb up like the bus bomb mt Diablo etc

  393. ramessesII says:

    Or I think the 30’s 40’s to now will equal this certain group and that’s the essence of ripper to the zodiac etc …

    Lodges like churches must get money so it’s always the innermost or those crowned highest – so bc of just lower classified people it all appears normal and harmless where the most high ups are like Jesus says corrupt – and they say God is outdated …the truth before people knew it was true

  394. ramessesII says:

    Then I go back to this Oklahoma thing, foss lake, if not accidental, of 6 who are 3 – two men 1 girl each opposite each other and I just think Cain, lakes, 6, young and old or lakes of fire (volcano) imagery …and I think it could be. the draw is the puzzle or the game …the pretender, mimicker

  395. ramessesII says:

    Or I can say that whomever I saw looks exactly like the amended drawing even the eyes to the lips or overall expression – I can say I’ve seen someone who looks just like that in his late 60’s he said 63 at the time but that could have been because 3-6’s …and it’s not even close to this Lee Allen person like nothing like …tallish but thin and toned ..tanned, hypnotic or weird type speech but yet could sound like a girl in the range of a deeper voice woman …deep set eyes loose lips (just like r Hubbard) more soft mannered or warm than boisterous …a game like person

  396. ramessesII says:

    Or like the mikado – if you want to know who we are….

  397. ramessesII says:

    Or – put your finger here Tom, the bread was his body ..a bowl held the waters and where Tom put his finger the water spilled

  398. ramessesII says:

    If you believe it may not be Lee Allen, check airports or planes bc probably the link to whomever could have done this.

    Ko-Ko is the high exec. I’ve got a guy with K’s everywhere talking about the kenites

    Murder as a game is what I’m finding or vampirism concept ..that’s why it’s easy to be random for them

  399. ramessesII says:

    Zodiac puzzles = religion

    13 also black magic type stuff

    Or the 12 being thrown into lake of fire …its biblical ..the killers of christ

  400. ramessesII says:

    Kit and Holly ‘a we’
    We we we…we
    Mount Diablo looks like 2 mountains they say …and I got a Californian, hypnotist, childlike, believes movies portray him, dark lord vibe, believes he’s ancient, perhaps psychic who sends me visions, images or pictures mentally while being a mirror image me …anyone understand?

  401. ramessesII says:

    One of the gentlemen, Pish-Tush, explains that when the Mikado decreed that flirting was a capital crime, the Titipu authorities frustrated the decree by appointing Ko-Ko, a prisoner condemned to death for flirting, to the post of Lord High Executioner (“Our great Mikado, virtuous man”)

    So….what am I explain here as in Cain bible etc …the one who is condemned is the high executioner/killer etc

    Because of the reference to boy, bible, we are laying blueprints copying following or doing Jack the Ripper, black dahlia, Masonic lodge black magic mess …it cannot be Lee Allen …it must be ‘entirle’ a pun’ different but he knew he could or would set up Allen or his name was xenu

  402. ramessesII says:

    My mothers name is Lois, the victory or Eunice is 6th or Philadelphia …it’s really hard to explain but only by religion can I explain it

  403. ramessesII says:

    Or are you in some sort of iron …that’s what we are going to find out.

  404. ramessesII says:

    So if while Moses is writing creation …back from Genesis and Moses knows the ‘killers’ are going to be like …’I haven’t seen Abel’ …considering they say that in 2016 now

    Is anyone evolving? Much? Smarter even – at all really ?

  405. ramessesII says:

    Then God says, I don’t want to kill Isaac or Ishmael if anyone could read this story, let’s go out to the Gentiles ….that’s who these people reject and hate to the point they follow junk …that is hate. Truly, much like a 1 son or a 1 devil or a mother and father of nothing but sin …in eternal life, would it be that difficult to get rid of …probably not if your mind is set on it

  406. ramessesII says:

    So I know one is a lil Hubbard, it may be secret, it may not be known, but I trust God.

  407. ramessesII says:

    Or Isaac and Ishmael

    God didn’t want either to die is the parable here.

  408. ramessesII says:

    Many will say – Egypt has nothing to do with the bible. But judgment occurs there …Joseph (I think even does pharoahs work) – that’s even where he reveals himself to his brothers

    And truly who is the robe dipped in blood or the imprisoned one by his brothers

    As Jesus IS GOD I’m sure God would be revealing his people into a Holy Israel

  409. ramessesII says:

    I have to preach and reveal…the common sense when confronted with aliens

    So the real war is trying to be won in the troubles of Jacob/Israel time

  410. ramessesII says:

    So bc merneptah is the victory or first time you hear Israel, merneptah (the lion)

    The sixth church – the victorious one …I will write his name …’Israel Steele or merneptah Steele over Canaan

    But fake white horse – mimicker

    Or white, red, black, pale, real white horse

  411. ramessesII says:

    Sword vs sword, tongue against tongue

    The false word and a more truthful one which is not of my own, I admit. It’s already written I dislike these people. Wholeheartedly

  412. ramessesII says:

    I am like someone who is not a dark angel but not fully a light angel (perfect or even almost) …more like a person coming out a flood, and there was a multitude of voices and I heard a lion (from Judah) and I know who it is – to go through this fire I guess ..prophecy like shadrach meshach and abed nego like Paul describes.

  413. ramessesII says:

    And others or the dark Angels – anyone you can associate to Hubbard ..I wouldn’t trust bc they lie

  414. ramessesII says:

    See…if I read the bible, I know it’s a little Hubbard.

  415. ramessesII says:

    Forrest j Ackerman or man in the forrest type thing …so as Jesus writes, and I find myself in the story even, it’s most definitely Hubbard and now if I can just get rid of little Hubbard …or he knew, word is truth if in bible, so…Tom (homosexual male, dresses like Barbie and other things I’m sure) probably a hypnotist …who can throw pictures of that cracking mind thing hypnosis – master stage, the Devils essentially.

    Which I really did learn this backwards or my story is true even if it can’t be believed. I just got thrown into it is all.

  416. ramessesII says:

    And I think the purpose of the zodiac letters, ciphers, games was to show he knew (a psychic) it hasn’t been put altogether …but the devil would …a lot of people believe Satan is kind hearted and just troubled sinner like them so they join this mess. Satan is EVIL. Death why it’s backward – not alive cursed – the reverse of live

    The real truth is gods people are kind hearted and sinners, only Jesus is perfect, and you can be perfected into his Kingdom or be on the road to perfection in life

  417. ramessesII says:

    This person believes it embodies or hosts others in itself – like Christ

    Because of coincidence this person was able to see it …coincidence means dark spirit bc it’s like it’s always going backwards which it how it can puzzle people. Like Deja vu repeatedly …like an origin point has to be placed to start a design

  418. ramessesII says:

    The fearful liar inevitably is the coward …and the church always surrounded by violence – go figure and the flock is always hypocritical

    Rebellion, after rebellion, after rebellion – it’s all they do …where is the peace?

  419. ramessesII says:

    These Scientology joiners dislike Christ/God and rather be that – yet another religion surrounded by murder …yet they criticize Jesus – maybe it’s man and not God which is the point of the what’s being said here

  420. ramessesII says:

    Which He baited me into religion talk, like the bible says not Hubbard, they always say like Hubbard says etc …or Satan uses religion to bait you etc and I know whomever it was, 3rd eye etc was a murderer etc (bc of the dreams) and I figured out he was saying he was me or he could …what’s on the outside will pass away or its him on me …it’s why I dream or he could read my mind and only by focus could he do that bc it was on the computer

  421. ramessesII says:

    This Xenu app has it being the start of the apocalypse, and of course Tom name and even says Scientology is to blame for it all …and that’s probably true …but why join the faulters

    In my life I would have come up on all the information I have, which is ancient and boring as I’ve heard it since 4th grade ..

  422. ramessesII says:

    The burden for me is I’m half this religious equation unfortunately …no one believes you anyway type thing …but it all makes too much sense to me but I don’t know if I can explain it to others at all.
    Why I’ve written all of these posts…

  423. ramessesII says:

    I call these people the essence of subpar and they know that from the online struggle. Or how original man gets to being below its own nature …

  424. ramessesII says:

    It’s like the more I think about it…the more I do read about things now to put it together …it may be a hypnotist ring type memorable voice thing …bc it’s alluring in some way or memorable – not pleasant yet alluring – slow etc

  425. ramessesII says:

    So I don’t trust anyone with movie lingo or movie concepts if they are suspected of being bad seeds, they probably are. Anyone who cross dresses right now that live anywhere near CA bc another common trait.

    The Kendra I saw, has like a Frankenstein straight up forehead but his forehead is more narrow than round..tanned…mouth exactly like hubbards, profile of face like that just older – still shaped but wrinkled and a longer squarer, wider chin. In a suit, he could be what you call friendly, warm, social norm even friendly bc he’s attentive seems like he’s interested…but again, whomever I chatted with online is bad, and it can only be this Kendra bc of how it’s like a puzzle to work through and bc he was too attentive to me in ways I would figure out

  426. ramessesII says:

    Much like the Bible says idolatry – idols think they are Gods …then sayings like ‘television is the alter’ arise. So I’ve learned you can tell who is devil sided bc they have 1 lingo. The mimicker, which I think we have on this planet (experienced it) the magnetic north – Dan etc should be the fake draw in power – understand this is the twin (evil) of christ. He is supposed to have a magnetic type draw you in power or enhanced psychic ability, mimicker, he took the blessing in reverse…the backwards mentality, the tunneling downward, the reverse of life or the backwards …Cain basically …
    Which u must understand why Cain exists still bc the lost sheep parable (Abel) God will save Abel. So the rebellion is the delay – prince of darkness, prince of the air (fake draw in magnetic type) is in the way. That’s the whole basis of black magic and devil worship.

  427. ramessesII says:

    These people believe that murder is the key to eternal life and the struggle or rebellion towards God is prolonged if they continue this just like Cain. Which the NT talks all about. They lie, just like Hubbard admits, to mind control brainwash and keep God or goodness out of the world by starting rebellion after rebellion …after rebellion …black magic, black faxes, black acientology etc etc. not all scientologists are terrible probably bc of the act they keep. The bible says exactly their motives and as u know God goes away from the Jews and works with Gentiles during this period. Only by name can Jesus work…as a spirit. Or the Holy Spirit. The Jews won’t call on him type thing. So it should be obvious by now what’s going on. And I know and have seen someone in this movement. Also, the television being the alter of the devil said by a Californian and this is exactly what was said to me online but I had no knowledge of this sort of material as I’m not a satanist. I can’t aspire to lose like them and absolute power will corrupt absolutely like Akhenaten or the enemy will show. Or the Aten philosophy. Or they teach to rebel against God.

  428. ramessesII says:

    So the covenant with man which if you were free willed to be gods will ..then surely a covenant put in place

  429. ramessesII says:

    So – Ramesses II

    Moses whom I call The Law 2 stones (I am that I am) Amen
    Aaron’s Rod – the great snake
    And God (the hidden manna bread, word, body of Christ falls from heaven to feed his sheep

  430. ramessesII says:

    And I agree Jesus already has reached law but the deliver us from evil one and from temptation has not fully manifested yet or the work is complete bc it’s eternal but hasn’t completed just yet.

  431. ramessesII says:

    My idea is that religion is not an implant – albeit it is for marked ones

    Religion is common sense, 10 commandments (2 stones) I call it THE LAW, are not alien. Truly simple without worldly pulls. Or with Love in your life. I won’t say the law is too high but do believe Jesus will be the only one to reach it bc it is firstborn or how original people probably were. As if they were just born in a garden somewhere, eating fruits, veggies, the time before tools were made, just gatherers probably ..,excited about family growth so I find the law simple really or agree with God.

    The whole implanters don’t understand you don’t need it. Why?…for the promise of power or controlling things …or want to be ‘like god’

  432. ramessesII says:

    To explain brother vs brother – Both brothers were blessed so it’s just jealousy harken back to Cain …and the true understanding of what God wants – no fighting brothers as both are blessed anyway
    Common sense
    And if our govt would stop arming the Middle East and help spread life around not death – these power corrupt religion cults wouldn’t exist
    And I’ve asked God to remove Scientology and all its parts or sinners that bother me
    And truly perdition has been condemned but will rise to fall as to explain the word or fulfill the word as it is written

  433. ramessesII says:

    You got the sexual sin – Hubbard parsons the Babalon whatever,the red dragon or red one speaker, you got the implant, the puzzler, the no Christ but yet we are that …a thousand lies

    And Jesus is the Word – Word predominately so if these words draw a match like truly writing the story …don’t expect it’s something else bc if they are smart enough to pretend mimick it then they are it …according to the word which is a living word

  434. ramessesII says:

    Like the death angel, Jesus defeats death 2 ways … Why would anyone want to relive crucifixion or being shot in civil war etc etc – death or past lives …always death

  435. ramessesII says:

    I want people to thoroughly understand Hubbard, his sayings can appear good and even biblically be something like you’ve heard. Everyman is Christ and everyone can relive crucifixion – that requires taking a mark of some sort …the Ramesses II, the Everyman is God is at issue with the 1 son who is God. The religion is an implant, the worship of Mohammad or the rival …Hubbard says to do this there must be an implant that keeps the ‘you’ running like a computer …so if anything religion or end times is out it has to be from Hubbard, his church, and his messenger or speaker

  436. ramessesII says:

    So this anonymous group…matrix mess…the ones in the suits are the ‘bad guys’. And they all dress like the movie scream or the plot to reaffirm Catholic priest …or Rome 7 hills

    Too much religion – alien – superhuman mess

    Who here can do anything more than be generally boring? I haven’t seen that yet…then they act like they have the privilege of telling us what’s going on when the Bible does already – no real need for you. Russia will be our friends if we have smarter politicians who can do anything without stepping on their own toes. We can explain brother vs brother to Islam as it is peaceful religion just corrupt like Scientology mess, Asia is ok and North Korea just needs education and we don’t need warnings

  437. ramessesII says:

    It’s not great philosophy or understanding it’s simply…you were coward since your first breath is all really – no deep thought required

  438. ramessesII says:

    Truly tho, to hide ones face is a cowardly move bc a real cause no one would think twice of costuming …so I can’t fully understand how they lead anyone

    Which I don’t mind saying when anyone may be around following me online etc

    I have disdain for this quote by Hubbard

    Unethical conduct is actually the conduct of destruction and fear; lies are told because one is afraid of the consequences should one tell the truth; thus, the liar is inevitably a coward, the coward is inevitably a liar.

    It’s not inevitable…its from the first time he writes the word ‘AFRAID’ meaning it’s not inevitablyyyy he’s a coward – it’s the instant of the fear

  439. ramessesII says:

    Now if we read the bible, the devil can hypnotize people into taking conforming with his mark, image – the operating thetan – seems like stories about hubbard

  440. ramessesII says:

    Like the decision was …we’ll use the Fawkes mask they will link that to Hubbard so let’s attack Scientology and the keeping Scientology working method – hmm

    So they say …don’t associate us with Scientology

  441. ramessesII says:

    Or I think all things devil – Hubbard and Co

    From last day stuff to Xenu – hydrogen bombs etc – to this warning mess

  442. ramessesII says:

    This anonymous group and all things Horus etc is out in the culture…but bc anonymous attacked Scientology and gives ‘warnings’ I would think they were involved with Scientology somehow –

    Which I know this is another recruitment type situation

  443. ramessesII says:

    Satan really first liar – God says u will die, Satan says you won’t ..however that was a test ..within the mind like we are tested daily should we or shouldn’t we do whatever…we already know what God says but Cain lies directly to God ..showing who his father was

    People may disagree with the Babylon thing but again if the demeanor of someone is more effeminate ..and even identify it is a girl …but if you put all of it together – the bible, Hubbard words, the church being established ..the number to one ‘speaking’ puzzles riddles …telepathic psychic church, tom cruise telepathic or so they say …the world in general. I don’t dislike Islamic people but no one needs to rival God for God. Or pit God against God – brother vs brother does that ..truly the Old Testament is open to Gentiles and sinners then ..which is why Jesus fulfills the OT because no words added – beyond brilliant

  444. ramessesII says:

    Or truly, why would we have to go back to the firstborn if it wasn’t easy

  445. ramessesII says:

    Red dragon Babylon woman(may be homosexual male) red blood etc – mother of all sin (if she goes, what happens, all sin goes) this is perdition – the red dragon etc … Queen of south condemns world ..Jesus has to save it he might decide to oust someone or stop their rebirth is really it …

    Wisdom lady wisdom adds this all up ..

    Or really read what I’ve typed out here …bc I’m not kidding. I will have a lot of enemies and that’s fine, it can’t be worse for me really…but I will win, bc instead of working in vain saying this is the best we can do …I think we will understand the LAW (commandments) were easy once upon a time – not alien

  446. ramessesII says:

    John 8:44 “You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desire. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.”

    Cain is the 1st liar in the bible, ‘he hasn’t seen abel’ ..the father of him is said to be Satan

    The red dragon …Hubbard Babalon working, Scientology working ksw… Mother of all sinners and drunk with blood of prophets etc …

    The antichrist devil etc come from a church then go into power …not world leaders but they influence world leaders …which if you’ve been alive the last 30 years you can see how much this has done as far as human attitude …crime rises doesn’t fall

  447. ramessesII says:

    And he’s always a step ahead..just like the movie references he knew I hadn’t seen and wouldn’t rush to watch …to visiting when I would have zero idea

  448. ramessesII says:

    Perry stone manna fest recently within last few months that the Jewish interpretation or original language said the enemy was a homosexual male or the Jewish word for dog that was used…so I knew I had a weird talk or talks with unexplainable things with someone online that was just crazy …but I never connected it could be the tranny, although the tranny was unusual – mainly bc he had a soft or harmless demeanor but lately it’s all making complete sense

  449. ramessesII says:

    Which my talk was not planned for holidays…its just the jinx got me thinking it may be …or that was the timing ..of why I started talking ..or put it altogether in my own head. These Hubbard pics I just saw and made the connection of appearance bc I had only seen an older Hubbard before or a fuller man not as thin

  450. ramessesII says:

    So all I have are dreams no evidence of any type, everything alluded to, nothing outright but what I know is this – in my dream it appears as though it’s me on some table unfinished or something a light is on above me, I’m on the table so someone else has put me there. The light doesn’t illuminate the entire space as if it’s pitch black behind what the light illuminates, the space. I see someone coming slightly off to the right but toward me as it comes out of the pitch black into the light head may be toward a wall …the person that enters the lighted area is the tranny because the dreams I had would match image wise or …I just know bc I’ve seen it that this person is no good…then add all the religion mess and forehead and chin make him look foreign but narrow face mouth just like young Hubbard thin military pic

  451. ramessesII says:

    Which I know people may get tired of me but to me …all these things being coincidence when I know some things are true in foreign as in jmk just so happens to be out the country..just so happens that Jesus says homo male psychic from Jewish words – or the Jewish meaning …it makes too much sense if you are me. But to believe me is hard I know … To doubt the anger I have at all things I’ve said – is foolish of anyone. To dispute me is even crazier. In much truth – we’ve already won

  452. ramessesII says:

    The online person I never knew who that was or what exactly was going on then. Without what he alluded to, I would have never known he was saying weird things. I’m not a movie watcher. The whole mind stalk is what made me leave the Internet. So it was way after that this person appears at the bar so at the time I didn’t put it altogether until I go back and watch all this stuff

  453. ramessesII says:

    Seeing this person for the 1st time (he came 3 times) when I walked up and asked him/her what he would like to drink etc – he bent down and searched for my eyes, a second or so search, then looked straight in my eyes deeply like, ordered the wine speaking slowly with some machiney type undertone yet it was clear English. So I knew he wasn’t from the south or east or Midwest type – obvious he is from somewhere else. He tries to speak to me or he volunteers anything I can say bc other than his order, I asked no questions. He moves down the bar, by chair, closer to where I make the drinks bc I’m always there. At one point he follows me into the women’s bathroom, gets in the next stall to me (of course) now this is an elderly, yet young man dressed as Barbie old school. Hot pants, or hip hugger light green metallic tight pants, white type Barbie shirt right and a pink throat tied sash type thing with a jet black wig. He has a K everywhere, even tattooed on his webbing. So no, I don’t interact with him. I’m not rude, no one was but all I worked with saw him bc it’s small town, where everyone knows everyone, no one knew him. He drove a white truck.

  454. ramessesII says:

    I would see him from the side the most bc I didn’t interact with him so looking down the bar is how I kept an eye on him …it is Very Very uncommon where I live to have cross dressers in public or at family places… Ones dressed like Barbie if we have them exist solely in club atmosphere …then he tried to talk with me so much – too much interest that I got away or didn’t chat for long

  455. ramessesII says:

    And again I had not seen Harry Potter movies so the whole time I had no idea what he was even talking about online – just talk where I never knew he was even saying bad things or how I would backtrack to be oblivious in conversation but he didn’t say it forthright just alluded to things

  456. ramessesII says:

    You would think a possible 60-something now old man believing this doesn’t sound likely but this man/woman is childlike. He would literally brighten if someone talked to him and seem interested in the person yet would 100% switch to a sulky type behavior if not. I was a bartender then so I’m real attentive by nature to guests and I saw him most from the side.

  457. ramessesII says:

    He tiptoed around or thinking back basically said he was voldemorte in Harry Potter movies this was only when the 4th one was out – the odd thing the last ones that were made I would believe it.

    He tends to think he’s in movies best I can tell. I thought he was crazy and didn’t pay attention fully but I still try to think back to all he said. Everything around it is like a coincidence or I feel I’m in the same story same topics like a jail almost.

  458. ramessesII says:

    Because I started having the dreams and doing unusual things …the reason he was able to type things out as in call Jennifer some sort of psychic ability over a computer hard to believe, but it’s true. I sound crazy anyone would telling this story – but I’m not or delusional – a real situation

  459. ramessesII says:

    And oddly enough, when he asked me about the zodiac I said seems like he’s trying to say he’s the devil …so I don’t know if whomever meant me to find out or by the time he shows up, I know he wanted me to know. That’s my story that no one will believe.

  460. ramessesII says:

    If you remove the explanations what happened was this …online chat room, this person asks me about murderers of specific cases like zodiac etc. ask me about kenites (never heard of them) mentioned movies (I never watched at the time) the same time I start dreaming and seeing these dreams which are like pictures (all being some crime or bad situation) he’s saying Cain isn’t that bad of a guy … At the time I don’t understand. Then after awhile he starts with the I’m you ..anything you can do I can do sort of harassment as if he can read my mind ..tells me what I’m doing like …if I would have thought call Jennifer, he would type call Jennifer, my phone starts ringing off the hook from everywhere, so I know it wasn’t …I was just being stalked …I began to hate this person and stopped speaking with him. The talk never got personal. The whole I will put enmity between my seed your seed. Also while this went on the bible opened up to where I understood it because I went back or backtracked to find some meaning as to what happened to me. Then the too attentive person showed up volunteering info, a crossdresser of Barbie I would have never looked for so at that time I thought it was unusual but soft demeanor seemed harmless. However after putting it altogether and I still get harassed by these people I think…I’ve come to think that he wasn’t harmless or part of all this.

  461. ramessesII says:

    It’s better if I had a preacher bc I learned this all by experience not by book reading …but the north tries to blend itself with the south

    Yet or the whole 1 of the 12 is the devil …
    And their generations or continuance keeps telling the story. It’s how Jesus will reveal eternal life

    Which is my story this person who writes puzzle Dan says it me …south I am

    So trust these words …if you take the young Hubbard side profile military pic ..the mouth is exact …add straight up broad forehead many horizontal lines and a longer squared chin that’s what this person looks like that I saw. His hands look a lot older than his face…swollen knuckles arthritis perhaps …good shape toned …would look exactly like that just older

  462. ramessesII says:

    And if ones bothering me, he’s alive still.

  463. ramessesII says:

    So you see …the one calling himself the devil – is the devil. And this is religion.

  464. ramessesII says:

    Ptah, Amun, amun Ra, ra Horakty

    Ptah the lion

    Due to the close connection of Amun’s main temple in Jebel al-Barkal with that of Karnack in Upper Egypt, much … Later, his name was associated with Khebri Main, Osiris, and Kamtof (the Ox God).

    Amun ra – Ramesses II seated himself there image of man

    Ra horakty – the falcon/eagle later translation
    Also Dan, Reuben, ephraim, Judah

    It is interesting to note that these four primary tribal standards–the lion, the man, the ox, and the eagle–are the same as the four faces of the cherubim. Each time we encounter a view of the throne of God, (6) we notice these strange living creatures, somehow associated with the protection of His throne, His holiness, etc.

    It would seem that the camp of Israel–with the tabernacle in the middle–seems to be a model of the throne of God: His presence in the center, represented by the tabernacle, encircled by the four faces, all surrounded by His people.

    But there’s even more. Why the specific numbers?

  465. ramessesII says:

    Blood moons

  466. ramessesII says:

    And since 2000 with the message I’ve been saying…its been mad cow, red seas, dead fish, earthquakes, floods in abundance …AIDS shortly before 2000 and I thought …if ever there were plagues on the earth …animal migrations …basically the life …death Angels or dark angels in high places …fact check if u like

  467. ramessesII says:

    Paul says the two have to agree or if you read Daniel the north and south don’t agree …much like in Paul the woman and the man do not agree …their spirits don’t get along

  468. ramessesII says:

    So see…if you have Hubbard and a riddler …money Solomon black magic Horus …its 100% bible …so the Zodiac must come from this church and the one Jesus looks for is a homosexual male psychic, an ares called Horus. A psychic

  469. ramessesII says:

    Jesus is the son of man his preference ..but really of a different gate or gods image son of which is man originally before sin as when until man saw to be jealous he wasn’t.

  470. ramessesII says:

    You have to put it altogether to understand – the church etc or what they’re saying

    Which these are the ones I regard as stupid not …other people …bc they know there is a Christ if they get this far

  471. ramessesII says:

    That’s why Daniel and revelations Ezekiel or all the books explained by New Testament – bread manna body etc that falls to feed the word etc

  472. ramessesII says:

    All people in 4 camps are the zodiac – 12 tribes of Israel or the birthstones type foundation in revelations

  473. ramessesII says:

    The south vs north for anyone who doesn’t understand. Are camps

    Dan (eagle) Satan comes from north
    Reuben South or Man
    Also the lion ox image(man) eagle

    The one eye – Halloween card – Horus etc
    Hosea 8:1

  474. ramessesII says:

    So the people subscribe to this Paulian philosophy (who is the chief of all sinners and has the messenger of Satan) that the LAW is too high!!! Is it? How easy is it to pass if you have love? Fairly easy …simple even marriage when it’s the biggest love fest – LAW easy ….

    So people say the LAW is alien …because they are blind naked and not the smartest so they start tunneling downward.

    And Kendra … I dare you.

  475. ramessesII says:

    For if there are humans who need water, and water is on the earth – that too, must be alien. Psychics seers must be alien but I’ve heard of it since I was in 1st grade I think. If I needed to learn it at 25 why was I taught it in ok maybe 4th grade.

  476. ramessesII says:

    I guess with this operating thetan is based on the inner seed type philosophy as what’s on the outside passes away. Electric charge psychic, trading places or the real and fake know your heart and mind or can tell you all about you …I got the opposite of me. The faithless, the bland, generic Hollywood types …the it’s ok to be bad we all go to heaven or the exploitative folks …the aliens , knowledge is alien but only to a dummy really. To stupid it is alien.

  477. ramessesII says:

    Whereas somebody smart as in d lama is like …your God sounds like our philosophy (an inherent goodness) we are friends. Wisdom against power

  478. ramessesII says:

    Then my opponents may say but the Christians added and I will explain to you this …the alpha and the omega, reveals Old Testament the New Testament shows the work – hence the word ‘reveal’ …the brilliance being …see that no words are added

    If you’ve ever read the bible you understand he is to reveal the prophets of old or Old Testament

  479. ramessesII says:

    Interesting to note, this process for me started in the year 2000 millennium …has anyone noticed the weather since?

  480. ramessesII says:

    Or Israel – this name is Egyptian

  481. ramessesII says:

    Christians even

    We accept Gods word we want to believe but we don’t accept Gods full word – we gotta add this or that. Masonry we accept this part but not this Christ part etc

    Laughable people going to tell me about Egypt

  482. ramessesII says:

    Even scientologists they are stuck in a Jesus story they deny but is that not the Jesus story. So …all those who accept the mark images this thetan thing of Cain/Abel when Abel died, you know where you’re going.

  483. ramessesII says:

    So my situation is that I have a church wanting to show everyone images of a leader who throws everyone into a lake of fire (volcano). There is no Christ although I’m stuck in a Jesus story tho with killers etc. trust no one from California. I’ve got idols who worship baphomet, or Mahomet aka Mohammad. It well indeed may be a kin of Hubbard who is bothering me. Satanists who believe in vengeance over turning the other cheek when God kicks them out the door. I live in Stupid, I think.

  484. ramessesII says:

    Truly…if you were to take l Ron Hubbard young side profile military pic – square the chin ..perhaps a little longer down add a straight up forehead thick headed type or thick bone structure at forehead yet narrow face it would be very similar to this Kendra person …related or not exact mouth …the Kendra person is in good shape or thin yet toned type – he wore a long black wig – jet black yet the hair was off the forehead

  485. ramessesII says:

    Many feathers tom – tom joad, lords executioner…you are morally just…

    Do you need a hero? A slave is typically the one begging for attention. Desire is the weak

    Daddy writes sci-fi …no wonder your problem …no one has my opinion, everyone has yours …the difference
    For many are to be called weak

  486. ramessesII says:

    And if this Kendra was dressed as a man he would have a soft, warm demeanor like preachers – that kind warm type feel …but he has to be the person online and online (only while talking to this person) I began having murder dreams as if I were committing the or there in picture form I could clearly see.

  487. ramessesII says:

    1. Is for me to explain
    2. Is to do away with whomever

    There is a side profile military pic of Ron Hubbard online – the mouth part (loose lips) is identical to the Kendra person I saw. Add some foreign (possibly Indian but yet euro face) or if Hubbard had illegitimate kids …with someone slightly foreign bc the mouth lips are identical to the tranny I saw.

  488. ramessesII says:

    because part of my speech is about the church of S …my explanation of things mix together…because it’s WHY I understand it

  489. ramessesII says:

    Or if that foss lake thing isn’t accidental then it seems like a puzzle and who is drawing puzzles everywhere in that time .

    I’m not a detective so I don’t know, I’m just about common sense really.,

  490. ramessesII says:

    Then u have Route 66 back at maps …u see

  491. ramessesII says:

    I’m not saying John ford did anything but when I see information or these notes and mindsets and then I see things that don’t make sense fully …and it always has some connection with Ron Hubbard …I can believe people accidentally drown and I’m not saying it isn’t just that – but when u say it’s identical old vs young same conditions …weird or worth checking on

  492. ramessesII says:

    Foss lake is odd but sayre Oklahoma is in John fords grapes of wrath – John ford knows Hubbard …wrath Cain etc – do u see how it’s like a whirlwind of coincidence – odd things or coincidence whichever it is

  493. ramessesII says:

    That’s why I thought foss lake was weird bc I saw it on the news – then the more I heard it was young and old – same but opposite – just odd ..

  494. ramessesII says:

    Or young and old

  495. ramessesII says:

    anyone who has reached any old age realizes kind of a life circle that brings your life together – sort of like your person

    That’s how u know part of it is Hubbard bc all the info goes back to his own words. I don’t believe he is the one on the street tho or they. But a story that seem to tie two different ones as in Confession crime letter …as in Hubbard parsons to whomever and Allen bomb etc to mountains flying military etc

  496. ramessesII says:

    It is important to note that Israel was formed in what year? So we are still naive in the Bible. If you believe there has ever (in the history of the world, been a period of people believing less in God) read history is all I can tell you about the falling away. From any culture, any civilization how important was it?

  497. ramessesII says:

    Or spoke …to Moses maybe even as an alive thought of how he got just to eve that point of Moses. A history. Why would anyone add or remove words – for power…all the common good principles of religion ignored to focus on man made difference (for power) …its really sad people do that …Asian religions same concepts ..same same competition and do believe they would have competed with Judaism if they could have wound it altogether and all are the same lost …of information known before man existed even

  498. ramessesII says:

    Not many words claim to be written before man created – not many at all

    So …

  499. ramessesII says:

    So those who add or take away

    Or plagiarize religion

    Somehow we think we should believe the plagiarist

    Bc the New Testament reveals the Old Testament which was written before man even created

  500. ramessesII says:

    Or Abel Jesus died bc of sin

    Gods people
    The kingdom to come is a place where God/Jesus reigns – lives

    Today people die bc of sin

    Or like the church is female – Jesus is the head of the church bridegroom

    But once what’s over the church is called a beast – authority which this happens in the opposite of the church being recognized …the one who talks against God …which all this is straight out of the bible

  501. ramessesII says:

    The point being for those who believe in God ..there is life after getting rid of the marked one but with the marked one goes all other sins …that’s the work of God

  502. ramessesII says:

    It means that person online understood or sensed I was starting to understand what he was doing mentally and u have heard of daughter of King of south marriage (one flesh) to king of north etc no peace …
    And why any Barbie crossdresser from California 99.9 % sure would come to be so attentive and so forth …out of the blue before I understand fully. So whomever I saw, I know is guilty.

  503. ramessesII says:

    Now if I say people are converting light speed to this sort of thought and my experience is of a person who could tell me exactly what was going on in my mind online …and can explain it …he can type it out as if he were me …what’s all this mean?

  504. ramessesII says:

    Hosea 8:1 .. An enemy descends like an eagle over the house of the lord …because of sin/rejection

    Lion ox image eagle
    Ptah Amun Amun ra Horus

    Black magic which even Jesus is aware of during this antichrist/Daniel revelations mess

    The one eye!! Or pyramid eye – Egypt etc

    The real truth…not the Scientology, see you in hell truth – educate

    Too much coincidence

  505. ramessesII says:

    Hosea 8:1 .. An enemy descends like an eagle over the house of the lord …because of sin/rejection

    Lion ox image eagle
    Ptah Amun Amun ra Horus

    Black magic which even Jesus is aware of during this antichrist/Daniel revelations mess

    The one eye!! Or pyramid eye – Egypt etc

    The real truth…not the Scientology, see you in hell truth – educate

  506. ramessesII says:

    Or brother against brother


    It starts a trend of hate between seeds
    From Adam and Eve of course

  507. ramessesII says:

    However when Cain is overthrown or that land subdued to get to promised land it will be the 1st commandment by overthrowing Cain in that sense like Joshua in Canaan I think etc etc

  508. ramessesII says:

    I am a jealous God

    Cain false tongue kills Abel bc of jealousy

    God chose Abel …so God becomes falsely represented or deception

  509. ramessesII says:

    To answer questions why? I say, read the Bible …if anyone adds to the book says they are God etc ..they are this or that ….if people claim to be God they are usually evil

    Humble is the lord

  510. ramessesII says:

    A homosexual who probably dresses like Barbie. ..and other ways

  511. ramessesII says:

    Dianetics, Scientology is just the study of black magic in psychological terms almost ..controlling with will good or bad into a confusion state then retaught or sort of like the army …belief in all areas is a powerful thing

  512. ramessesII says:

    And I stand with Jesus, simply for, after all this reading, learning, experience, not one of these people (including the followers) cannot complete 1 of the 10 commandments, not even just 1. Anyone could do 1, but these folk.

  513. ramessesII says:

    Which what is odd or also eerie coincidence all people who follow baphomet (which are all these people, all of Hollywood) follow Mohammed – odd isn’t it

  514. ramessesII says:

    So – considering Hubbard said he would fulfill anti-Christ prophecy, bc thelema Crowley, thetan Hubbard, they devised a way to make money, like Hubbard implies or Satanic church …and the Zodiac, the one Jesus looks for, is going to be a homosexual male psychic, an ares. And as u can tell with Hubbard they claim to be psychic or magick practitioners using will – possible yes, suggestion easy – You see it’s EXACT to what Jesus says …and those people had enough knowledge to do it – the whole c o S clan, Crowley, parsons Hubbard Lavey those folks and followers

  515. ramessesII says:

    Or I’ve always thought bc God is perfect there had to be one bc simply, others are not that. Easily understood when young even. So it’s not like I joined something then had it happen it was a blindsided process. I couldn’t figure it out until well now for the most part

  516. ramessesII says:

    Now I didn’t do anything to – I had no idea it wasn’t me dreaming or it wasn’t me losing my keys or it wasn’t me …it was like a build up … It wasn’t like a process of having beliefs, I’ve never been or would be a devil worshipper bc it’s a loser and I’m a sports mind. So I don’t know if it can happen to others or what.

  517. ramessesII says:

    Whomever online sent me pictures – Hubbard says facsimiles in mind or mental pictures, but it was or seemed only crime oriented …then said he was me or anything I can do, he can do bc he was me

    So I’m trying to make sense bc no one believes me. And it can only be this Kendra person but I only figured it out afterwards.

  518. ramessesII says:

    So Ptah lion, Amun ox, Amun ra or Ramesses as Ramesses (important to understand as he thought he was God or we are gods) Horus gold like golden calf

    If u read the NT this all makes sense and if u listen to what I’ve said about my experience – it’s the truth

  519. ramessesII says:

    The lion of Judah? Anyone know

    AmenMesses (notice the words) Moses?

    I’m not playing anymore. Straighten up or go away.

  520. ramessesII says:

    If you don’t understand Egypt yet or

    The lion ox image eagle

    Ptah Amun Amun ra horakty (golden)
    Merneptah AmenMesses …etc

    Who are they? What is the Ark of the Covenant? When was blood on the door ..what’s in the ark – What is this golden cup? 7th church buy what gold?

  521. ramessesII says:

    So you can obtain psychic seer type abilities – yet it’s evil at the core or just exactly what Hubbard preaches is what Jesus says look out for

  522. ramessesII says:

    If you don’t believe scripture believe Hubbard because he says it on TV

  523. ramessesII says:

    Because this church will have ‘the pretender’ in the future…and its training every idol to make it seem attractive. In false ideals.

  524. ramessesII says:

    God wrote the law, Jesus fulfills the law with love as if you had it you could not break it.

    The devil is like someone who says there is no God, although he knows there is because masonry Solomon etc, practices it, then tries to control you into not following God, you see. Spread the message everybody it’s of hope.

  525. ramessesII says:

    The evil associated to God is the works of Cain, Satan not God. The false tongues in Gods name as God is omnipresent. To fear the Lord are those who do not understand the message of God. A refuge for help.

    Satan is clever makes people hate God, by saying the biggest wars in history are because of God. Then converts toy into man and mans will be predominant to the point you become a lying, murdering thief just like him. Cain Abel tells the story.

  526. ramessesII says:

    They call me Lady Wisdom or a woman scorned but it is faith that saves me. I’m not perfect but I know what’s evil. This whole world is headed that way. Just be the worldly opinions being shaped.

  527. ramessesII says:

    and it is 2 tablets of the law

  528. ramessesII says:

    The ark of the covenant – Moses would be the law
    The manna would be …?
    The budding rod…?

    No more choices …it’s a little late in the game to be flocking toward the church of man

  529. ramessesII says:

    And Moses was put into a cleft in a rock…..

    So, either you get rid of them or I will. Either way, they go

  530. ramessesII says:

    Like I can say, yes I’m apart of God we are all gods children

    He can’t.

  531. ramessesII says:

    or in the bible you have 1 that is older a word talker then 1 younger who is a revealer – Jesus sent them out in (2).

    I’m opposite of the first

  532. ramessesII says:

    I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this scroll: If anyone adds anything to them, God will add to that person the plagues described in this scroll

    —when you hear plagues, you think whom?

    When u hear the word warning you think whom?

    Who does God through Moses speak to about these things ..,not out of Egypt

    Who speak to the lion ox and so on …

    My eyes were opened by this …and those are the enemies

  533. ramessesII says:

    Then it grows into a money church appearing it’s the way to freedom or is good behavior

  534. ramessesII says:

    Religiously you have to understand judgement or that this Scientology mess is how the people generally ‘are’ …their minds set on man, images, idols, aliens, murder and general all around sin

  535. ramessesII says:

    They won’t ‘risk it all’.

    The queen of the south rises to condemn then you know Jesus is coming to save …by removing the reason really

  536. ramessesII says:

    I’m not afraid of these people, however, their knowledge is how to be basic. They deny Christ yet none can perfect themselves, just make themselves worse, to where even one would need masks to hide their shame. Their power is the route of the yellow belly and truly since I have seen one, I have dared it everyday since …but bc I know, it waits ..bc it feels powerful – the story of pathetic

  537. ramessesII says:

    So if the Z mentions Montana lodge feathers etc – it only goes back to Hubbard

    And could be why a tranny with an Indian style forehead (thick headed) yet European or features too appear and how I get in the middle of this …bc I’m showing the process of my mind which must have interested the person (Kendra) online

  538. ramessesII says:

    But watching Hubbard on YouTube from back before I was born, he seemed to be offended that as a man you should not have to repent if you are evil – no one should ever have to do that ….

    That says it all really…only the Devils will say that …which is the main thing he is against or that is why he hates religion – his problem with it

  539. ramessesII says:

    Now Hubbard is said to have recruited teenagers like miscavige — which leads how a boy, in Z letters they sometimes appear to be youthful, the button thing- … Combine with the information

  540. ramessesII says:

    Which the 666 money Solomon black magic and so f it’s Hubbard it all makes sense (as far as setting up the church) – but the one (a homosexual male psychic) who comes out if this doesn’t apply to Hubbard may even be worse

  541. ramessesII says:

    I would believe not every scientologist is bad bc it’s a money church but the earliest and closest – the control group probably suspect

  542. ramessesII says:

    Or this church is called hell an implant perhaps something you can’t get free from really according to Jesus or nobody can understand how hell is eternal unless you believe life is …by manifestation or repititious result so they delay Christ…bc the devil knows it will be overthrown

  543. ramessesII says:

    Or Jesus and Hubbard agree on an evil ruler, who bc he will be tossed, throw everyone into a volcano and get hydrogen bombed. The mountains become important. This has shades of murders in the 40’s and so on ….probably why the Confession letter …so the Church is responsible for both sets or people of the Church

  544. ramessesII says:

    What’s amazing to me is Hubbard openly stated things, the R6 implant being religion, the Xenu (Mount Zenu) story, he even someplace on TV, on YouTube, said he would fulfill the ant-Christ mess (weird for some who says there was no Christ) that’s just the Everyman – but I see in his writings that there is a story about how they convince people things are not true, although they know, they are true. Being that the Confession letter is first – typed of course – but Hubbard isn’t the one bothering me and Jesus says its someone who comes out of the church …

  545. ramessesII says:

    Which I know it makes no sense, but to get to the new Adam or creation and away from Egypt …u gotta go back through it to be brought back in

  546. ramessesII says:

    So if Hubbard thought he was Satan, Thomas is his messenger. If Hubbard promised he could teach you how to control other people’s actions.

    They talk about implants and black magic and secrets with this stuff. Xenu, drawing the people income tax something ..if it’s Hubbard – it’s really easy bc the tranny I saw is Thomas and the Dear Ron letter if real, is suspicious

  547. ramessesII says:

    I’m going to say rh on the desk could be Ron Hubbard bc I believe Jesus. There has to be a church to associate to anyone coming out speaking riddles in a fire volcano ash church.

  548. ramessesII says:

    Or when the zodiac dressed in his pillowcase executioner outfit – as the lords most high – so he the outfit wearer is listening or the messenger of S

  549. ramessesII says:

    This info is partly what he’s talking about ..they

  550. ramessesII says:

    Being that i am Ramessesii

    I should tell you the lion, the ox, the image of a man, and the eagle are in Abu Simbel

    Ptah, Amun, Amun-Ra, Horus

    Or shadrach, meshach abed nego

  551. ramessesII says:

    I believe it in scripture or that God knows first but I’m trying to make it ‘make sense’.

  552. ramessesII says:

    Or the Minutemen used a published crosshair sign telling traitors beware. Too much coincidence. Supposedly, Hubbard had militant Minutemen as they were called in Scientology circles as the C of S aten is supposed to ‘appear’ good

  553. ramessesII says:

    So – as I was not born in these years, the Minutemen, used crosshair sign for traitors, and l Ron Hubbard early scientologists that were militant used ‘the Minutemen) so Hubbard could be the teacher to the note writer ..

  554. ramessesII says:

    What I mean by seems childish or not mature, if he was spoken too, he seemed like he was real sociable if not, he seemed to sulk but he was just far too interested in me and realizing now bc of his generally non accent type English – Cali would be the state he was from

  555. ramessesII says:

    I reinterate this too…the crossdressing person who came to see me, pretended or was being or wanting me to believe it was crime oriented. ..that person does match the amended drawing facially, as the cheeks narrowly go into the chin or not round faced – I would say the face is longer ..but the straight lip type mouth (loose) on the mouth or not tight lipped. Deep set eyes or whomever I saw had a thick skull or I say thick headed starting at the brow line and straight up many lines now forehead ..foreign Indian or just some type of ethnic appears close to Ivan Lendl aside from thick head …some sort of ring or machiney type slow speaking but in the midst of that there is an odd sound- but he can talk completely close to a female and seems very friendly or caring if you pay attention to him, put off if you don’t. 5-9 to 6-1 taller than me but also in heels..thin yet toned like a Barbie type crossdresser would be – old but real fit ..the K tattoo, big knuckles like arthritis or something – sort of childish even or not fully mature even …this person followed me into the women’s bathroom even …and I’m telling the truth regardless of what anyone says and although it’s all mental no one should doubt me

  556. ramessesII says:

    I mean I know my experience is the truth …this is what happened…but don’t know if it means the truth. I know that if I tried to read the bible it made no real sense or just like a sayings type book – when I read it now it’s like actual life and I understand it. Or it could be me dreaming but I suspect it’s the other side because why would anyone say I’m you. It’s like a mind control was trying to be out upon me

  557. ramessesII says:

    I don’t know if the professional guy knew the Kendra guy or they just happened to be seated next to each other and just started talking – I don’t know exact that anything I say is true but I just came to suspect it bc of my experience, the online harasser to the religion to people showing up which isn’t common where I’m from.

  558. ramessesII says:

    This white guy was taller, much heavier or big boned yet in shape older man as well. Never looked at me as soon as I said anything to him would answer and turn away. The opposite of the Kendra person but yet they spoke to each other on one occasion. He had a full head of hair that parted at the side then – a light brown grey mix I guess ..glasses thin framed modern like ..coarse type unfriendly or not sociable

  559. ramessesII says:

    Or nobody from my area is going to communicate with this Kendra so it was odd that this coarse type person was going to just start communicating freely. They were only in the place 1 time together as far as I know. Also the professional guy used an old style phone ..and I remember thinking why is this sort of guy using a so non technical phone – like texting by still hitting a number until u get to the letter you want.

  560. ramessesII says:

    The only other person who talked to this Kendra person, that I did not know was this other guy who showed about the same amount of times. He was a bigger man taller, more weight, dressed professional, seemed unfriendly – not from my area but somewhere with an accent of some sort …a typical white guy is how he looked ..straight hair

  561. ramessesII says:

    Because I quit talking to online person after all the weirdness, I didn’t know if it was me just having dreams, didn’t expect a crossdresser to visit me …after all of this mess do I start putting it altogether

  562. ramessesII says:

    Or the person I saw looked exactly like the amended drawing of the zodiac – and that person was a tranny, with a weird ring or machiney type transition voice, could speak like a girl, seem friendly, thin yet conditioned …maybe a longer drawn out chin as in downward …demon Barbie with K tattoo, K necklace and in his 60’s he said 63 back then – volunteered all the information by I asked no questions – said he did have kids, I didn’t ask …clear English no accent – California

  563. ramessesII says:

    Now during online chat with the person I believe to be Kendra, a movie called shocker from the 80’s was mentioned..which again all these things I have no idea why they are being said at the time, trannies and such all begin to make sense later. However, the foreign man, Kendra, had the skin of someone who appeared could have been in construction or just a lot of sun, I don’t know if it’s copied or what – that movie, I just remember it being mentioned

  564. ramessesII says:

    What I’m trying to explain is why that person is saying what he’s saying …

  565. ramessesII says:

    so Jesus is going to pretell someone look, you are in the church of Satan – a money church, mind control extreme focus excelled, fire brimstone back to Daniel etc etc or worshipping man instead of God. I find myself with an image sender and suddenly I’m into bible explanation which a few short years ago the bible or the zodiac was nothing I studied about.

  566. ramessesII says:

    or you see ..Cain is the serpents seed – he exalted himself over Abel (gods chosen) then killing in gods name became big in the bible and against gods law. So the world followed the devil killing in the name of religion which is the point in the New Testament – the mark, the world fooled, the fake against the real etc

  567. ramessesII says:

    So because I’ve received dream seems like crimes, and I have never been involved in any – again it must be the other side. As it only happened around whomever online – like I’m present. Saying this, I sound like one of the 3 I think may be responsible. Who also is stated to use the name Reich which is similar to my story and a zodiac card of a person looking like hitler on a donkey talking about being a dragon. Then this experience happens which everything I say is experience not fanaticism.

  568. ramessesII says:

    See he said …I am you anything you can do, I can do …except for call on God

  569. ramessesII says:

    Or the son of perdition is on his way to condemnation but first he will exalt himself over all things called holy and pretend to be God.

    As in Z’s ..I am now in control of all things
    Or running a bit short on time
    In the beginning there was God

    Creation is not hidden can even be under your nose

  570. ramessesII says:

    Because I hate these people, or a woman scorned is a very difficult thing …or through my fight with these people, I called on God to remove them.

    The only one who listens

  571. ramessesII says:

    Besides the devil

  572. ramessesII says:

    The Queen of the South will rise at the judgment with this generation and condemn it; for she came from the ends of the earth to listen to Solomon’s wisdom, and now something greater than Solomon is here.

    Cleaning the house.

    Does anyone believe this book?

    For greater than Solomon is Jesus and that’s what I’ve explained here.

    Solomon money 666 church etc etc

  573. ramessesII says:

    So I’m letting everyone know good eye vs bad eye ..the end.

    Not that people believe my story.

  574. ramessesII says:

    So if I talk to this person, I receive dreams …do you see where I’m going with this? Also, biblical

  575. ramessesII says:

    Because of ALL of these things, I formed my opinion of who all fits in as my enemies and vice versa

  576. ramessesII says:

    I would never remember being outside to lose my keys but it had to be me the amount of times it happened.

    Also during the time I would go into this chat room, I began to have dreams and it seemed like I was seeing me or someone on a table, like workshop table, unfinished, yellow wood type and above it was a small light that was on – it did not brighten the whole room, it seemed as though off to my right out of the darkness someone would appear moving into the lighted area…I began to have this dream over and over again

  577. ramessesII says:

    Explained as if it were like being mind stalked…things that were about me or running through my mind – he could type online write back to me so it wasn’t just someone was spying or hacking my computer –
    keys – I lost my keys more during this time than I ever had in my life with no memory of how or when ..
    I would always find them outdoors tho. Never happened before but happened all the time during this process

  578. ramessesII says:

    But I didn’t get it when he was sitting in front of me, a kind of hey it’s me type situation is all that makes sense. He came 3 times trying to make conversation with me – ordered 1 glass of red wine each time and for no other reason this stranger appeared

  579. ramessesII says:

    Or this Kendra person knew it had asked me questions about zodiac, etc online ….not in emails but non personal chat room type, then showed up trying or being that meaning …upon him sitting at the bar, he searched for my eyes or tried to make eye contact then looked me straight in the eye to do the alien voice slow thing monotonous but memorable or alluring in a weird way …and is basically …well if I plug this person in – it all makes sense

  580. ramessesII says:

    And this Kendra has to be the same one talking about kenites. The same one asking me questions and all of a sudden mentally it seemed like I understood what was going and the very same who even said, I am you. He said anything you can do, I can do and I asked or wrote really, what can I do …but then I figured out he had to be psychic or some kind of weirdness was occurring …then religion goes off in my head. I even begin to understand that without study.

  581. ramessesII says:

    This Kendra did have a squared off wide-ish chin, a big straight up or no curve type forehead..deep horizontal type lines, he did have deep set acne or maybe chicken pox like scars on his face. So like I say he was either pretending or the real thing…

  582. ramessesII says:

    When I say Kendra dressed as demon Barbie it’s like old style Barbie hip hugger type pants, throat not scarf but smaller than that people wear and so on – not modern Barbie …put that with jet black wig long.., big knuckles – looks like a young Ivan Lendl or someone like that genetic style or heritage …a K on the webbing of thumb and forefinger and a voice that is memorable bc it’s odd ..machiney or something – sixty something or another – Not ever been seen by anyone in a town of not many. Californian probably bc it was clear English or the odd voice seemed to be the voice change as it could speak soft like a girl, odd but not alarming or could be friendly but this person searched for my eyes upon meeting me as I was a bartender at the time. The eye search was alarming or what I found most unusual and it can only be from a crime board, with someone asking me questions about this …that I could say this and it is as if it were revealed to me after I saw this person bc I didn’t think anyone was a tranny or homosexual at the time.

  583. ramessesII says:

    Like bread that falls from heaven in need, like bread is Jesus’s body, the word(s) are what we eat. Karma like …by experience not imagination, I say what I say. Our words are our direction. I believe we are on the black horse, past the second death where the evil one cannot harm me …and why is that?

    Because he told me, he was me, and he knows like I do Jesus comes next. So he’s going to try to be friendly. Or pale horse/the grave, Jesus defeats death 2 ways to be the real white horse – cleaning the house

  584. ramessesII says:

    Or if you could understand that there is an ability (origin of thoughts) where a tempter mentally could tempt people by being their mirror image …and if you remove that what it would do …which is the main essence of faith.

  585. ramessesII says:

    Thomas was a doubter, so church wise he would be assembled to man being supreme. Jesus was around the 12 many times even to the last day.

  586. ramessesII says:

    Known as a hider, a mimicker – the evil twin eye

  587. ramessesII says:

    Or the root of evil, why Jesus was sold to killers, was money (judas) evil one (Thomas)

  588. ramessesII says:

    I was normal until I started talking to this person online (Kendra, I’m sure), like I’ve said this is true…this person could read my thoughts, telling me things that ran through my mind as if he were me. I’m not so gullible as to think what he could tell me was just bc he/she stalked me. I know it knew things unordinarily. The only way I can explain it now is through religion bc much like the bible says, when confronted with knowledge (biblical) it must be Satan on one side. I can tell you I’m not perfect, but I’m not evil so it has to be the other side. That’s why I keep writing here, to try to explain. My life took a new direction in this where I have to spread word, warn, identify and defeat these things.

  589. ramessesII says:

    Or …the one who dips his finger with me in the bowl …
    The bread bowl
    Jesus said this bread is my body at last supper
    Tells Thomas to put his finger etc
    Thorn in my flesh

    Didymus Thomas or twin would be ‘like’ God knowing or able to know your mind or tell things about you.

    How we get to this psychic homosexual male as Jesus is sent to save world from Satan who will keep getting worse and worse.

    or Jesus has shared his body and blood with the 12 at the last supper…in essence he is 1 with the 12, one of the 12 is the devil. So Jesus would know who it is ..

  590. ramessesII says:

    I am not God, nor will I ever claim to be. However, I do wish for some to be out of the news.

  591. ramessesII says:

    The thorn in my side

    Put your finger here, tom

    So by making sense, this messenger/speaker is no match for God. And because this person attacked me online, then showed itself like a coward, before I knew …pretty much tells the tale of this thingggg

  592. ramessesII says:

    So- Jesus will go to Satan, the aten, himself to retrieve the keys to the kingdom ..(the prophets of old)

    Listen to my story

    For it is the message.

  593. ramessesII says:

    Playing games, making stories.

    Robert, tom and John is my opinion.

    In Jesus words, whomever dips his finger with me is the betrayer, ‘put your finger here, Thomas – or judas Thomas

  594. ramessesII says:

    I suspect al kites murder is same people …Robert cooper, homeless guy etc etc – accents to none

  595. ramessesII says:

    Guess what the foreign faction is – back to the lone tree with the eyes etc …Kendra in other words

  596. ramessesII says:

    It’s almost like Jon benet Ramsey, whomever wrote the note likened the murder to the Christmas bonus money. From what I’ve read – two men but now it’s up to a 3rd is how I read it …seeming close but always distant in everything

  597. ramessesII says:

    I’m not a detective, but Hughes de la plaza, laying on his own stopped watch would be an interest to me in this ordeal.

  598. ramessesII says:

    Now I think one of the first Scientology churches was around riverside and this freak show is around riverside and for the ‘bible’ part to be true this person MUST come from a church.

  599. ramessesII says:

    So if there is mid thirties by early 70’s it’s a different one.

  600. ramessesII says:

    Or California, as I call him, is not mid 30’s by early 70’s

  601. ramessesII says:

    Or the Patricia ‘fellow’ student letter is ‘what about the boy turned killer’ refers to himself as a ‘boy’. And later on you know Z wants buttons and attention it’s not about victims but him …so the detectives are off on the age. I’m not a detective, I’m in this for religion…but the answe much like the bible is in the notes.

  602. ramessesII says:

    Cheri bates letter by Z. The person writing that, I would believe to be Z bc he likes to tell people what to do or control. He says are ‘We’ laying blueprint for another murderer bc in confession letter he copies, references, black dahlia case by depositing parts all over city. I believe the writer is a fem male, homosexual close maybe older by a few years but not much – close to Cheri’s age.

  603. ramessesII says:

    Near about all followed the devil as you know.

  604. ramessesII says:

    You can ask why God allowed all this and I say the answer is in the book – Old Testament is free will, choices, the New Testament is gods will no more choices.

  605. ramessesII says:

    But regardless if you believe in Jesus or not, that’s up to you, you have to understand that the zodiac claims to be the devil. By reading his letters I would guess he was a homosexual male mimicker, psychic, without even knowing Jesus said it a thousand years or more ago. Much like history, life repeats which is why the beginning is like the end.

  606. ramessesII says:

    Which is also why zodiac uses wheel and time. 12 children of Israel, 12 disciples, 12 animals (God cleans the animals), zodiac wheel, clock, what’s the time – 1 hour

  607. ramessesII says:

    Which is why the New Testament talks about if you take his mark (mark of Cain), (future pretender of God) the murderer from beginning, Abel, Solomon etc the only thing being absent is this ‘kill’ word which is all through the Old Testament. Delays Christ, by murder as Satan chases the woman.

    So if that person is the mimicker, religion makes perfect sense and perfect sense is hard to deny even if unproven. At this point of recognizing him, would also be biblically correct as he is saying ..he goes into power for 1 hour and then pretends to be God etc shortly after this life cycle. You have to believe in eternal life to understand this all.

  608. ramessesII says:

    Or in easy understanding, Cain kills (collects) Abels soul, steals his blessing. Cain is serpent seed, kenites are the murderous clan. God marks Cain allowing him to be untouched or wrath, vengeance etc. because of Abel..which Jesus says or the lost sheep, even if just one is lost. Abel was righteous. Anybody talking this same talk would be deemed the false ones that God finally corrects. Theology is just a concept. Creation or life is what we live not angelic cloud nappers. If these concepts are out then it’s manifesting itself from old times. I’ve named who I think it is..and I have explained as to why.

  609. ramessesII says:

    The aten

    Thetan – the awareness of awareness or Satan

  610. ramessesII says:

    And also why I believe this is bc much like the bible says …your eyes open when confronted by knowledge or the tree of knowledge …just talking to whom I believe to be a tranny named Kendra online, in no close or personal way, I understand the entire Bible now. Like I can tell you this person is Akhenaten originally. He even still looks like that but a wider chin and thicker wider forehead. I know I sound crazy but you know, this sorta thing always would. So I’m just trying to make sense in the best way I can.

  611. ramessesII says:

    Or u can say map couple with code is 66 map etc – 50 ways to explain it

    And there again one more 6 coming or unholy trinity –

  612. ramessesII says:

    The devil is he who delights (has fun) in evil, seeks to kill, etc etc

    Then u have the zodiac being all these things predicted if u can find a church – his church which is man rules

  613. ramessesII says:

    the kenites the murderous clan, children of Cain. I did not know this at the time but that’s my chat with an old tranny that dresses like Barbie …the zodiac to whatever coded bible talk in the bad way

  614. ramessesII says:

    Or the image of God are humans reflecting gods image

    The image of man is reflecting mans image which is how he’d be a psychic or mimicker …which God says the image of man is a challenge or the challenge …Cain is brothers keeper – Abels soul, the tiller of ground, harvestor, murderer from beginning etc – stuff in the New Testament

  615. ramessesII says:

    Unless you understand the bible you can’t figure it out.

    You can tell, or I can tell he’s trying to set up Allen from the getgo ..that’s the setup – the setups, the disguises, the wrong info – a pretender but they knew beforehand

  616. ramessesII says:

    Like peek through the pines is probably another mountaintop as the devil is prone to test there.

  617. ramessesII says:

    Or the devil (mt Diablo) coupled with the code of Dan

    Or the devil and Dan the 2 who align from the sea one from the land

    Now if you believe in the bible, you know one is going into power after this life and will be the pretender of God. The devil is a murderer…so no one should think this impossible especially with all the set up or situations aligning.

  618. ramessesII says:

    Which lone tree road would match Halloween card ..and so on

  619. ramessesII says:

    People always think mythology about eternal life or those coming out their graves.

    Dan is where it is sealed in the past to be revealed in revelations – revelations is gods triumph over Satan or wars against expect different are the ones who are crazy

  620. ramessesII says:

    If I put the symbol on the map I get a north gate (Dan bible) and two other things on the other side …

    Dan is the one like a lion or this whole if you’ve read the bible like a this, like a that, like a son of man, like an ox – he is always like something else

  621. ramessesII says:

    If ever there is prophecy, up to you to believe, there is always a dark and a light.

  622. ramessesII says:

    If anyone can do math, I would suggest using the symbol on the Halloween card – on the map as inches along the radians. When I see it I think I should put it on the map but I’m no good at math. I can’t be sure but that’s just what I would do, if I could.

  623. ramessesII says:

    From my experience alone with this mimicker person, I thought had to be spyware at first – my opinion is that the ransom note writer may have been writing JM Karr – southern common sense, sbtc etc and possibly mimicked or used JMKs persona or the psychic has the ability to copy in a real sense. The power of the air. Fake – the draw in or draw them in

  624. ramessesII says:

    And when talking to whomever online about crimes and kenites, which I believe to be Kendra, (the whole I’m you stuff he/she was saying, I found myself only looking at crimes that were a mystery …without study, everyone I clicked on seemed like a mystery – I believe these people have cross dressed, disguised, mucked up, set up all sorts of crimes against only God knows how many people ..most being random

  625. ramessesII says:

    This Kendra person

    Would be a tall woman, foreign looking or tanned somewhat, because this person searched for my eyes, and made repeated attempts to try and talk to me specifically, which is odd for a tranny as I’m female, clear English most definitely California, a black K tattoo on the hand. I just know something wasn’t right.

  626. ramessesII says:

    Or thing-me-Bob, vicTom

    …from z letters

  627. ramessesII says:

    Or simply a woman scorned is a difficult thing. Which is the fight

  628. ramessesII says:

    And I am…their enemy

    And I do believe they know

  629. ramessesII says:

    I call them the tranny club.

  630. ramessesII says:

    I believe my story so far as I may even role call – ra-d RAD, Robert Allen durst, Thomas, John mark – names in the bible

  631. ramessesII says:

    And we should know durst best friend wasn’t whomever he was on trial for – but in this foretelling way and with Kendra on my radar – all this begins to make sense the longer u pay attention

  632. ramessesII says:

    This whole thing is that death (man) is saving us which is again another prophetic fulfill – also the religion (church) Hubbard – so more than likely 100% prophetic. How are souls being saved? So this psychic, homosexual male, an ares would be the image of man – in mans image as in a mimicker of Them.

  633. ramessesII says:

    Any thought I had he could type out to me instantaneously and it was over time, I didn’t know this at first – and it’s the only person who would intentionally want me to see and remember them – I quit talking to the person and after some time he showed up which I had to put together in my mind. The K, Kendra, Kenites, The Barbie clothes, the straight black wig and what he said – now around him or when he showed at work, I had no suspicion of anything just thought he was odd and never this here – everyone agreed nobody ever been seen like that before. I was always a good mystery solver myself which was what began us talking as I thought we were trying to solve things.

  634. ramessesII says:

    I know I sound fanatical and like I’m wanting attention, but this is a story nobody believes if I tell it – so I can’t be benefitting. I speak of experience, I KNOW there is someone out there that was online reading my mind or able to tell me when I got out of a chair, he would know I got up. I KNOW he claims to be me and others or parody like a psychic and I KNOW a CA tranny with all this – well it’s all starting to make too much sense. He has a tattoo of a K or a seesaw in the webbing between thumb and forefinger.

  635. ramessesII says:

    And like I’ve told you and like I’ve told them – I’m not a sissy!! It must just be you.

  636. ramessesII says:

    Then Bob durst gets arrested not terribly far and I begin to think about all this past stuff and why a California tranny would even be near. Old and out of place.

  637. ramessesII says:

    I had only had the fighting or harassment of someone saying they were me online – then the 2012 very unordinary tranny encounter, then Someone mentioned the jinx and that’s how I got to these things …bc I had talked to whomever about all of it and there it was seemed like …or too many trannies around me

  638. ramessesII says:

    Which I live in a small town in a place people like this don’t come, nobody had ever seen this person before and he stared at me with intent and being so odd bc he knew I’d figure it out.

  639. ramessesII says:

    So what I figured out was why this person is talking to me about kenites and that person turned out to be a tranny who was able to find me altho I never said where I was, whom said he was 63 (3 sixes) who looked like a demon Barbie which is why it was odd – foreign looking similar to Ivan Lendl tennis player but thicker skulled, on the forehead with a no accent or – I’m just telling you California

  640. ramessesII says:

    The person would also speak in riddles or puzzles – Daniel book the ones in the fire

  641. ramessesII says:

    This person would also call himself Man, Death and Cain

  642. ramessesII says:

    Prophecy is

    You would have to find a money church that functioned in the mind then have someone come out of it as an add it up – number of his name etc who would be a psychic homosexual man around lake of fire scenarios pit volcano sulphur etc

    Which I’ve been in an Internet fight with some for awhile now and my story is true.

  643. ramessesII says:

    Or a mimicker of people and God

    A copier of people

  644. ramessesII says:

    Or by the pretender, not only bc it’s what the bible says, but the notes say he will set up the bus bomb which supposedly fit Allen, but then he says he looks different than the crew cut etc or is in disguise – then he says he will be phony in his crimes – making them appear different ways – so it sounds like a pretender but it has to start with Scientology in my mind. Films in your mind to whatever else Hubbard was saying.

  645. ramessesII says:

    A whispery-machiney no pitch change type voice these are just my dealings..I have no proof and I even question if what happened to me is true or just random. Nobody listens to me.

  646. ramessesII says:

    Or I’ve had my opinions on George Lusk being Jack the Ripper a long time so it led me to crime forums where I end up fighting with someone on zodiac or Jon benet case first wanting my opinions to wanting to talk about kenites to the I am you thing

  647. ramessesII says:

    Which the crimes I’m talking about are zodiac theories etc and this person starts talking to me about kenites, calling himself me etc etc

    The tranny at the bar wore a k and used the name Kendra – you have to understand the whole fight I had to trying to figure it all out. Or it has taken me time to put it all together.

    He tells me online anything you can do I can do because I am you. Then he asks opinions of what I think it all is but I couldn’t put that together with the tranny that showed bc – but I know he came trying to pretend to be or be all that was said so I’d eventually figure it out.

  648. ramessesII says:

    The only outsider that would come to see me as I’m way out would be from a crime forum – it’s all it can be

  649. ramessesII says:

    Or I know he came to see me because of how he made eye contact with me like wanting to – you just know –

  650. ramessesII says:

    Which he told me his age back in 2012 was 63, that nobody ever believed how old he/she was and when going from female to male voice he had an odd one almost machine or weird like – like most transitions from female to male – he seemed almost like a construction worker in his younger days if I had to guess what he did. But I’ve always heard no accent was ca and considering all the stuff surrounding it – it was just odd but he could be very close to being seen as female but he wore like Barbie clothes outfits

  651. ramessesII says:

    And then you can think – what leads me to think all of this. Well I was online reading about unsolved cases and I ended up fighting with someone online, he claimed he was me and tried all this psychic mind control mess ..later on a tranny visited me at work, stared me straight in the eyes. He dressed like Barbie, oddest thing I’ve ever seen, jet black long wig, foreign of some sort …odd in 2012 so how odd must he look. No accent at all but was soft spoken and months pass and I say California.

  652. ramessesII says:

    Ruffle rather, spell check changes things

  653. ramessesII says:

    I call them California and New York and someone else – a tranny club even if I want to rumple feathers in public

  654. ramessesII says:

    Paradice means snake eyes or sees through, thought puller, psychic – medium almost can be like others

    Mt Diablo to Route 66 to all of it – I would guess the target is the target as in marked – and film reels or implanted pictures is the point here but the kit and holly reference says its 2 – 2 work together but they become 3 if we believe the bible

  655. ramessesII says:

    Or Scientology is about slavery using implanted thoughts by electrical means to control the brain

    Like I say, start adding it all up with the bible because if Z is going to tease he is Diablo code then we need to understand how it may be true – bc it’s all puzzles

  656. ramessesII says:

    All who go with him fall in the pit, ash volcano (church of Scientology etc) to the story it’s telling in the taunt

  657. ramessesII says:

    Or I feel like I need to say this even if deemed crazy…death is his name, Cain and Abel – Cain kills Abel, God still hears from Abel through Cain, his brothers keeper….Cain is marked, wears a mark set for destruction – also the one you have to add up or psychic homosexual man – you’ve heard it as one of the old roman emperors – whether they are just trying to copy this info or not – pretender …volcano lake of fire – lake things – a very set up story or highly pre-planned – now that’s just the biblical version

    Tell me thoughts on zodiac – l Ron Hubbard triangles and an S or and whomever is in that church of S – biblical version – I’m not a detective but I understand psychology of the pretender or the devil lake of fire etc – an ares

  658. ramessesII says:

    The whole collection of slaves by murder is the Hubbard concept of the spirits attached to our bodies making us immortal grouped to us by memories of bad things we have to be clear of – I think that’s what’s going on here in reverse or the answer always in the notes that’s why they are left

  659. ramessesII says:

    Biblically you have to understand people of bible – pretenders or not are just people – this one if its true is a psychic homosexual male tho so there should be ‘how does whomever know some things ???’s’, also will pretend to be other people to place blame – or to set up – he also will set up folks more than likely and we learn this all from the bible even if he’s pretending that. Psychics have the inner sense to take on personas of other people and know they can.

  660. ramessesII says:

    Or the 18 characters of the name is 3 sixes or 18 – it’s easy to see or I can explain the same thing 50 different ways

    Scientology the money church or deer lodge Montana Hubbard from Montana etc etc …although this one escaped

  661. ramessesII says:

    It is interesting to note that if in anyway I could be almost correct, about a particular bad psychic pretender of people or life, then the church of Scientology is probably his church. Or that all good things yet twisted message that swept through the state back in those years.

  662. ramessesII says:

    Or Cain as a murderer got protection – part of the lords most high figure 8 knots to eternity – number 8

    However pretender or pretender to be people, it’s clear these folk want to be the devil and they just may be

  663. ramessesII says:

    Or in biblical terms not only reference Solomon but also Cain the murderer from the beginning. Don’t know if it’s true but do understand that’s what they are doing.

  664. ramessesII says:

    Those less scholarly on bible – 666 references Solomons money where he in legend went dark started using black magic drawing geometric shapes. This 12 number – it’s a copy which u can tell by what they say – you’re lookin for 3 really 408 =12 zodiac add up the number etc

  665. ramessesII says:

    I think the bible is a great reference ..if z copies from as in number of his name 408 12 340 7 or I don’t find it wrong that if this criminal wants to pretend bible, it should be fought that way.

  666. ramessesII says:

    Then I think as true as my name says…the psychic in revelation is supposed to be a homosexual male. that gets tossed. Which happens to be this guy saying he only has a short time. Or now he has control of all things etc – pretender or not.

  667. ramessesII says:

    I think the CA one – if the Patricia letter is true about the boy why doesn’t anyone care about him- I think that would be a fem male tranny possibly ..buffalo bill sort is how it plays in my mind.

  668. ramessesII says:

    Like I would almost think Robert durst had a small nose and fit some Z descriptions. Pretender, I think he lied or humored himself all through the jinx. I think he met the military one in CA, some tranny ordeal – my thoughts on why letters form over short periods of time – holidays etc

    I’m drawn to the note writer cases the ones that dare u to catch them.

  669. ramessesII says:

    Then I think but wait – there’s another

  670. ramessesII says:

    Then I think I can rest believing Jack the Ripper is George Lusk but Robert has my attention bc I think he tries to get caught when he wants and that’s scary almost.

  671. ramessesII says:

    Then I think disguises and Robert dressed as a woman then I think what’s with all these people dressing as women – hmm

  672. ramessesII says:

    Then I look at envelopes with stamps of 2 heads and I think…,
    What does that mean? Of course I’m not a detective just psychology somewhat. Two men

  673. ramessesII says:

    for all I know ucla was performing the mikado mess if bob was ever there ..oh were they?

  674. ramessesII says:

    Idk if Dna can prove anything if the women could have been with numerous men on any given night – but by letters, personality, etc – I stop at George Lusk – a quiet man aye –

  675. ramessesII says:

    My zodiac theory is one is opera almost and one is dumb as a door military sort. The enigma.

  676. ramessesII says:

    And for Robert durst if he was in California during the Z time, then I think he met someone and they became that bc too much weirdness there.

  677. ramessesII says:

    Or Jack the Ripper was vain into himself and the only other name that all this surrounds is George Lusk

  678. ramessesII says:

    Or catch me when you can

    You gotta think real or fake letter – why or what purpose was that even said? George Lusk became the IT guy from signs, to letters, to kidney etc …then asked for money…

  679. ramessesII says:

    I also have times where I think Robert durst and others may be the zodiac so I can’t say I’m reliable.

  680. ramessesII says:

    I’ve always thought Jack the Ripper was George Lusk. Everything I read, it’s always about 1 person – George Lusk in some way. Every old sign has his name on it.

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