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Ray Rice, Tom Brady, Roger Goodell

Ray Rice, Tom Brady, Roger Goodell

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s initial punishment to Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Rice for admittedly beating his finance unconscious: two-game suspension.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s confirmed punishment to New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady for allegedly knowing about football deflation: four-game suspension.

And we wonder why our values are so screwed up.

Footballs don’t have a monopoly on hot air.

2 Responses to National (Football League) Values

  1. joe5348 says:

    Ray Rice’s actions, however despicable, do not effect the integrity of the game. Tom Brady’s, if true, do effect the integrity of the game. The real problem with punishing Ray Rice, for conduct for which he was not prosecuted by the way, is that the next woman married to a football star, making millions of dollars, who is severely beaten will be hesitant to call police for fear of losing her share of those millions.

  2. Cornerstone says:

    I remember in the 90s, it was just one football scandal after another. And I saw a legal paper once that pointed to a big coverup for a notorious basketball player involving a boat accident. Some of the worst criminal players ended up Hall of Famers, too.

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